Guided to Make a Difference

October 9, 2009

Something is driving souls to want to make a global difference. It is all part of the evolution of their own soul, at the end of time, which rapidly approaches.

We all know that the same theories get recycled with new names, based on what is learned in the past, attracting souls at higher frequency. In healing we went from Healers, to Spiritual Counselors to Life Coaches as people came to understand that healing must take place at the emotional level to be affective and that all souls have to do the work themselves.

Years ago we found endless people setting up all kinds of metaphysical gathering places - some as small as stores where people could come and learn - to large centers where people could stay and spend days healing and studying. This is another expression of what others (doctors) would call rehab ... for substance abusers, wounded souls, and often the emotionally disturbed.

Most people maintained that they were guided to these places as part of their spiritual journey - traveling, 'tripping' whatever. People are/were willing to spend endless amounts of money to heal and find their soul's purpose. Some learned a lot ... others didn't. Many of them still exist, but the need today has gone global, as old paradigms give way to higher thought.

2010 ... Experiment Planet Earth

Same Theme ... New Players

Did you ever feel that there was a force - both external and internal - that is driving you to meet people of like mind ... to build communities where people come together and feel love and connection without drama?

Behold we have a driving force that is guiding millions of people at this time to find each other. Most feel an urgency with this -- to find their place in the world, sensing others of like-mind out there who have also given up on (are moving beyond) the program.

As technology and social networking help create a door to this end, they are trying to develop projects that bring souls together around the world. There is a feeling of commonality - having the same goals and mission.

They seek out funding to help them achieve their dreams. Remember the old saying ... Never invest your own money or you'll get screwed.

By the way, as all is recycled, what exactly is the message you have to bring that is not already on the Internet?

When I look at closure, reverse Fibonacci sequence produced in 1202, (2012) ... everything is spiraling together into One, 1, "I", Eye. With that comes a sense of union. It is what souls are experiencing ... the Oneness of it All.

Whether or not you are aware, your soul is preparing to leave and will signal you in any way it can, guiding union with those on the planet of like mind. I know that is a bit sci fi-ish, (finish) - but it is what is happening.

If you feel burned out, seek a community of like-minded souls, you may or may not find it, because there is not enough time. But if you are lucky ... and you find at least one other person of like mind, be happy and embrace the friendship. Reality is no longer about happily-ever-after - for that only happens when we leave.

I hope you realize that not all souls are programmed to awaken. Do not get frustrated at people you know who still refuse to enlighten. It is all about their programming, not yours. True healers understand that.

One more thing about a potentially evolved physical Earth ... and a million blogs later by Ellie ... nothing survives this shift. It's all consciousness, an illusion and blips out of existence ... finito ... fini. We go from the finite to the infinite - from 7 to 8, the number 8 being above and below and the hourglass of time rounded off.

Your need to find a sense of belonging will increase, and hopefully you will attract the right energies.

People say a lot of things...

Golden Communities of Light