Mack to Mac

Sunday August 9, 2009

I never turn off my Mac, it just goes to sleep when I do. This morning when I clicked the mouse, as Mac and I awoke, I was surprised to find Dr. John E. Mack's Website on my monitor as if waiting for me. I haven't thought about Dr. Mack since his death in 2004, though we had met on several occasions linked from 1995 to that time. Further, I am not researching UFO's, but focusing on my work here about consciousness. My friend Lisa Sharkey brought Dr. Mack and I together when she produced the news at WCBS in 1995. Lisa is currently Senior VP of Development at Harper Collins. Yesterday she emailed aout me writing a book on my theories about reality.

Back at my computer ... I moved on to update the Astronomy Image of the Day from NASA - having no time to read Dr. Mack's website. At that moment the electricity in the room went crazy - affecting one of the power surge protectors which rebooted things plugged into it, (luckily not my Mac) including the land line phone and my fax phone - also sending static through my computer's speakers. Whoa! I suddenly realized something. His name was Mack and my computer is a Mac. Synchronicity? Obviously Dr. Mack is trying to communicate with me.

I have no sense of Dr. Mack here with me now, nor have I spoken with him since he crossed over. But what is his message, I wonder? As with all important synchronicities, they replay until you get the message.

I'm guided to Dr. Mack's mission statement which takes me to these key words: experience, consciousness, evolution, reality. Could Dr. Mack simply be trying to tell me that I am right and all is about to evolve?

In a sentence from Crystalinks' Mission Statement: "Listen to the tones that will emanate through the computer. Then you will understand. They will come unexpectly but will help many."

As for Ellie and Mack/Mac ... reality is consciousness brought forth in a kaleidoscopic universe/university of experiences whose truth is about to become known. Evolving frequency is seeding consciousness no matter where your journey is taking you.


Tuesday ... over at Harper Collins, Lisa introduced the world to a new book, "My Journey with Farrah" by Alana Stewart.

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