Lucid Dream, Escape, Games, TOE, Loops in Time

Not sure why I woke myself up to remember this dream but here goes ... This dream repeated quickly in cycles, sequence dreams, each one different, yet each a parallel experience with the same theme.

I was a prisoner in a building with wooden benches with rows and rows of people who just sat there lifeless. These people were white and I got the feeling of being Jewish, maybe from the Nazi Germany timeline. The person in charge of the prison was a mean white woman with dark hair tied up and dark eyes. No one was allowed to move from their bench. We were all somehow trapped there. Don't remember what happened as next the woman was suddenly a prisoner with us and along with that change we tried a prison break. We all suddenly awoke from our stupor and ran in huddled masses from the building. I ran alone. Something made me look back at the building and noticed it was a temple.

The street sign was from another part of Brooklyn. It read Kings Highway and Ocean Parkway. We ran on the west side of the street heading south on Ocean Parkway, which goes to Coney Island and the Atlantic Ocean.

Each time we ran 4 blocks and got to the fourth corner, everything reverting back for me, finding myself once again in the temple, (mind), but with a different group of people.

The second time I found myself escaping with an endless number of black people, slaves I believe. I decided to lead the way and tell them not to go to the fourth corner, but they didn't listen as we were being pursued and boom ... everything disappeared and I found myself back in the temple.

Over and over I was unable to escape or help others escape. Each reset I remembered more and more about not going to the 4th corner as that rests the game but each time no one listened. Where did they go when they disappeared?

As if a lucid dream, I understood that we were trapped in a game and I had to figure a way out.

Suddenly I woke up because my right Pinky Toe was hurting. I peeked at the clock - 3:56 - 4 minutes to 4. I had not thought about my Pink Toe experience in 2006 for along time, but at that moment the email I received from Judy in Tulsa filled my mind. It was all about a a virtual reality game she plays online, using the name Pinky Toe. I lay in bed thinking about games within games and how the program is showing us the truth.

My thoughts went to Jack and Teal'c in Stargate 1 and the most popular show of the 10 year series - 'Windows of Opportunity" - Season 4 episode 406 as the 2 men were the only who realized they were all trapped in a time loop. Stargate SG1 aired the last 10 episodes Friday night - Friday the 13th, Trickster stuff - episode 1011 - all about Merlin the Magician who died. In Stargate Atlantis, we moved back in time with Jack again to defeat the enemy.

The words Time Dilation and Time Distortion (wormhole) filled my mind as I woke up. Oddly I looked at the Pinky Toe file (TOE) - Theory of Everything, and the wormhole picture on the Wikipedia file was there.