The Laughing Yogi

November 2006

Everybody's got a gimmick! Everybody has their own way to move energy, hopefully in a positive way. People enjoy Reiki, yoga, meditation, and the like. Others like to Deeksha. This month I wrote about the Australian man who offered free hugs to people he met, as he journeyed around the planet.

I got into a conversation with a friend about bringing energy to the planet, as so many people believe they do. Some people have a photo with a tower of energy around them, that they believe is an energy vortex. My friend has a strong sense that her purpose is as a vehicle of light energy for the planet ... though to what end, she is not certain. Perhaps it is just for her own healing and frequency acceleration, projected out to others. Whatever works in Play Sataion 3.

Everything is frequency. We all work with/within energies and grids, and whatever entities, archetypes and symbols we manifest to that end. These symbols are evolving in sound, light, and color, the Spheres of Influence in the Consciousness Hologram. Metaphor: As the special effects in films, and on the internet, become more complex ... they mirror what is happening in the Hologram.

The TV series 'Heroes" plays to the consciousness that one has powers that will soon return. But what would happen if our DNA programming gave us these powers now, in the physical Hologram, emotionally based for the players, and usually linked with abuse, or ignorance? Video and other virtual games allow us to see what we could, do, or will be. Could you have special powers and not use them for some small amount of personal gain? Would you really use them exclusive for the love and light stuff you think is happening at the end of the program?

Did you every stop to think that even if you never consciously did energy work, you are still moving energies ... here, there and everywhere? There are so many factors influencing your physical hologram, if you understood them, you would be 'mind blown'. That is the direction you are being led.

My way of moving energy, in a positive way, which makes the 'sleepy soul' sit up and pay attention, is laughter a subject I have written about many times. There is always a joke moving through my thoughts.

One of my metaphysical friends knows David Carradine, from the TV series Kung Fu. In a dream several years ago, the 3 of us were somewhere, out there, talking. David, as his character in the game, Kwai Chang Caine started laughing and told us that when the truth is revealed everyone will laugh.

These are the Games of the Trickster, Khufu's Folly, the Great Pyramid had to presumably be built in Dynasty '4'.

We move to someone linked to laughter, who I had never heard of until now ... right out of the California metaphysical arena folks ... allow me to introduce ... the Laughing Yogi. (YouTube). Okay ... you've probably heard of him. This guy has got to be kidding!? I think he's on serious drugs! Website, Laughing Yoga with Mahatma Anand Guru Yogi Ramesh Are we laughing with him or at him?

To know what makes a person laugh, what creates great humor, is to connect in frequency with that person, to understand the message wrapped in words and sent to you in energy waves... Sometimes you see a familiar comedian, or a friend who makes you laugh, which puts you in laughter mode. Whatever that person says triggers your laughter response.

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