UFO's in My S.P.A.C.E.

Sunday, March 25, 2007, I received an email from Harold Egeln, my Brooklyn neighbor, friend and fellow researcher of 18 years. We met at a M.U.F.O.N. meeting in Manhattan in April 1989, back in the day Budd Hopkins was a key researcher, and spoke at the event.

1989 was a key note year for me, as well as the UFO community, when those programmed to make major changes in the evolution of humanity, began to surface. This was topped by the huge UFO conference in Las Vegas on July 4th weekend, bringing together a host of major keynote speakers in Ufology and Conspiracy Theories. Most made their statements, wrote their books, etc. and are now off doing other things, with just a few still in the limelight. A newbie in all of this in 1989, I had always known I would have a major play, from media to Crystalinks ... and at my tender age still fit as a fiddle and still going.

Back to Harold ... He and I are all about Time, Synchronicity and the Spirals of Consciousness - or are they all the same.

Harold and others, including people who have come here for workshops, have seen UFO's in My Space. One did a fly-by in November 2003, but nothing to write home about.

Harold's popular support group S.P.A.C.E. celebrated its 15th anniversary today. Congratulations Harold!

Through the years S.P.A.C.E. has helped countless people heal, network and find answers to the UFO abduction phenomena (shades of Spielberg's Taken).

Also on the UFO front, we come to March Mania. Tomorrow is the 10th anniversary of the events of Heaven's Gate. Please check my blog about those events as a metaphysical trip down memory lane combined with today's thinking. Have we really learned not to be followers? How far have you come in the past 10 years?

Harold's latest blog, written in the color green as we are becoming more eco-friendly and into Green Themes, mentions a film that premiered last Friday, March 23 - The Last Mimzy. Read the file and note the endless metaphors seeded into the story line.

Harold and I were born in 1943 - Aquarius and Leo. Harold wrote ...

Tick Tock! (wink) (horn, cones, tones, heart, scroll)

Alice in Wonderland and Time
Allie in 'Taken'

Further, note the fibonacci spiral on the film logo, then check out the image I was guided to post on Friday, March 23 -- children, blue, soul sparks, source, creation and spirals. We are all tapping into the loops of creation, coming around the last 'bend in time' .. to move out of the box ... The Last MimZy. Is that a Zero Point joke, Z?

The Last Mimzy official website, trailer, more. It opens with the words THE BOX. (wink)

The Last Mimzy tag line ... Find the metaphors ...






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