Conversation With Pat Marino

January 30, 2005

EC: Pat, I understand you saw the film, 'Indigo, the Movie' on opening night.

PM: I watched the movie at the Gematria Ashram in Mt. Dora, Florida. Gematria opens its doors for special events to non-members in the spirit of community and is committed to bringing to its members uplifting, spiritual and knowledgeable movies which brings us to the "Spiritual Cinema Circle" which, produced 'Indigo.' I am a member of Gematria, and when visiting Florida from New York, I look forward to attending Darshan, Kirtan, or special events. I had been unable to be there for the past year and greatly missed the sense of spiritual family that one feels the minute you enter, or are with other members. It was wonderful for me to be back and reconnect.

EC: What does the term 'Gematria' mean?

PM: The word 'Gematria' is referred to in Hebrew as the numerical value given to a word, some call it "sacred math" others the "Bible Code."


EC: What would you like to share with the readers about the movie?

PM: This will give you a chuckle. All the 's' in the movie, from the opening title to the credits were spelled like this ... with the letter 'Z" replacing the letter 'S', such as the word "Emizzary". Z pops up again and again always subliminally guiding, and apparently with his hand in everything!!!! I just had to laugh, when I saw the Z's on the screen, though no one else got the joke!!

EC: What else impressed you about the movie?

PM: The movie was beautifully filmed and I enjoyed it. The message was put out there. The little girl, for some reason, reminded me of YOU, Ellie, perhaps as a child; she was wonderful. I could see your sense of humor, your psychic abilities, the "connections" you make with people around the world, basically the "net" you have created around the world. The child had a "net" that looked like a spider web or net. She spoke to 'other children' all over the world through her 'net'.

EC: I guess you could view me in that way, sort of the archetypical Spider Woman.

PM: The Native American myth ... yes.

EC: Is there any constructive criticism you have about the movie?

PM: I have to say that I thought the opening monologue was too long and took away from the movie.

EC: Other readers of Crystalinks have mentioned that.

PM: Several people, including myself, were getting antsy waiting for the movie to begin. The dialogue was repetitive in that several people were talking about their own accomplishments, and not the movie's.

EC: In your opinion, has the concept of Indigo Children changed from its original definition?

PM: Oh definitely, and the unfortunate thing is that many beautiful children who happen to behave badly are being allowed to act in that way because they are 'seen' by their parents as "INDIGO". The term has been altered and abused.

EC: What did the term 'Indigo Child' originally mean?

PM: The concept of the 'Indigo Child' references those who are linked to the blue frequency, often having a deep blue indigo aura around them. They are spiritual, compassionate, as well as psychically gifted, though usually not challenged emotionally and physically.

EC: Have you ever encountered what you describe as Indigo Children?

PM: Yes. I have watched some of the young 'avatars' whose parents belong to Gematria, and I can tell you that they are the most loving, generous, compassionate and spiritually aware children you have ever seen. They work together so harmoniously; their 'auras' are truly Indigo.

EC: Thank you Pat.

PM: Thank you, Ellie, and thank you for all you do to awaken consciousness.