Humor is Transformational Energy

December 12, 2008

The energies are usually very powerful for me on 12/12 ... but today they had a surprising twist.

The heavens spoke to souls with a majestic full moon and Mutable Grand Cross. The largest full moon of the year, moved across the sky filling the minds of those on the planet with magic and wonder.

My friends and I found ourselves in a unique place ... one that none of us expected ... a state of silliness and laughter throughout the day and into the night.

Nothing transforms the soul quite like the energies of humor, except perhaps the frequency of falling in love with someone who returns your feelings.

I have always been shown that at zero point we reach total understanding of reality. In that instant we move beyond emotions, which some refer to as moving into love and light, but there will be laughter ... lots of laughter.

Earlier in the day, my friend Mike and I went to an IMAX theater in Brooklyn to see the remake of "The Day the Earth Stood Still." Okay ... we didn't connect with the movie but we had a few good laughs afterwards along with others who wanted their money back. I've heard of movies being sleepers ... but Mike fell asleep ... twice ... and snored.

From there we drove to the mall to shop for our families. The parking lot was full, but people weren't spending, retailers hoping things will pick up during the remaining days. Would you believe things are so bad I could actually bargain with shopkeepers over the price. This is something I never do, but Mike really has fun with it.

When I got home ... I decorated my front door with a giant maroon and gold ribbon, as if a gift box ... up and down and side to side ... then placed a maroon and gold bow in the middle. Love the look!

Friends called to say that there was zero energy today, then went on to share hysterical laughter about any number of subjects, none having to do with metaphysics per se.

In the evening Sherif surprised me with a visit. Sherif and I met on 12/12/2000, in Egypt and connect on this date each year if possible. More sharing and laughing about life as we spoke of distant lands and new beginnings. He's still very close friends with Zahi Hawass, should I ever feel I need to return to Egypt to complete my work from there. This would open doors for me, especially if Sherif and I went together. Not yet. I would imagine the hotels for December 21, 2012 are booking up quickly. Nothing calls me there in the traditional manner of speaking.