The Holodeck Experiment

We play all of our games in a holodeck (consciousness grid),

and most people never realize it.

Prophecies, Parallel Universes, Alternative Realities

All prophecies are metaphoric, even 2012, so please be discerning.

All of reality is a series of virtual experiences that is happening/harmonizing simultaneously. If you understand parallel realities, you must consider that somewhere out there are unknown alternative prophecies also reflecting the closure of the program.

If interested, take a look at M-theory -- In physics, M-theory is a proposal that unifies the five ten-dimensional superstring theories as limits of a single 11-dimensional theory.

In metaphysics we learn that reality is multidimensional, all things happening simultaneously though seemingly linear, as consciousness moves through the circular grids of experience on all levels of awareness.

Somewhere in these virtual realities, the Master Program is awakening its players/souls/self about the experience/experiment coming to closure, and it 'rings' true for us.

With this, in all aspect of the program, endless prophecies are created.

In our little part of the Master Grid, consciousness seeds prophecies to show the way. There will be other prophecies, dreams, and visions, inserted into our grid consciousness in the years ahead, and you will remember as will those around you who are not as yet 'conscious'.

We all feel change coming. We seek a final truth, a stargate home, a final answer, a revelation making this journey worthwhile emotionally, spiritually and mentally. You are here for a mission-gathering experience then off you go.

The evolution of consciousness is about to happen in all aspects of its programmed experience. Therefore, it will place countless prophecies in every Branch (Parallel) of the Tree to that end, 2012 just another choice. The program is signaling souls home, the details irrelevant, the end result determining who moves into the next, lessons learned, while others get reconciled back into source.

Time is an illusion and irrelevant. Dates don't matter and have only been a small part of prophecy, as time has always been measured and interpreted differently. Don't stress about 2012 if you feel nothing. Just wait until something inside signals change or synchronicities show you the answer. Do you trust your soul to guide you home? That's all that matters.

Prophecies and dreams ...

After my friend, Pat and I saw 'Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives' last week, she dreamed that she was sitting with the panel of physicists discussing 2012. They were talking about the 12th dimension when time splits. She told them that it is all about the number 12 as in 12/12/12. She woke up feeling that was the date. As Pat said that, I had a flashback to my experience in the Great Pyramid on 12/12/00.

That night I dreamed about a place, west of here, where I was watching 3 entities creating Earth changes. I felt right at home, as if checking in on their progress. They were discussing/creating 3 events, adjusting the first 2 to be parallel in intensity, while the third was far more powerful. The events looked like a bar graph enabling me to interpret them in a way that made sense. I can't wait to be able to process in higher consciousness again, on all levels. The 3D mind is so limited and challenged by its DNA codes.

Shaman Jose Munoz Meets with Ellie and George

Monday June 2, 2008

Our meeting was not about energy work, though it resonated very high during the 6 hours we spent together, lasting into the evening. Jose was kind enough to bring his crystal skull, Obsi (Obsidian), to share with us.

Jose felt am instant connection with George, who has studied Shamanism in the past. Our meeting was not about shamanic practices. We talked about many subjects, on and off camera, including the Mayan prophecy of December 21, 2012 and other messages Jose received during his Maya initiation in March of this year. As with any initiation, ancient and contemporary, one gets from the experience what they need to heal, clear, and thus raise their frequency and consciousness. The journey into awareness certainly presents us with some interesting venues ... and even the most spiritual of souls, deals with issues and challenges. In a way, it is a death and rebirth.

According to Jose, prophecies are an integral part of the Maya culture at this time. There are many diverse thoughts and interpretations by the Maya Elders as to what will happen in 2012, focused on a consciousness shift, including the crystal skull reunion and 13-point grid, 13 meaning 4 or closure to the Maya. That is exactly what Z taught me, but then again, he wrote the program.

Jose talked about a giant wave of energy that will reach our planet in 2012. To me that represents a tsunami of consciousness in the metaphoric collective flow of reality. This wave would be preceded by small waves, that gradually increase in frequency and intensity to 2102 - more metaphors mixed with Earth changes. Jose went on to say that as these waves reach us, there will be those who will be ready and able to respond, and resonate well with these energies, and those who will not. The Earth will have both kind of individuals living on the planet at the same time - those who resonate with the energy and those who will find the energies discordant.

Our meeting went from spirituality to technology as we attempted to create a video with the new digital camcorder my daughters bought me for Mother's Day. They also got me a DVD recorder, which I am using to change my old VHS tapes to digital format. Everything goes digital on 2/17/09, my 66th birthday. I try my best to keep up with the latest technologies, but it's not easy.

George and I made a video with Jose that was fun and informative. I look forward to posting it on YouTube and perhaps a series of future interviews that will link from, as it seems like the next step. The video came out pretty well for a first attempt. George likes all things technological ... while I like to be in front of the camera. We make a great team ... along with Z and company.

For our opening shot, Z guided me to stand on my terrace, introduce myself and what the video would be about, then pan over to the bridge.

Later, when we watched the video on TV, the sun had produced an interest special effect. Four rays of sunlight beamed down around me, creating a pyramid effect. Thanks Z! I think George and I need to take this show on the road.

When we were ready to upload the video to my Mac, we discovered that I was missing the cable that connects Mac to the camera and had to order it from Amazon. So much for doing a creative project in retrograde.

I must admit it was fun interviewing Jose as he was a great guest. It took me back to the days I hosted the talk show, "The Metaphysical Experience" as well as comments by everybody lately that I am a natural at it. Will post the video the next time George is here, so you can listen to Jose and see his crystal skull, Obsi. On an amazing part of the video, Obsi's eyes turned brilliant blue against his shiny black color. Awesome. Did you set that up also Z?