Hip Hop Decoded

Brooklyn ... September 12, 2006

This evening, after a long busy day, I decided to relax and watch the Sci Fi series Eureka. It was 8:35 and 35 minutes before scheduled programming, so I decided to flip through the channels to see if there was anything of interest.

Through the years I have met people who produce TV shows on BCAT, the Brooklyn Cable Network, but I had never stopped to watch them, as I watch so little TV, and frankly didn't know what channel they broadcast on.

I relaxed in the energies and lights of the Verrazano Bridge ... music, harmonics, and my two workshops next week on my mind. The sides of the bridge and its cables always remind me of two giant tuning forks blending harmonics with the energies of the cables.

... And so we attract by synchronicity ... that which we need.

As I flipped through the channels, Z (spirit guide) suddenly shouted Stop! I am conditioned that ... when he shouts, "Stop!" to stop dead in my tracks.

It turned out to be the BCAT channel. The program in progress was called "Self Awareness: Who's Truth, Holistic, Spiritual, Mind & Body Awareness" and was hosted by a black woman named Rose Whaley.

Her guest was a man named The Black Dot ... who wrote a book called Hip Hop Decoded., Matrix of Hip Hop.

On the show, The Black Dot (good metaphor for zero point) talked about Hip Hop music and how its messages have changed through the years, much to his dismay, and the reason he wrote his book.

Music takes you on a journey. As I watched him, my consciousness traveled back to my High School teaching days in Brooklyn, in the 1980's, when students often rapped between classes and we all enjoyed the show. I can't say as I listen much to Hip Hop these days, maybe I'm getting too old, or there is an anger and attitude about it that didn't seem to be there years ago ... not sure. I am not aware of the messages this music brings to today's youth, but the energies seem very different, as they generally are from one generation to another.

Music makes a statement ... and will continue to until the final chord.

Grids are created by harmonics, music of a specific timeline, a reflection of those tones echoing into our vibrations, and immersing in our thoughts. Don't the harmonics of one sound (generation) help created those that evolve next?

Black Dot talked about growing up with the music of Al Green and the Isley Brothers which took me on another trip down memory lane.

Most interestingly, Black Dot talked about spiritual things that rang true for me. He has found a vehicle to reach young people about the kind of things we have come to take for granted, that is another form of metaphysical and healing modality. Very cool! He said ...

Rose added, "People need to understand the truth about consciousness and the evolution of humanity. That is where the power is."

Harmonics are encoded in our DNA as they create our personal programs. At the end of the program one note will trigger all the souls home.

As the program was ending, I thought about Stuart Mitchell and how harmonics have become a focus in my life now. I guess Stuart and I are on the same wavelength, because at that moment he thought of me and called, though it was 2:00 AM in Edinburgh. There is no time, just projected illusion created by sound, light, and color, in a reality of dreams, just across the pond. Stuart and I talked about the connection between music and math, harmonics and geometry. This energy builds as we move toward next week's workshops and its harmonics. Stuart and I will be teaching together this month.

7:10 PM Email from Daniel also across the pond ...