Heidelberg Forest

Monday 29 August 2005

Walking Bridge between Heidelberg and the Forest

We chose to drive from the city to the forest as it would be a long way up the hillside.

Once on the other side, we discovered beautiful homes - many of which face out to the sea.

Many older homes were being remodeled, while keeping their old world charm. You can see some of them on the next about, when we took a cruise on the Neckar River.

The streets were very narrow making it necessary to pull over - or onto the curb - to allow cars coming in the opposite direction to pass. I was amazed that many streets allowed for parking on the curb itself. No where in Germany and France did we find crazy drivers - honking their horns and driving without thought. The drivers were all courteous.

You don't see many large vehicles as you do in the US where we enjoy the luxuries of SUV's, mini-vans with DVD's, and other large trucks and RV's used for comfortable transport. Most of the cars we saw were built in Europe, mainly Germany.

What a wonderful place to live, I thought as we drove up the winding streets, stopping on occasion to look at the scenery and impeccably kept homes.

Soon we neared the top and the forest itself.

There is always something magical about the forest as nature speaks to our souls. It is as if a hidden adventure awaits or the universe will create something to write about. All I knew was I had to climb to the top, without knowing what to expect, when I got there.

Near the top we found the ruins of a monastery built in 1065 AD

This watch tower was next to the ruins.

To walk the narrowing spiraling staircase within,

was like taking a trip up and down 'consciousness lane'.
A labyrinth may create right-left brain balance,
but walking round and round in spirals like this, really awakens you.

The top

Climbing up was fast and easy, but spiraling down was more difficult.

At the end of the day .... Pat and I crossed back over the bridge into Heidelberg.

The following day, we would take a cruise on the river.

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