Fun in the City with my Daughters

Monday Octber 19, 2009

Today I celebrated the birthdays of two of my daughters - Nikki (37 today) and Zsia who turns 40 on October 27. We had an amazing day in the city - lunch at Saks 5th Avenue, visit the Food Channel where Nikki works - among other stops along the way, passing the iceskating rink at Rockefeller Center. A day like this reminds me how much I love New York, though in truth, I am happier where I live by the bridge, on the water.

My three (3) daughters and their families are doing amazingly well in their lives and careers. I felt like I was stepping back into the reality where one can manifest anything, and generally does. They all work hard on many levels, shifting grids along the way. Nikki believes, after years of watching Charmed - she and her 2 sisters all have powers. I suppose they do, and I'm happy when we sit around and discuss them over lunch - definitely not the norm.

The image above reminds me of the girls. Tracy, my oldest daughter, who lives in Chandler, Arizona, is generally a brunette, Zsia has long thick blond curling hair, and Nikki has the long, lighter blond hair.

The best presents come with love.

Nikki's son Matthew sends his Mom a birthday message and blows a kiss.

Change and Perception

I returned to the city on Wednesday to have lunch with cousins visiting from San Francisco and upstate New York. As most readers of my blog Ellie's World Know, I love New York, and it will always be home. But something's changed for me.

This may sound silly but ... Do you remember when you were a kid and the world looked so karge to you? Then you got older and the proportions of your neighborhood, city, state, country, and the world, changed in the sense that everything appeared to shrink - sort of an "Alice in Wonderland Effect".

Monday, when I walked passed Rockefeller Center Ice Skating Rink, I looked down and it appeared smaller, as if a memory from my past.

Wednesday, when I met my cousins on West 44th Street, the heart of the theatre district, that too seemed smaller as compared to the days I went to performances in most of those theaters.

With that comes a feeling of disconnect ... at least for me. I love Manhattan, but this was the first time I've been there that I was glad I didn't live in the city. When I returned to my apartment by the bridge, I knew this is where I was meant to be.

This might go along with visiting sacred sites and feeling a power and connection with them, then returning later to discover there is no more energy for you, a feeling of completion, your grid shifted. For now it is what I feel about the Giza Plateau. I had the most amazing journey there in December 2000, but feel complete. Nothing calls me back to this plane of existence.

Look at you life. What feels complete? Do you have to quest anymore as the planet and all of reality is shrinking along with physical consciousness?

The Cones and Tones of Time and Reality