Harmonic Messages and Digital Codes

July 15, 2009

I'm not sure if you have been watching Warehouse 13, but as you know, most people drawn to sci fi are, on some level, looking for activation triggers and codes. Tuesday's episode really rang bells for me as it was all about harmonics and how they affect the brain.

Do you know what the limbic system is? Sounds heard with specific acoustics ring a bell within the primal, or lizard part of the brain, connected to please centers, creating a sensory memory component.

The next reference on the show totally caught my attention as the world wonders about Michael Jackson ... the man and his music. Artie, a main character said, "All composers leave a chromatic DNA inside their musical compositions, which is why the Beatles sounds like the Beatles." These sounds are linked to tonal algorithms which takes us back to numeric codes and harmonics. Chromatic goes to diatonic scales which also align with many of the crop circles.

So ... if we are talking about the reptilian part of the brain (that moves our DNA codes and links to human creation) ... on some level music ... specifically in this case Michael Jackson's music .... is stimulating DNA that activates memories stored since the beginning in the human DNA matrix.

Also mentioned in conjunction with this was Thomas Edison's Wax Cylinder. The phonograph was invented by Thomas Edison on July 18, 1877. July 18, 2009 is 3 days from now. This was all about cylinders as recorders - time and harmonics.

For those still following me ... the word cylinder has an end time significance. It starts with Sumerian Cylinder Seals - encrypted messages about creation ----> gramaphones - 33 (master mason) 1/3 records (harmonics) ... and a character in my book 2012 Sarah and Alexander, named Marie de Marchand, a diva who is linked to the French part of Sarah's blood and holds clues in Sarah's race against time.

Making Contact - July 2009

Using Skype to Connect Energies

As the world turns, I have had the pleasure of reading clients from many different countries this month, all of whom are on a spiritual journey. I am so grateful to Skype as is allows us to see and hear each other clearly especially if we go Mac to Mac. In the past few weeks I have placed my energies in every continent including Antarctica. The end of the program definitely has its perks. Try Skype with someone out there. Skype to Skype is free.

Binary Code

My friend Ron keeps mentioning 10/10/10 as an important date though I see no significance. Ron and I often discuss binary code as reality is a consciousness computer generated hologram. Last Thursday, I watched a rerun of the X-Files on the Syfy channel. My DVR player is set to record any X-File they broadcast and I like to review the old UFO stories. The final episode names December 21, 2012 as the time the Grays return. Thursday's show was about a teenage girl who is abducted by aliens as her mom (also an abductee) and her 8 year old brother look on. As Mulder and Scully enter the picture, we see Mulder in the living room seated beside the boy who is watch white noise on TV while writing 1010 codes across the page - reminiscent of the 2009 film Knowing, about aliens (creators of light). Upon investigation, the boy's codes turn out to be satellite transmissions from space ... Vitruvian man, DNA double helix, lines from the Koran, Brandenburg Concertos, and more.

Crop Circles Reference Binary Code and Aliens

Crabwood - August 15, 2002

In 1972, Carl Sagen created a binary code signal that was sent to the universe.
The code stated we are made of carbon, this is our chart of elements,
this is our DNA, and we are the 3rd planet from the sun.

2006 Crop Circle at Chilbolton

Lubbock ... Making Contact with Crystal

Previously on Ellie's World ...

I picked up a fork and the handle split in half horizontally ... (Ellie shocked ... laughing and considering telekinesis ... did I miss the point) ... but I liked that fork ... :( ... On to my salad ... I picked up a cucumber and my vegetable peeler ... and the cucumber also split in half horizontally before I started. Whoa! I'm getting dangerous in the kitchen. Teleportation has been strongly in my mind lately, not telekinesis.

Just before that incident happened, I read an energy worker named Julie, who moved from Los Angelos to Lubbock Texas, feeling guided there. Recently she purchased a huge quartz crystal directly from a mine in Arkansas. This crystal became the focal point of our reading. I saw codes running through the crystal. There was a link to space and a need for this crystal to be outdoors much of the time. Julie and I tried to use the energies of the crystal to teleport me to Lubbock, to no avail. Perhaps that energy was the force that created the telekinetic experiences in my kitchen.

The crystal was delivered to Julie's house on July 3. She found Crystalinks on July 4th and felt an instant connection between me and the crystal, though she didn't mention it until I felt it. The Roswell UFO crash was on July 2. Lubbock takes us to the alien mini-series Taken. Lately I can't shake the alien connection. Everywhere I turn I see digital codes as transmissions linked to space. This doesn't stop. It's all leading somewhere.

I also connect with The Artifact, a spiraling recording device in Taken. When the hybrid child, Allie Keys, departs with the aliens, the Artifact is teleported away with them in a blast of light ... experiment over.

Sunday, while looking for photos of the Apollo 11 moon landing, as we come to the 40th anniversary, I found some great images for my Ezine quote. As I downloaded them .... strange tones came through my computer until I finished, about 10 minutes later.

I spoke to friends involved with UFO research, and though most are waiting for disclosure, which is not my interest, all sense something coming soon.

From Brooklyn to Lubbock and out into space ... something is happening and it feels right on cue. (Q) Call me Ellie Arroway ... but contact is not far off. It will happen when the program closes ... in and around 2012. Bring it ! "Contact" deals with Transcendental Numbers which take us to 1 and 0 patterns again.