Happy New Year 2009 from New York City

The 12 Pyramids of Thoth
Journey, Music Meditation

Star Tetrahedron - Sacred Geometry

2009 and Beyond

2009 is a year of acceleration. Most people feel it already ... and it will fly. Messages, in one form or another, will come fast and furious, from any number of sources you attract to awaken your consciousness.

As the year opens, there seems to be a breakdown in relationships and friendships, most long overdue to end, with stepped-up intensity in 2009. It's really gonna hit the fan this year. Arrangements for married people, or those living together, will go from divorce, to living apart, to people returning to their native country, to those sharing a home but going in separate directions, and on and on. Don't plan a new relationship the way you did in the past ... lasting forever in the traditional sense, as there are no permanent relationships in shifting consciousness.

As analogue goes the way of the dinosaur on my birthday February 17, 2009 - thinking and view programming in digital mode comes into focus. To 'see' beyond your 3D vision ... through the eye of consciousness with greater clarity and depth ... is the goal.

2009 ... It's no longer about 2012 as a date - as it is a destination for the closure of the program and the movement of consciousness into union as above meets below at zero point. This program could easily end before 2012 as consciousness paradigms shift. Speculation will no longer be about when and how it will happen, but "What's Next"?

Science and Science Fiction are merging - moreso in 2009 than ever before.

In 2009 Roland Emmerich - one of my favorite film directors, producers and writers - will bring the 2012 concept to the fore with a film of the same name 2012 whose timing, more than content, will awaken the masses. It opens July 10 (7+10=8) just after the July 4th window (Masonic Symbolism: Statue of Liberty, dollar bill, crashing economy, etc.). 2012 2012 Sony - The Return of the Shining Ones.

Emmerich was a co-writer of Stargate which paved the way for the TV series and all the amazing messages it brought. Stargate premiered shortly after Crystalinks went online in August 1995. The following year ... also on my list of movies I watch over and over, Emmerich directed Independence Day a July 4th film, starring Wil Smith and Jeff Goldblum. In 1999 Emmerich produced The Thirteenth Floor which totally explains the matrix and reality as a hologram we believe is real while experiencing within.