The August 2007 Grid

The grids are very erratic this month, reflected with weather patterns and Earth Changes.

The vertical Slinky Effect shows me that the grids are collapsing towards each other, therefore one can more easily view their soul's experiences on all levels, in dream time and their reality here. I know that's been said before, but it's happening faster now and if you don't understand, you will wonder around wondering what is going on.

When the grids are shifting, things in the program go astray, yet sometimes there is a method to the madness as reality is about learning through shifts in consciousness. Many people believe that there has to be pain and suffering to evolve. Who wrote that into the program? That's for souls who see reality through the mask of illusion and live in their dramas, attached to them and not sure where to go without them. It all goes to one's programming and how they play it out.

Souls in balance are manifesting great experiences. It is almost a daily game to see what happens next or what their soul is attracting. If you keep attracting dramas, you have emotional issues to work on, but you know that already. By now you should be able to remove your consciousness from the box and see how and what you are creating, if only to says, "That's cool!" You no longer play the victim, but the winner!

Are you paying attention to what you are manifesting? Process as you go. If everything in your life seems to go wrong, you must change the root cause.

Are you waiting for something or someone to come along, when you are not in touch with your soul and realizing that if your soul doesn't bring it, it's not happening?

Are you waiting for a caretaker? They are becoming few and far between, so please understand you are in this alone, one option being money or something else that takes care of your needs so you can go on your 'spiritual journey' independently. Caretakers always come with a price -- that's the game.

Many people have finally discovered a truth about something I wrote years ago ... living alone to be in balance, really works. Human interaction comes as needed.

When your soul is ready, you will understand and take action.


More and more, clients are not only coming for readings and in this time of awakening, quickly moving through their 3D dramas, but readings often go to Q & A about metaphysics and where it's all going. Souls sense the change. Most are programmed to see the shift as one in which 2012 takes us all to a place of love and light and telepathy in la la land. Not happening while in bipolar 3D. Some get my message of Computer End Program, while others need to remain in their 3D ego space with its endless learning lessons.

Most know what they have to do to create change, but it's the inner frequency stirring that is creating a window about closure. The desire to heal by becoming a healer, and often falling in love along the way, is becoming a shorter trip, with those who heal, now wanting to just play and move away from wounded souls after a period of experience in the healing grid. Make your stay there brief. Once you heal, you find that wounded souls and their issues drag you down into their dramas, creating negativity, and can make you ill or just get on your nerves.

People are definitely more psychic these days. Powers come easier now as frequency increases and souls are guided home. Many clients report seeing entities within the periphery of their visual fields or in plain sight.

Many want me to explain my theory of reality as a consciousness experiment in time and emotion, after which they process, some ready and some still in the cocoon/womb. When you get there ... you have graduated and you just go out to play as we wait.

All the questions, experiences, dreams and synchronicities people have had for years are now nudging them to find definition, in a time when it is so easy to get there. When spirit, or your soul, has no other way to communicate with your conscious mind, it creates an endless stream of dream scenarios that you will remember and process in time. More than ever, clients are sharing dreams, recent ones and those from their past, needing to be interpreted in the patterns of their reality. In a world that often makes no sense, one seeks answers in other venues that feel right.


With dreams, clients bring the usual notebook of memos and images collected through the years that depict symbology in the patterns and archetypes of reality. It's all so easy to decipher now. Dreams are moving from black and white to living color.

The Email

I also find it interesting that so many people are dreaming about me, especially during real time, when my consciousness is in this Ellie Crystal body.

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Email 2 from Karen

Thanks Karen. Karen's experience links to the story of the Lion, the Sphinx, depicted in The Lost Book of Nostradamus which goes to prophecy and the end of this program. If Nostradamus actually drew the images in the manuscript, or had someone draw them for him, or they are an insert in the program, they further the theory of the move from the masculine to the feminine (lower to higher frequencies) at this time, and yes it all winds up in 2012. Can Ellie blog till then?!