December 22-24, 2006

T'was the weekend before Christmas and all through the house not a spirit was stirring not even _ _ _ _ _ You fill in the blanks. Have you been naughty or nice? Time for readers to do last minute shopping, traveling, partying, and making holiday plans of one kind or another. Gift certificates make great presents. Try Amazon. Have fun whatever you do, wherever you are and don't forget to laugh. I'm off to spend Christmas in Connecticut with family and friends.

The Experiment :: Gray Aliens, Taken, and The Eye

December 20, 2006

I was guided to do an experiment you might want to try with your own references. It's not a guided mediation but something that might trigger something within you. Begin by selecting some sort of voice over, not music as in meditation, a DVD, CD, or something once recorded. The voice should be saying something that connects for you with something you feel is not realized on this level of awareness.

Follow my lead ....

Essentially I wanted to know if I was connected to the gray aliens as I have always seen the large black eyes, but have only telepathically spoken with the insectoid, Solux (Now I understand that the name he gave me 25 years ago means Soul, above and below). I have never been taken by gray aliens, as far as I know, yet something exists.

In the evening, I got comfortable in bed, tucked in, as alien grid connections always make me cold. I turned on my DVD player and put on the 6th and final episode of "Taken". It was the scene where the gray alien, John, who started the biogenetic experiment in 1944, during WW II, (a metaphor for reality and two biogenetic experiments running at in that time line simultaneously, as our program began). John was lying against a tree, symbolic metaphoric of being in the woods and looking up at the sun shining through the trees. John was explaining to Allie and her parents, Charlie and Lisa, about the experiment and how, Allie, the final result of the experiment, was more than they could have imagined.

As John spoke, I closed my eyes. What am I connected to?" I wondered, not knowing what to expect. Instantly I was shown an open eye of light through which archetypes came flying towards me ... reminding me of my 1954 experience in the Nevada desert, where it all began for me and Z.

I watched the 'eye' until John stopped explaining about the experiment and Allie's part in it ... and I understood my connection to it all and how close we are.

I know about eye symbology ... but now there is more.

Thursday was December 21, 2006, six years to the end time date of the Mayan Calendar. Readers of Ellie's World were invited to take a moment, close their eyes, and see 'whatever' for the date 12/21/2012.

And the beat goes on as we move into 2007 ... tempus fugit ... Tick Tock!

Step back in time to experience ...

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Put your cursor on the palm. Close your eyes. What do you experience?

December 2006 the National Geographic Channel presented programming about the alleged life and times of Jesus of Nazareth. There are times to diligently believe, and times to awaken and question everything, especially god. As with all other coverage of the events of the time line of Jesus, today we are meant to listen to conclusions based on the research of scholars, realize the contradictions in the gospels that form many of our religious systems ... media is media .. perhaps discuss what is presently in the grid consciousness, then formulate our own conclusions about god and the truth about reality and why we are here. This is just one more means to an end that helps souls overcome ancient systems and move beyond the illusions of time and creators. Anything that controls, is not in the light of higher frequency consciousness. I write on and on about reality as a hologram, a biogenetic experiment, virtual reality, if you will, that is created by thought consciousness, having a beginning and an end. Saving souls goes to evolving out of the physical. If you can tune into the frequency of Jesus, it's loving and compassionate. Stories of his life are inserts in the grid. The Islamic name for Jesus is Isa,, Isa Wikipedia. The name Isa speaks to me of Isis, Z, and Sarah and Alexander.

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