Gordon Michael Scallion Part 3

Gordon-Michael Scallion Part 3

Light and Healing: March 1998: By Gordon-Michael Scallion
The human body requires light to maintain itself. It is absorbed in any of three ways: direct contact with sunlight, the consumption of plants or animal products which are postitvely charged with light force, or by learning to tap the earth force (light stored in the planet's land and oceans) to attain this positive charge directly.

You may already know that our bodies produce vitamin D--necessary to make our bones and teeth strong--as a result of exposure to sunlight. Most plants need heat and light to aid in photosynthesis, without which they cannot survive. Many regions of the world are now experiencing a reduction in useable sunlight due to industrial and volcanic pollution, and the shifting angle of our sun.

If you spend a significant amount of time indoors--as most of us do in the late 20th century it is very unlikely that you are getting the minimum amount of light required for good health. Unfortunately we have damaged our ozone layer to such a point that too many harmful rays are getting into our atmosphere. As a result, we can no longer safely gather the amount of light we need directly from the sun.

The body's electrical system is the first to fail when we do not gather enough light force to maintain our health. But this energy may be obtained from other sources. Every fresh fruit or vegetable contains a snap-shot of light energy. When light strikes the plant it becomes charged. The quality of this energy depends on several factors:

  • the color or water content of the fruit or vegetable
  • the color and intensity of sun and starlight that has touched the plant
  • the mineral content of the soil As sunlight passes through the layers of the earth's atmosphere it carries the charge of those elements of contained in the filtering matrix--whether or not they are healthy. In some cities the sunlight has passed through the thick positively-ionized clouds that have been created by car exhausts, smoke, and other pollutants. Light that has been filtered in this manner is very harmful to the body over an extended period of time.

    For much of our planet it is the blue part of the color spectrum that is being filtered out by our polluted atmosphere so that when we receive the light force into our bodies, we aren't receiving the full array of energy. Light filters could be helpful. They reactivate that part of the spectrum and charges the water with the missing elements.

    In the future we can expect major increases in brain disorders such as Alzheimer's disease, malignant tumors, chronic depression, mood swings, optical diseases, memory loss, chronic fatigue, cancers and a general increase in susceptibility to plagues of all types.

    As our environment continues to deterioriate our bodies' defense systems are being taxed as never before. By keeping us healthy during our first exposure to low level diseases, our chronic overuse of antibiotics, (not only ourselves, but also throughout most mass-produced food industries), has left our natural immune system virtually unprotected for when these diseases evolve into the antibiotic-resistant strains we'll be seeing in the near future.

    We need to do all we can to take responsibility for the healing of our own bodies. Modern medicine has already lost the battle, and we have a long way before our atmosphere and race are rebuilt anew.

    Learning to live in balance and forgiveness--learning to work with your body's own natural cycle of rebuilding is a major step in healing.

    Every cell in our body is constantly being rebuilt following its own prgramming--it's own rhythm. Our master glands--the endocrine system--take the longest, requiring the full seven year cycle to replace each and every cell. If we are patient we can repair whatever is wrong with us. The question is--are we truly commited to our own good health?

    Repair what is wrong before it manifests into illness--proper diet, exercise, breathing techniques, and taking the time to learn the needs of your body. The brain governs the healing process in the body. While we see the brain as left/ right hemispheres that is only partially correct. In reality there are seven centers in the brain--each controlling a separate endocrine gland--or as they are otherwise known--chakras. The proper stimulation of these centers is necessary for optimum health and longevity.

    It appears that the state of our health is related directly to these seven centers of the brain and their corresponding endocrine glands. Since these centers are governed by both chemical and electrical impulses it's not difficult to see how not only air and water pollution but electrical pollution--output from our millions of power lines, radar, radio and television towers, underground networks, and satellites in the sky--bombard our bodies ceaselessly never gving us a change to recover from the damage. Remember it takes seven years to rebuild a state of balanced health for ourselves, before the major earth changes come along to make the task harder, or impossible.


    We no longer have time to stop the electronic signals or correct the problems with our atmosphere. Nature will do it for us--all too shortly. What we can do each day is spend time balancing our systems. It is of the utmost importance that we strengthen the telepathic connection to the collective--Universal Mind--as much as possible now. I believe that our future depends on it.

    The Blue Star

    The feature article in Earth Changes Report for

    August 1995 was "The Blue Star"

    In the article Gordon writes:

    "One of the early warning signs that I received in a series of visions concerning major global Earth changes was the appearance of a Blue Star appearing in the heavens. He mentions that after he had originally published that article in March 1993, he became aware of an ancient prophecy of the Hopi Indians that was similar to what he had received. The Hopi prophecy read: 'When the Blue Star makes its appearance in the heavens, the Fifth World will emerge. This will be preceeded by the last great war-- a spiritual conflict with material matters. Material matters will be destroyed by who will remain to create one world and one nation, under one power, that of the Creator. The Maya have a similar prophecy as I am sure do other cultures.

    I have had a repeated vision since 1979. I observe our solar system -- that is our sun with all of its planets--revolving around another sun that is orange in color. A small Blue Star appeared from behind our sun. This would make us a binary sun system. The Blue Star shall be visible for 1,800 years, in total, then will disappear behind the sun once more, as a new cycle begins.

    During the day the Blue Star will appear as a silvery light 100 times brighter than any morning star. During the evening it will appear as a moon. The Blue Star is a companion to Sirius B not our sun.

    As the Blue Star enters this part of the heavens, the charting of same can give added guidance, for the new sun shall have a great effect on the soul. The soul learns from its experiences through physical incarnations and non-physical experiences. The Blue Star shall effect the soul.

    The Blue Star and new vibrations on the earth and sun, shall create a new matrix, or vibration. Where today, for example, all my enter the earth, shortly only those who have developed the necessary spiritual matrix shall find entrance into the Earth.