Intuition and Dreams

Interview with

Gordon Michael Scallion



Gordon Michael Scallion is a Futurist, Writer, Lecturer, and Teacher. His prophecies on the coming earth changes have been read about globally. His monthly publication "Earth Changes Report" reflect his insights into the future both on a physcial and spiritual level. He has appeared on "Sightings", "Ancient Prophecies", "Strange Universe", and various major news programs. Gordon Michael's Website is Matrix Institute

Meeting Gordon

I first saw Gordon on a "Sightings" television broadcast in 1992. I was told that night by Zoroaster, my spirit guide, that I would work with Gordon in the future and I was to contact him. As a psychic I should have known this to be true. But I did not think Gordon was going to personally respond as I sensed he receives thousands of letter a week. I told Zoroaster that if it was that important for Gordon and I to meet...Zoroaster would have to find a way to bring to me Gordon's address or to forget it!

The next day I received a newsletter from a client. On the front page was Gordon's address and the phone number of Matrix, his company. I sent him a letter that day. I was surprised when he called me several days later. He said he looked at my logo...which included a small face photo....and it was a "hit" for him. Talking to Gordon that day was like meeting an old friend. We laughed and played and read for each other. Still do.


EC: How would you define Intuition?

GMS: Intuition is the ability to access our inner senses or our subconscious mind, if you will. I relate it very closely to the dream world. When we are dreaming and we see the choreography of our dreams, the incredible intensity of colors, and shapes, and symbols they are like a tapestry that is weaving a story for us. It is highly intelligent if we work with our dreams. If that same level of consciousness that intuition interplays with, I kind of relate it to a pulsing between our everyday "aware self" and this higher consciousness of ours. It's that higher consciousness ...that "pulse time" that we want to expand instead of having only a few micro-seconds a day, we want to have it occur a few seconds every hour. We want to have it developed to the point where we can access it will. Then eventually it becomes a full time process with us, like a partner.

EC: Can anybody learn to do this?

GMS: Everybody has this ability. We are so busy with our lives and our day to day needs we have our physical needs, our emotional needs, our jobs, our relationships, our concerns, our fears, and our aspirations. These things occupy so much of our mental time that we don't allow the natural intuitive self to come forward. Everybody has it but it does require an openness and a training to allow it to come forward.

EC: Most of my clients would like to learn how to open their intuitive side do you have any pointers you can give them?

GMS: In the eighties we probably trained close to 5,000 people around the world in very simple techniques. We developed a program that required doing something for 7 minutes a day. You needed to do it however for 21 consecutive days. If you missed a day for some reason then you had to start the 21 day cycle all over again. The cycle needed to start on the first day of a new moon. The reason for that is the gravity of the moon and the influences moon at the new moon is in harmony with parts of our mental capacity and allows us to work with the natural cycle, and the more easy cycle. This has to do with certain endocrine systems in the body that harmonize with the moon. It will play itself out a little differently with males and females but the intuitive aspects both male and female start on that day.

EC: What do you do during the 7 minutes each day?

GMS: The same time each day, the early morning being the best time, you close your eyes and you imagine that you are traveling through your body with your mind's eye. You start at your toes. Kind of imagine that your consciousness is focused onto your toes. You begin to move up one leg at a time. You move through your body into your chest cavity and you try to visualize every organ that you are aware of. Visualize seeing them. Complete this path all the way up to the crown of the head and out of the crown of the head. Go slow allowing that passage to take about 7 minutes. What this does is it tunes the forces that naturally flow through the body from the feet all the way to the crown of the head. Because you are focusing on it you are becoming a partner with your body. You are saying to yourself, "Through this mental projection, I am doing now, I am telling the psychic glands in my body that I want to awaken them." You will find that as you get to the second, third, and fourth days that your trips through the body become more vivid. You begin to experience things. Ocassionally you'll find yourself stopping at a particular organ and you become aware that you may need to have some work in that organ. You may need to change your diet. By the 21st day your sensitivities or awareness that you had on Day 1, your awareness sensitivity or the intuitive self has expanded so greatly that you will actually be sensitive to everything. This includes the atmosphere, people, animals, etc. You will be at a heightened sense of awareness.

This is a simple exercise that people can do that takes you to the higher levels. We teach additional courses to develop these intuitive skills. We teach how to apply, how to amplify this even further, how to track this, how to do blind testing so you know your are not fooling yourself. This program is over a period of about a year. It is only for about 7 minutes a day, about 12 months of different exercises. Anybody can do this program.

EC: If during the 7 minutes you happen to see something that later happens during that day does that show that you are opening your awareness?

GMS: There are going to be times in the beginning when you are going to actually project your conscious self, your fears perhaps, or your wishes into this exercise. What I suggest people do is keep a journal, so that at the end of the 7 minutes you write any little things that you have experienced down. When you go back after even a week and you read what you wrote in your journal you will have a hard time believing that what you saw happened. You will see synchronicity at play here. It is very important to track it though. If it does happen pay attention to it. If during the day, something that you perceived in the morning happens this reinforces what you are doing. We all need to have little strokes to tell you that you are on your path. When you strat working with this technique, I am saring, your dreams will become more vivid, and you start to have these experiences.

EC: What if you can not remember your dreams?

GMS: Dreams is the one thing that ha made a difference in my life far beyond anything else that I have worked with. It has been the most profound experience of my life. Prior to 1979 if somebody asked me to tell them about any of my dreams I could not tell them a single dream I had.

EC: How did you develop the gift of remembering your dreams?

GMS: It was a shift in consciousness. In 1979 I first started seeing visions in the "awake state". These visions started me on a personal search. That search lead me to the fact that the things that I was experiencing had to come from one of two places. Either it had to come from within me, such as my superconscious mind, or it had to be an external thing, coming from some other source or sources. I later realized that a combination was also possible with me and has been. But the whole key to trading on with dreams happened when I bought a journal. It can be any type of book or binder.

EC: Is this computer age can we use a computer to record dreams?

GMS: Computers are great but you need to grab the dream before you get out of bed and put it in your journal. You need to put key words down like, "I was flying", "I met Thomas Jefferson in my dream!" When you go back and look at those notes the dreams will start to unfold and unravel back to you. But if you don't do it at that level, the odds are very strong you will not remember any of it.

EC: How do most of us function in our daily lives?

GMS: Most of us go through life operating with skills that we think are very important such as being able to communicate, learning mathematics, computer skills. We need these skills to get through life. This is true. We spend so much time and energies in these areas that we forget about something that would make it much easier to function. That is our latent intuitive ability. That is simply the case of learning to open it and learning to trust it!

EC: Does this apply equally for men and women?

GMS: It is easier for women to do than men because the modeling that society has gone through has been been the structure a man was somebody who went off to war, he was provider, protector. In the eighties things started changing. There was greater equality for woman, and to realize that pure strength wasn't the only thing that was necessary. What we realized was that the higher mind, the intellect, practical common sense. Literally our society for the past very strong 10 years the masculine society, even the western world have been learning from the female aspect.

After the millenium and these great changes I see coming, we are going to find that there will be a greater balance. We will see the equality of skills and abilities to be more open. The words, "woman's intuition" does not mean that they have an extra gland or special skill. It simply means they are more open more trusting. They have the greater opportunity to use their intuition.

EC: Does age affect intuition?

GMS: Younger people today come in with a belief systems of that the world has changed so much. Today people are more open. You can talk about UFO's, Angels, a wide range of subjects. Things are fairly open. Whereas in the fifties or sixties to talk about theses things would have been quite different. We are in a different place now because society is pulsing much FASTER! As an intuitive species we are pulsing every day quicker and quicker until we hit the year 2012. At that time we will have stabilized that pulse which will be like we are "on" all the time. So if you were to talk to someone in the year 2012 and you were trying to ask them the same questions you were asking me now, they wouldn't what you are talking about because this will be so normal by then.

EC: This is mainstream at 2012?

GMS: Right!

EC: Are there events that will happen on the planet that will change our thinking?

GMS: We are going to see certain events in the world, some phenonema events in the world. Whether we believe the phenonema is good or evil, or positive or negative, or real or unreal every one of those experiences will cause more people to reflect again within and more will say, "I think the event is possible". Such as, "I think there may be life in other worlds." Whereas 10 0r 20 years earlier that would have said, "No way! I don't believe in any of this stuff!" There is a gradual awakening. This new millenium is what that is really about! It is removing the shrouds of mystery of this past millenium and now we are moving into this new world of which I call the "Intuitive World" or the next age, the "Intuitive Age"!

EC: Are people becoming more open to new things?

GMS: Yes. People are becoming more interested in life after death. They want to understand that there is something more than our physical bodies.

EC: What is your new book about?

GMS: My new book is titled "Notes From The Cosmos". It is a chronological sequence of events that occured in my life from the point of view of my intuition opening up. It relates to my reincarnational cycle and the ability to have viewed at least a dozen of them in great detail. I relate in here about why I didn't release this information back in 1982 where I shared it with some people, some publishers, and some very famous corespondents who didn't really belive what I had written. Last year several of these same people called me to encourage me to write about that same subject that they really talked me out of doing 15 years ago.

EC: What is the "Grand Awakening"?

GMS: In the "Grand Awakening" we start off slowly like a freight train with 2 deisel engines. It pulls out very slowly, but after a period of time it speeds up! This is what has happened in the past 50 years. The 80's repeated the lessons of the roaring 20's. In the 90's that train is really starting to move. We've been on that train.

EC: What is the differenc between "psychic' and "intuition"?

GMS: Psychic is "of the soul". It is more of an application "on demand". For example when your clients come to you for information "on demand" you answer questions and share counseling with them. Where an intuitive application is something that happens spontaneously. It is somehting that is always there and we get glimpses of it. It is like deja vu. You think, "I knew he was going to say that!" Everything is being played out by a combination of our subconscious and superconscious minds. As we listen more and more to that inner guidance we become a partner in what is going on, not just a player. We have to learn to become a co-partner with these higher spiritual forces that we all have.

EC: Does the information ever come in symbols?

GMS: Yes. It is that part of the dream world that can bleed over during the day. Many clairvoyants will sit down with somebody and see some kind of symbol. Example Ellie, "I am seeing an Egyptian book floating over your head." This can be connected to an interest in boats or may have just come back from Egypt. That process is because that clairvoyant is going into their client's subconsciousness mind and are pulling symbols out that pertains to the person. Some of the symbols an intuitive may pull out come with a grouping of words. The intuitive is taping into the dream world of the client. For example I am hearing a key word now, "Alexandria", which could mean something to you.

EC: Can everyone develop their intuitive side?

GMS: Everyone can develop it to a fine art. In ancient Persia, in Egypt, in just about every land on this planet there were schools of the prophets where the training actually went on to develop these intuitive skills. Ten-twelve thousand years ago we would see schools relating to the brotherhoods. If you could demonstrate abilities you could attend the school. There are times in the earth's hostory where these things became hidden. This is done for protection. Or else those who wish to control will persecute the intuitive people. The political leaders want to control the thinking and minds of the people. Intuitive people can become a threat.

EC: Didn't you once tell me that sometimes you "see" in black and white, and other times in color?

GMS: Bright colors mean things are more grounded in reality. If the same images turn to gray the next day, that means that with "free will" something has changed. The person has had a change of heart. As you get closer to an actual prophetic event things could change. In the readings I have done I have seen strong probabilties of what may occur but in any given moment this could change. The positive message I got from this is: "From moment to moment we are in control of our destiny."

EC: When you use your intuition for predicting earth changes does this apply?

GMS: If I am looking out ...for one year...I may see hurricanes ...such as those os last year (1996). Each year I seem to be able to accurately predict hurricane trajectory, path, or velocity. When I look further out I see the wind. As time went on I the colors getting brighter and soon I was able to get it into a month. There are some cases especially if it is a highly emotionally charged event like Hurrican Andrew, the Northridge Earthquake, the Berlin Wall, the breaking up of Russia, the Gulf War...those things were major emotional events. Each one of those events to within about a week I was able to predict that the event would occur and how it would occur. Even though a year ahead of time these things weren't even thought of. That is because the thought from of that event was so strong that a series of dates were actually shown to me. You could watch a calendar and see the date on the calendar.

That does not happen a lot in my life. It probably happens once or twice a year on prophecy. For the most part when it is like that the events are pretty assured. Out of about 20 events I published about that.... only 2 did not occur. One did not occur at all. The other occured about 2 months later.

EC: Isn't it the consciousness of the planet that changed the event?

GMS: We came in with those gifts and the abilities. We have to deal with them. We have the power at any given moment to change anything. It does however require a major portion of the planet to make it part of their spiritual being. You just get your ego out of the way and simply do something good that you believe in. We need 10% of the planet who will live that energy every day.

EC: You need to be one with the earth in harmony and balance.

GMS: Yes. That is true. The earth, like any sentient being, will try to manitain balance. It is a time when each of us has great powers. We can accomplish in one lifetime now what perhaps might have taken us 10-20 lifetimes in the past. We do something that is not balanced or correct and we seem to get a lesson very very fast. If we take positive spiritual energy and apply it back into the world we also get recognition back very quickly too. These are the times that allow the few to help the many.

EC: Do you have any information on earth changes as relates to the "Dooms Day" theories?

GMS: No one knows when there will be cataclysms. If we just look at solid science...the earth goes through cycles of change. We know that lands have been under water and above water. We know that we are in a time period right now that we are seeing natural disasters daily. Ten years ago when I began to forcast this they were a rarity. No it is a common thing. All of these things are showing that the earth itself is not balanced. If we focus on the new millenium as Dooms Day we are going to find ourselves placed in those situations. We need to see whatever happens as a cycle that the earth is going through. The outcome has not been determined.

EC: Do you have any last suggestions for the readers to increase their intuition?

GMS: Just embrace each day. Live each day to the fullest. If you do that tomorrow takes care of itself. There is an over driving force on the planet right now that has never been here before. That is this "Grand Awakening". We will be forced to face our issues in life and we should see each of these as a blessing. It is like getting rid of the old so we can allow the new real powerful Golden Light to come in and move into places that we can not fathom at this time. The end when it comes for us is either a joyful or a non joyful experience. This depends on how we live each day. We have got to go to bed every night and say. "I did the best that I could today. I have honored life. I have honored the earth. I have honored those around me and I am looking forward to tomorrow."

EC: Thank you Gordon.

GMS: Thank you Ellie.