Making Global Predictions

May 28, 2004

A client recently asked me why none of the psychics can foresee global events to prevent disasters. That's easy enough to answer. They are not supposed to be prevented as there are souls who came in for those experiences, no matter how negative they are.

This reality is based on the element of surprise, the magician, magic, magnetics, electromagnetic energy, creating illusion, what you see is not what is real, duality, learning to go more by your intuition, such as feeling fear before something bad happens, though not knowing what events will play out. These are the lessons of the trickster.

If anyone foresaw negative events and changed them, such as the death for souls who want to exit the program, those souls will find another way out.

Certain designations, markers on the consciousness grid, cannot be prevented, such as 9/11, because they move reality to a higher harmonic of consciousness.

The souls who died on 9/11, wanted to be part of that experience. I have heard of many souls who were supposed to be in the Twin Towers that morning and were delayed or changed their plans for one reason or another. That number is surprisingly high.

There is so little that we understand about time and how things manifest for us to experience. Perhaps in a parallel reality, 911 never happened. But we are focused here and in the now. It was a marker, and it changed the frequency of this program. Its focus, back to the Middle East, events coming full circle from the time of creation, the movement of the bloodline, the bloodline of Jesus, and what the very thought of that does to awaken our souls.

Just Words: Exist, Exit, Next

We cannot prevent disasters to create a utopia for humanity, not in a duality. This simply is not the way we are programmed. There will always be negativity to enable souls to experience emotions, until we evolve out of here. Try to find a place and lifestyle on this planet that works for you....

Do not look to any psychic to have all the answers and make precise predictions for the world. The prophets of old could only make general predictions based on reading the consciousness grids. One thing they all agreed on, we now live in the time of the end of one cycle and the beginning of a golden age [alchemy of consciousness]. Man must change his ways to survive here. But he cannot change as he must evolve out of the physical. That is the nature of the program.

No one can foresee that which is not to be foretold, for in truth, the program will just change events to bring the lessons, another insert.

When the program closes, and consciousness evolves, there will be a surprise ending.

We are all raising our frequency. We are all psychic in many ways. We can all see if we know how to look through the 'lens of time'.

The great seerers were only able to access information in much the same way you do:

- Scrying

- Thoughtforms, Clairvoyance

- Art and Writing

- Dreams