Before the Journey ...

My trip to Germany and France was all about following the path of the bloodline through the spirals of time, the sacred geometry of the human experiment, through the eye of consciousness.

If one were to view reality as a virtual experience / eXperiment / existence or programmed consciousness, one might describe it as a dream, hologram, or illusion creation by electromagnetic energies, making it bi-polar, the object of which is to experience linear time and emotion.

The theme of this journey was about spirals and the eye which would permeate everything that happened including one of the worst hurricanes to hit the United States, Hurricane Katrina which destroyed the city of New Orleans and brought devastation to Biloxi, Mississippi.

Everything in our reality is a metaphor for that which is outside the 'X' box or the higher frequencies of thought and conscious awareness that will move the human consciousness experiment back to its origins.

To the prophets of old and new, and the experiencers in the program, this has been labeled "The End of Time", the Golden Age, or the return to higher frequency awareness. Prior to the journey, symbols of spirals were experienced by those connected to this aspect of the program, the shutdown...

Presently, Dan Brown's best seller "The Da Vinci Code" about the path of a sacred bloodline [blood- gold- alchemy] is being made into a movie to be shown July 4, 2006.

July 4th is a keynote date, especially in my book Sarah and Alexander. It represents independence for the souls, sparks of light, firecrackers, fire, in the program. It is linked to the Statue of Liberty which stands between my home and ground zero, 9/11. The 4th [4=time] anniversary of 9/11 would take place 18 days from the onset of my journey, August 24th. 18=9=endings, closures.

July 4th is in Cancer, water, lots of water and cleansing now, from the tsunami December 26, 2004, to the flooding in Europe, to Hurricane Katrina. There will be more Earth changes of biblical proportions.

"The Da Vinci Code" seeks to prove the existence a bloodline linked to Jesus, Mary, and their alleged daughter, Sarah who came out of the Middle East, moved into France. Descendents of this bloodline still exist today.

"Sarah and Alexander" is about the path of a bloodline called the Guardians of the Seed, who moved from the Middle East ----> France ----> Germany ----> England, Ireland, and Scotland ----> to the United States, to set up the final leg of a program, called our Masonic program complete with eye symbology, in the United States. Destiny would dictate that all would come full circle / cycle ... back to the Middle East, hence the events of 9/11 and the current war in Iraq.

Everything in the program would follow its initial 'blueprint [blue=electricity] or architecture, repeated in patterns through cycles called time.

There was one other interesting theme that followed me throughout the trip. It was lion who sometimes was seen as a lioness, but was with me through the journey. Sometimes I sensed it alongside the car running with us, or with me protecting at night, but always the lion was there, as if a guardian or power animal, but in truth felt like an aspect of my soul. Remember to that the Lion is also linked to Zoroaster.

And now the program continues ...

Tuesday 23 August

Tomorrow Pat and I leave for Germany and France. Though I know my agenda here, I decided to ask Z for confirmation of my theories on creation, the bloodline and my part in it. A minute later the phone rang. It was a man named John Teti, [ as in the Egyptian Pharaoh of the 6th Dynasty, 6=flower of life, considered the founder of a new dynasty] a producer over at 'The Daily Show with Jon Stewart', which is national TV. He asked me if I would like to appear on the show in September. Ah! As the new energies enter, we see the new insert and Ellie goes global.

There is humor and satire on the show, but that is the nature of our reality and the Trickster aspect of it. Actually the show is part of Comedy Central.

My daughter, Nikki, now works for MTV over at Viacom which also owns Comedy Central. Nikki has many friends there. One of the closest is Mark Zablotsky who is loving called 'Z'! The day Nikki walked into his office, she couldn't control her laughter as there beside his desk was a 7 foot cardboard cutout that reads 'Z'!

Comedy contains the letters in the word 'code'.

I asked John what topic he wanted me to discuss, as he found me through Crystalinks. "Creation!" he replied with emphasis. "We love your views on creation and reality." There it was ... my confirmation, not to mention what lay ahead on my journey.

While I was away ... John sent an email with the date Monday, Sept. 12th for the TV show taping, one day after the 4th anniversary of 911. [The show does not tape on Sunday.] That date is 2 weeks prior to Nikki's due date. The baby is a boy who will be named, Noah. Is this symbolic of a new creation?

Pat and I left from Newark Airport. In the waiting area, we passed a bookstore. On the front window was a poster of Jon Stewart with a TV remote in his mouth.

Reinventing Television

It's all math and aftermath, counting down to zero, 'O' Oneness. Itıs much more about science than metaphysics, or shall I say, following the theme of Crystalinks, a merging of the 2.

I learned something about myself on this trip. I am not a tourist on the physical plane of existence anymore, maybe I never was. The old buildings that once graced the center stage of the old programs, are not part of what I came here to experience. Many of the old buildings are well kept, featuring cathedrals with clocks that remind us of time and a 'god connection' some containing hidden geometric codes. Then we find castles and wonderful old homes now refurbished yet keeping much of the old world charm. Pat loved the old buildings and the history / stories connected to each of them. She could not get enough. I told her she would make a great tour guide.

As for me ... it was a reminder of my trip to Egypt with Irene who was totally into ancient monuments, whereas, I saw them as mostly rubble, better explored on the Internet, video and film. A mummy is a mummy unless there's something unique about it like the Incan Skulls. Areas of the planet that call me to return to them are about the geometry of the area and shifting consciousness. We each have our journey and follow it as guided.

The Journey Begins ...

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