Political Agendas - Unexplained Gas Odors

There are many mysteries that will remained unexplained throughout the history of the human experiment yet fall into predictable patterns of reality. They are placed in the grid program to stir the consciousness of the souls and awaken memories of something that is deemed important at any given time. Did you ever wonder if the memories and people you meet seem familiar because we are repeating events that happened in another loop in time? Are the patterns of reality becoming more easily apparent to you, weaving a tapestry that makes more sense?

The events below took place during the week of January 7-13, 2007, shortly after the Democrats regained power of the US Congress. I wrote ...

How many more enemies did we make this week? Can anyone justify bombing Somalia in which the targeted Al-Qaida suspects were not killed, once again innocent lives were lost, and American tax dollars wasted.

Something smells ... No its not one of the many gas odor related stories posted below. The world is in a precarious place with a run-away president inciting civil war in more countries than one and trying to justify and sell yet another crazy sneaky plan that will result in loss of lives for Americans and the Iraqi people, by dispatching 21,000 more troops to Iraq, but at least admitting he made errors in judgment in the past. Can anything good every come out of this? Raise your hand if you think the US should go to war, only to defend an attack on this country, and stay out the affairs of others. Glad the Democrats are back in power and the health Senator Tim Johnson, from South Dakota, is improving.
Some of these soldiers, or members of their families, are my clients. War is not an adventure. It is causing untold illnesses and emotional problems across the board that will be hard to heal. Most of the soldiers no longer believe that we have any business in Iraq, when once they thought they were defending a country and will quickly come out defecting the enemy. They have seen too much pain and loss. I have never predicted that any of my clients will be killed. As far as I know, they have all returned to the US or still remain in Iraq. War will always be part of the human equation.

The gas odor stories that follow, signal that perhaps souls are sensing some greater threat to the world at this time. That is always the case as we know so little about the truth behind the illusion and the games of the 'Bushmen' in power. I still attribute the gas odors to earth changes and chemical toxins. I also 'see' a runaway' train headed this way.

There is Bush -- are we being am'bushed'ed -- and Bushmen

Other Bushmen not as yet mentioned on Crystalinks ... Couldn't find a prophecy.

Mystery Gas Odors

This was a strange week in which reports of gas odors were reported in many place around the world, including NYC where I live, a place where many people have not recovered from the events of 9/11/01. What made this unusual was the the unknown cause of the gas smells. I wrote ...

Monday was a 'gas' here in the city. Through the rain and fog, a gas-like odor permeated areas of NYC and NJ. The event has nothing to do with terrorists. It may one day be explained, or covered up, or not. It took me back to the story of a rotten egg odor in the downtown area about a year ago, that was never explained. As to other chemical toxins and odors experienced by people in different parts of the US ... these things happen all the time, but do not make the national headlines. Some are manmade while others are part of the natural geological evolution of the planet - such as toxin gas being released into the oceans after underwater earthquakes. Saturday January 13, 2006, a 8.3 underwater earthquake occurred in the Pacific Ocean off of Japan - raising fears of a tsunami as people ran for safety. Earth changes play a key role in the unexplained now.

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We go to conspiracy theories and NYC connections. You may recall Philip Coppens who was a guest on my teleconference class December 6, 2006. Philip's latest article is called 9/11 + 11/22 = Conspiracy2