Friendships and Sex in the City 2008

Sex and the City, the 2008 film version, left a lot to be desired, but the concept of having a group of friends who share life's dramas through the years, is what it's all about, and keeps us coming back for more. This is not just true for women, but for men who love being 'with the guys', guys night out, bonding and fun, etc.

Friendships ... they are often the foundation that shapes who we are and what we become. Here we find groups of souls, thrown together, attracting one another, to experience in this crazy reality.

The dynamics within friendships can make or break a TV show or a film, usually consisting of 4 characters with diverse interests, but linked by a common thread. This takes us to the one thing most of us want - someone to understand, be compassionate, to count on, no matter what.

As with all things in life, friendships change as time marches on.

As with love, we seek it out, especially when family relationships don't work, thus creating a pseudo-family unit.

On this note, 'Sex and the City' did not disappoint, even as the woman screw up and hurt each other. The feeling that they will find their way back, keeps us present in the moment.

This is also true with romantic relationships, and the 'happily ever after' theme, forever 'working the grid', and sometimes working.

'Sex and the City' was filmed in New York City, which made it special for me - from Fashion Week to the Brooklyn scenes to the restaurants and the sights and sounds of the city ... it's home. Oh ... and about sex and the city, you can find it all here.

The main character, Carrie Bradshaw, actress Sarah Jessica Parker, the narrator of each episode, described the books that made her famous -- it's as all about coming to the city to find love. Once accomplished, the next theme is -- maintaining that love and creating a functional, long lasting environment.

The city offers many windows for romance ... then what? It all goes to pushing the buttons for commitment, which have not exactly proven themselves to work with many relationships, unless the people involved work at it. But that of course opens the doors to many other blogs.

In real life, actress Cynthia Nixon, changed her course after a 5 year relationship, and 2 children later, with Danny Mozes (karma complete) - by admitting she was gay. During most of the film, her character - NYC lawyer, Miranda Hobbes, is apart from her husband after he admits to cheating, because she refused to have sex for one reason or another, for 6 months. Who can blame the guy. I thought it would have been a great touch, if her lack of interest in sex with him stemmed from the fact that she was gay on the show. Formerly straight woman, now coming out, is definitely a happening thing in the city.