Freiburg Adventures

The rain stopped as Pat and I drove into the Black Forest to reach our next destination ... the Mecure Panorama Hotel where we would stay for several days. We were exhausted and looking forward to relaxing and enjoying the view from our adjoining terraces.

Our rooms were on the top floor overlooking Freiburg and the Black Forest.

Frieburg Cathedral sits at the center/heart of the city.

Pat went to sleep early but I could not resist the magic of the mist

that wafted through the Black Forest as a result of the rain.

Somehow I felt connected to the energies the mist created. I sat on the terrace and watching the city and forest, captured by its beauty.

I spoke to Z. "I feel a magical quality about this mist as if one with it. If I am right, show me!"

Z said nothing but as soon as I completed by thought the mist completely disappeared. It did not dissipate slowly. Poof it was gone in a blink. I knew at that moment, I had come to the right place in the right time and all was in readiness.

Suddenly the tones of church bells could be heard everywhere. It kind of took me by surprise. A thought echoed in my mid, "Look at the time." I checked my watch. It was 6:00 pm, 18:00 hr. Great symbology. I did not realize that each morning, and evening, church bells are heard throughout many areas of Germany as people go to church.

It was time to go to sleep. The clock now 6:30 as I got into bed, exhausted from the long journey...

Friday 26 August

I awoke the next morning to the sounds of church bells, a wake-up call, if you will. After getting dressed, Pat and I met on my terrace and looked out over the beauty of the city. The sun was out and it would not rain again while we were in Europe. We heard the sounds of different types of birds, not sure what they were tough as i do not know my bird sounds. There were few insects which made sitting on the terrace favorable.

Pat stared out into the forest.

"What are you looking for?" I asked.

"I saw a large white house in the forest yesterday and now it is gone."

Again she searched the house.

"I know it was there!" she insisted.

Several times she looked for it during our stay at the hotel, but never did she see it again, nor did I.

After a great buffet breakfast, it was time to drive to the city of Freiburg ... with Dora's help. No one told Dora that several of the streets were being repaired and we would have to detour around, but we found our destination with little trouble.

The people, energies, and atmosphere were friendly and welcoming. We parked in one of the many parking garages that surround the city after which you proceed on foot or by bicycle. Several trolley lines run through the city. On one occasion we took a trolley ride from one end of Freiburg to another.

Clocks are found everywhere.

The streets are made of cobblestone, the city very clean. There are buildings ancient and new as in most cities, that speak of their history. Lots of places to visit and things to do. There were many vendors outside featuring food and other wares. Frieburg was a wonderful mix of energies as tourists from different countries were visiting on holiday.

The center of the square is where we found the Frieburg cathedral, the main center of attraction and quiet magnificent inside and out, if you are into cathedrals. Many sick people had come from far to be in the energies of the cathedral and pray for healing. All who came sought connection to their higher power, however they envisioned it to be. In a time when the world awakens to the chaos of its creation, sacred places will be sought by all souls, no matter where they are.

A film crew from a local TV station was filming in front of the Freiburg Cathedral when we arrived.

The square outside the cathedral

The clock and the cathedral



Pat and I spend much of the day sightseeing in the city, shopping, eating at an outdoor cafe, the food is excellent, and stopping at an Internet Cafe to check our email.

On the way back to the hotel we passed one of the many parks in the city. There we found cable cars that went from the park into the Black Forest where one can go round trip or get off the cable car and explore that part of the forest. Pat overcame her fear of heights to take the ride up and back. To me, being in the air, is where I belong. The aerial view of Frieburg was wonderful.

Here I am standing under one of those old trees, at the base of the cable cars.

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