Flood Stories 2005, The Aftermath

In recent months Earth changes continue to ravage the planet, much having to do with water, as if a metaphor of cleansing, Flood Stories.

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Blogs The Week of September 11-17, 2005


The evolution of planet Earth, known as Earth changes, and the evolution of consciousness, lead me to an appearance on the The Daily Show with Jon Stewart where I attempted to get a tiny bit of my theories across while having fun as a member of his first panel format. The subject was "Evolution Schmevolution'


Evolution of soul sparks of light

The topics of floods and arcs has been high priority this week, which takes me to Thursday. I received a call from researcher Gerry Cannon who claims that he and his team have located the Ark of the Covenant in a cave in Egypt. He told me that within the ark is a crystal pyramid. He believes that once the ark is brought forth into the world, its purpose will be to bring peace and enlightenment. Maybe ... but doubtful as the program cycles down. Gerry mentioned that JJ Hurtak, Keys of Enoch, will be part of the next expedition. Gerri will be sending me more information, and links to his research. We shall see ... as I do not see the Ark as anything more than myth and metaphor.

We soon come to the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah (October 3, 2005) and Yom Kippur (October 12, 2005), which returns us to the Ark of the Covenant.


Escape from New Orleans

This email was sent by a Brigitte Von Stetina, a regular reader of this column
Dateline : Friday, September 16, 2005

'K' Words: Katrina, Kali, Karma

Destruction and Rebirth

More metaphoric flood stories of arks and Noah, Birth and Rebirth

Brigitte's unborn baby is a survivor of the flood. We move now to another unborn baby linked to tales about ...

Noah and the Rainbow 'Arc'

Not to mention Earth changes & shades of Atlantis end time scenarios

Friday morning at 8:45, my daughter, Nikki was on her way to work at Viacom, in Manhattan, when she called from the train. We were talking about Noah, her unborn son, due in 2 weeks. Nikki mentioned that Matthew, her 2 year old son, has been talking to Noah, which of course does not surprise anybody in my family as we all talk to spirits.

As Nikki and I talked about baby Noah, I asked for a 'sign' from him confirming a new creation! Glancing out the window, I paused in disbelief as a giant rainbow arched its way across the sky from the Verrazano Bridge to the Manhattan skyline! All that was missing was a dove with an olive branch! I couldn't capture the totality of the rainbow from my terrace, in one photo, as it was so large. This is a metaphor for a new program about to cross over the rainbow bridge (DNA). 2=yin/yang or duality. Welcome to planet Earth, Noah!

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My Grandson Matthew, 2, & His Friend Sasha
The Inner Child, Your Emotional Body

Rainbows Hearts, Lion (Leo, Omega), Giraffe (DNA)

Dove (ascension of consciousness), Out of the boX, Book, Eye, Triangular Shaped Hat, Trickster


September 17 - Full Moon, Harvest Moon, 25 Pisces

This is a great time to do a meditation linked to these energies.
An outdoor meditation, in the moonlight, with crystals, would enhance the experience.

Relax and get comfortable. Prepare as you would for meditation.

Focus on the full moon as your center, the source of all creation.
Go there and see yourself as part of the Oneness of Creation.
Receive messages about your personal evolution at this time!

Full, Harvest, Moon Encounters

View from my terrace

Saturday evening, at the time of the full moon, I decided to walk to the park across the street to connect with the energies. The park is usually quiet at this time of the year, the energies of summer a fading memory. But global weather patterns are changing making it another hazy, hot, humid evening that felt more like a muggy August night, than mid-September. Remembering that planet Earth is heating up, current Earth changes highlighted in 2005 by Hurricane Katrina, I entered the park and walked across the large grassy field.

Apparently there was an event going on, as families were everywhere on chairs or blankets, music blasting over loud speakers as people danced to the beat, the press present, and the park set up with amusements areas.

The fire department set up this house.
Inside children were taught what to do in case of fire.

I stopped to talk to one of the local NYPD, who told me that this was a fund raiser for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

A man selling single red roses, for $2 each, passed by and I bought a flower. He works for a local forest who had contributed flowers for the event.

Then something interesting happened. I met a reporter who recognized me from the Jon Stewart show last week. He, too, was originally a Special Ed teacher in Brooklyn, who retired after 10 years, to work for the press. We had interesting stories to share.

He introduced me to our local councilman, Vincent Gentile, who was campaigning in the park, and had contributed to the Katrina fund. I did not recognize Gentile, but oddly, he recognized me from the show. It's a strange world when your councilman recognizes you but you are not aware of who he is. He's a great guy and I enjoyed talking to him.

A while later they were preparing to show the film 'Shrek 2' and time for me to return home.

I connected with the energies in ways that surprised me on this harvest moon. But early on, one discovers that the element of surprise is the nature of our reality. Patterns in the program are generally predictable following geometric design which leads to synchronicity and the Domino Effect as consciousness evolves. But its the new inserts that awakening us. Without them we would be stuck in the box forever, clueless to reality and evolution.