Each of our lives is nothing more than a film strip
with our personal frequency signature.

These films are
a 'short subject' for some,
a documentary for others,
independent films, epochs, or
for the lucky few, masterpieces.

Dramas/tragedies, comedies, fact or fiction,
your life is a film in time created behind the scenes
and projected through the lens, eye, of consciousness.

Is your life a tragedy, comedy or both?
Your soul has come here for a grand finale.
Do you sense it soon?


Monday, a female client from New Jersey, told me an interesting story. During our last reading 8 years ago, I told her the name of her spirit guide, Matthew, and how he will become part of her life on a ongoing basis, which is what happened.

Monday, as we were doing another reading, I told her to watch her driving on black ice as I see her car going very fast and spinning out of control. Black Ice, Consciousness Frozen in Time, 101010, ON-OFF- ON-OFF

Oddly I saw nobody killed and no other vehicles involved.

Matthew would save her and show her something that would change her life.

She looked at me and said it already happened, last winter, exactly as I described the events.

Physically, what happened was, her car spun out of control, crossing 3 lanes as she was in the left lane going 90 miles an hour, going off to the right side and slamming into a tree.

On this level, she 'blacked out' as we all do when we remove our consciousness from our physical body in times of emergency.

Her next memory is a man banging on her car window as she woke up, her consciousness returning to her physical body, the sound of sirens coming closer.

But she soon remembered more, what happened during the OFF time, when we are not consciously in our physical bodies.

She remembered time slow down, then everything went 'black', as if the void, and meeting Matthew.

She was 'not' told that she must return, but was asked if that was her choice. She decided to come back for her 2 young children, she is 35.

She also made the choice to return without injuries, as she did not want to make that part of her experience here. She is tall, slim, beautiful and smart. And so she did return, just as she was, yet with greater wisdom and memories about the realms beyond.

I explained to her about inserts and how I saw her die, but a new insert was set in place. It all felt right to her, somewhere. She has always been interested in all things esoteric. She told me about a synchronicity 2 weeks ago, when she needed guidance and found the tape I made for her during our last reading. She currently is at a major crossroad in her life.

Z shows me our reality looking much like a tiny black micro-chip within a giant cosmos or consciousness grid matrix. Our program is such a infinitesimal part of it all, yet we hold the key 'element', alchemy (gold) of consciousness.