2010 Chile Earthquake   Wikipedia

List of earthquakes in Chile   Wikipedia

Rescuers struggle to save lives after Chile quake
AP - February 28, 2010  

February 26, 2010 Japan Earthquake

  Vast Antarctic iceberg 'threatens marine life'
BBC - February 26, 2010

Mammoth Antarctic iceberg could alter ocean circulation
PhysOrg - February 25, 2010

Madeira Mudslides, Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Tsunamis in the Atlantic Ocean, Atlantis Rising

"Snow Blowing Against a Screen Door"

View from my apartment in Brooklyn during the blizzard

North American Blizzards of 2010   Wikipedia

Warming weather this week will melt the snow quickly.

Ring of Ice

Thunderbolts - February 25, 2010

Reality Check February 2010

The consciousness program in which we virtually experience is closing, and as it does, the grids/matrixes that hold the illusions of reality in place, are collapsing creating chaos on all fronts. This is accelerating in intensity and frequency of intervals between events - sort of like being in labor with a new birth just ahead. (The water is breaking.) (9 months, endings) (40 weeks of gestation. 40 = 4 = closure of program)

Closure includes: natural disasters, unusual weather patterns, and the collapse of economic, social, political, and religious systems.

The illusion of time is also collapsing which goes with memory and retention.

It's all going ... going ... Crash!

This is nobody's fault. It was meant to happen this way, at this time, which is why we now have technology and evolving consciousness to hep us remember and 'get it'. 2012 (closure) is not far away.

About the happy ending ... it happens when we all leave here (physical) ... and definitely not to love and light Earth. This experiment is over. You are a spark of light who experienced the physical, now happily returning to light.

Since the tectonic plates cracked causing the 12/26/2004 underwater Indian Ocean Earthquake and resulting tsunami ... that was it ... exactly 7 years of revelation for people to wake up. 7 moves to 8 (above and below reunite, infinity, you know the rest).

If you understand we are projected illusion experiencing in a hologram, you'll be just fine. Keep your life simple and unchallenged. Go easy on relationships and other things you try to keep in balance or want to bring into balance. That may not happen in the time remaining.

Tackling Emotional Problems 2010

"Issues With Tissues" Again

Recently I blogged about Road Rage to awaken those who don't even realize they have it. Someone should video their behavior to show them just how crazy they get behind the wheel.

In 2010, we are really getting good at pinning down the emotional codes of humanity (crazy for the most part) and dealing with our issues as well as recognizing those of others. Many of us could qualify as doctors at this point or certainly shrinks (medical doctors, therapists, spiritual counselors, life coaches, etc. you know the drill).

What we are doing about issues and conditions varies from the pro-active person on their way to being functional -- to the person in denial, most likely living with someone who is trying to encourage them to get help when they refuse, make excuses, or don't have time or money to do so. With lack of medical insurance during the recession, many people have no place to go to get help.

Self-medication will be the end result - drugs and drinking. Oh dear! Isn't that what so many people are trying to heal? The program is weird. It urges you to heal so you can see the truth about reality and your destiny, then takes away your ability to maintain that help.

The program is broken. Did you ever stop to consider that people aren't meant to be fixed which is why the program doesn't allow balance ... yet that is its goal.

Autoimmune Diseases 2010

There are any numbers of autoimmune diseases one can conjure up if they suffer from depression or other emotional problems and need to 'drop out' for a while. This goes hand in hand with the mini-breakdown where a person drops out to work on themselves ---> going to the good old healing grid to focus, heal and help, in hopes of reinventing themselves and finding a greater purpose for their existence here - predictable patterns for yourself and others.

It's winter and with that habits change and depression sets in for many people stuck at home. People sleep longer when the days are short and get bored more easily. With the recession and extreme weather conditions this winter, life has not been easy especially for those who have emotional problems. This affects focus and memory.

For some people autoimmune disease is about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. You've heard about CFS before, and probably have met people who have it. It's just another form of depression.

Warning Signs That You May Have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Health Day - February 24, 2010

Depression and the Grids

Speaking of depression ... While reading a client recently, I connected my grid with hers to see about her emotional and physical problems ... and boy did I get a surprise. She suffers from clinical depression and anxiety which I experienced for the first time, immediately leaving her grid.

What I learned is ... when your brain is chemically out of balance and you are on meds, it is much easier to jump out of the physical grid because technically you are not fully grounded here to begin with, and probably can't wait to move on. The experience of detaching from the grids is totally different than for those with balanced brain chemistry. As to the human brain - it is nothing more than an electrochemical machine forever viewing streaming consciousness for experience and interpretation, played out based on one's genetic codes. What does that mean? Put simply, if the people in your family are crazy, you will need to work extra hard to be sane.

The Metaphysical Set-up

The soul is an interesting entity with no time awareness. It plans the present leaving markers (events) in your life to call upon later when you go on your healing/metaphysical journey into awareness.

We've all had little epiphanies in the past - from the sighting of an angel, apparition, ghost, UFO, alien abduction, NDE, dream or anything else that will later return to memory when the soul is ready to move into a higher frequency grid where that information is stored. We attract these experiences as a prelude for future events.

During these experiences, the soul opens a 'window' to higher awareness where one gets a glimpse of something (in the grid) that will lay dormant in their mind until the time is right for processing.

The past you are trying to heal now is either personal or from the collective, which is why many want to heal and help globally (dimensionally).

Good luck! And do be careful whose body you connect your energies with, especially during sex.