It Happened in Europe....

March 13, 2004

Al-Qaeda 'claims Madrid bombings' BBC

The Train in Spain .... the terrorist attack is somehow linked to the 9/11 events in the US and the Middle East. We mourn for the loss of 199 souls who died, and pray for the 1,500 injured people. These events happened on 3/11, New York dialing up 311 help line

From Heidi, "A feature film is coming out which will be similar to "Stand By Me" and has something to do with a pocket watch or wrist watch and time. The film will be called, 11:11. It is put on by Lifeline productions. I am trying to obtain more information and if you wish, I can email the information to you. On another note, 3/11/04 is exactly 911 days from 9/11/01. I had a dream on 3/11 of being in the Middle East before the bombing, I feel there is a similarity or connection between East and West. Some type of gap which needs to be bridged. Cannot place my finger on it, yet feel as though it has something to do with bridges and the harmonics in the cables, like DNA. Lastly, you mention something about maps today, if you draw a line between UK, Spain, and NY when connected it appears to be in the shape of a right triangle, 90 degrees. Just an interesting thought of what lies in the middle, Atlantis..."

From another reader, "Spain was/is the most stalwart supporter of the US policy in Iraq--from the beginning. You could say that behind U.S. and Great Britain, Spain is the number "3" supporter. Yes, it was tied to the Middle East. If 'Intel' says otherwise, then it is a lie told to not cause panic in the financial markets. It's all about money."

Moving along to money.....Britain set to delay euro entry still further As I had posted about the 'e' symbol this week, another 'e' grabbed my attention. My only connection with the Euro is through Paypal, when people purchase Sarah and Alexander.

I have often thought that a one-world currency would be the way to go. Yet I do not see that happening without a One World Government which takes us to global unity and a New World Order. But that's another story. Some people believe in a secret government that guides everything on the planet, and has been in existence for centuries. It all seems like 'ancient history'. If they exist, were they behind the train crash?

There are many websites about this clandestine group, which goes by different names, such as the Trilateral Commission or the Bohemian Club, but none of the conspiracy scenarios call to me. Z said, "These are games for men, the players. Let it go." And so I did. It's not a woman's game, unless you are born into it.

I met many of these players in the late 1980's, when a spent a short time with conspiracy theorists, and could not connect at all. Clandestine meetings in secret places, just like in the movies. Did I really need to have my phone tapped? to be followed? This was not my 'cup of tea'. That part of my journey was short-lived.

When I think of a ruling organization, one that 'calls the shots' on this planet, they are out of the box, not in our realm. They are those who program the events into the grids, that we, in 3D, play out.

The true power lies with the Programmers and the Watchers.

Those who are above, the Creators.

In the physical we are just puppets in the game, and yes this is an experiment or game. A lack of understanding about that aspect of who we are and why we are here, is what frustrates our souls and leaves us 'spinning our wheels' in a quest for a truth that supposedly is hidden on this planet, but is above.

If one were to find the Holy Grail or the Ark of the Covenant, if a savior were to return, if the secrets beneath the Vatican were to be exposed, if a Third Temple were to be built, then what? All stories are merely metaphors, for a final moment in time when you will understand all, based on your belief systems in 3D.

Find your truths in your soul, that you are a spirit have a physical experience, that is about to change thus returning you to your natural state of conscious creation. Find the clarity about who we are and why we are here, the game, matrix, program.

It all goes back to the beginning of the story, the Middle East, ancient mystery school teachings, hidden agendas passed down through the millennia, secret societies and brotherhoods who supposedly know and held the information in hidden catacombs and caves, ancient texts hidden under the Vatican that reveal prophecy and the truth about our destiny which, if released, would cause the fall of religion, research done, books written, all sorts of artifacts that are clues to the mystery of creation.

At the 'e'nd of the day' all comes down to physics, quantum physics and geometry. The rest are just aspects of the game played out until a time when all souls will understand and there will be no more need for secrecy. Lest we forget, the games of conspiracy, like the games of war, are an integral part of the dramas of our reality, and remain until the end of 'Time', Checkmate!

After the destruction, at the end time, our souls rejoin the light.

Humans are guided to quest for answers on a personal and universal level. There is no growth without the quest for knowledge. It is in our nature, encoded into the twin helixes of our DNA. Your soul can always create another mission, mystery, or quest, for as long as you are in the game.

The 'e', The Euro, Currency
Money is power allowing certain factions to
control the game at this level of 'e'xistence.
The click is are the 'time' bombs!

Time, Money, Presidents named George, Freemasons, Secret Societies
Freemason killed this week in New York during a ritual

George Washington's Visions
New York City, Stock 'e'xchange, Money,
The Power That Controls, The Powers That Be,
The Digits, The Numbers, 9/11 -

NYC Area 'Code' 212, 2012?
2 1/2 years after 9/11, terrorist attack,
'e'xplosions in Spain, 9/11 days after 9/11 in New York.
2=Twins, Towers, 9/11
Patterns, loops, good old sacred geometry....

The Stonehenge Watchers

Thornborough, Only Triple Henge, Orion, StarGates

Thornborough aligns with the Giza Pyramids.
Does this mimic the belt stars of Orion?

Sacred Geometry = SG = StarGate = SG1 is going to Atlantis....