Email From Readers January 31 - February 2, 2011

Monday - January 31

Story 1: Channeling - Grid Connections

Thanks Asta...

Channeling means focusing your conscious awareness in the grids and induing so connecting your grid signature with that of another, in any timeline, as time is an illusion. You can explore the life and times of anyone whose signature remains in the grids. Many are deleted as the program collapses, but the key players, the ones we trust to bring us information now, remain.

In choosing its experiences, the soul views all and everything, then connects and interacts ... then leaves. It is how it learns. This further applies to programs off-planet and in other realities we know nothing about. But then agin, if you only use approximately 10% of the human brain to focus, - what is that telling you? Imagine what else is out there that your soul is experiencing. You'll get those answers when the program ends ... and you no what? It will be a no-brainer!

Channeling and Scrying ... Kid speak ...

I received other children's drawing since last week's post. One should understand that children receive messages, and like adults use different art forms to express what they see. The mind never stops exploring and interpreting ... that is its mission. We channel from the day we are born - in one form or another. Every sentient lifeform is consciously connecting at many levels of awareness simultaneously which get interpreted based on one's level of understanding.

If any of the adults reading this still have their childhood scribblings stored away somewhere, they may want to take them out. What one would discover are universal archetypes that still hold true today. It's just a program and you are projected illusion recording the events you experience for your own review when you leave.

Story 2: The Dawning of Aquarius

The dawning of Aquarius refers to the Awakening of Consciousness, through the flow of the collective unconscious. It is a metaphor of 'Flood Story Theory' that says all gets washed away between grid programs, only to be reborn as something new.

From where we are in physical reality, that seems like a lot of work, but if you were to look at it from the point of view of the creators, it is but a thought.

When one's consciousness begins the return journey to higher frequency, there is always a keynote moment (epiphany) that triggers awareness ... followed by the usual synchronicities, that to the novice are like being a child in a toy store, or candy store - you can't get enough. These are often the 11:11 moments.

Life, all life, happens (evolves) in many layers of consciousness within the grids.

The connection with plants takes us to nature spirits, another very popular file on Crystalinks. People forever seek compassion and comfort - the connection between nature and humans - plants and animals as a means to that end. It goes along with wanting/needing to live in a serene area in nature with a body of water nearby. It calms the soul and creates balance for the tired, often wounded souls. It is the metaphoric, and often physical, place to wait out the end of the program and see beyond. It is a balance between Stress and Peace. The energies of your surroundings must compliment your spiritual path, or you will remain lost. Find it full time or part time, but find it.

Tuesday - February 1

Story 1: The Egyptian Crisis - Perspective from Israel

Other Email from Israel

1. The experience shows that pushing for Democracy in the Arab countries only leads to extreme Muslim rule, with a fake democracy. Mubarak is much more peace oriented than those who will come after him, but neither are good for the people and democracy. Scared is not the right word to describe the climate. It is just a clear understanding that a peaceful front will no longer be such, even if on the surface the declaration will stay peaceful. The amount of arms that will flow into GAZA will be enormous. - Yaron

2. As to Egypt ... it depends who you ask. There are those who think it is a good sign that Muslim countries are now fighting for democracy, and there are those who are afraid that the new regime there will cancel the peace treaty and become a second Iran. I think at this point we are all waiting to see who will take the leadership role there..if the people will really choose a democracy like we all hope, and the Egyptian opposition is saying (at least for now) that they intend to keep all agreements with Israel etc than it could be a great thing..however if the Muslim Brothers or other fanatic movements will take charge than we will probably see deterioration in the situation in the area and probably with the Palestinians as well. - Elinor in Tel Aviv

3. A client in Jerusalem, who wishes to remain anonymous, emailed that Israel seems to be strangled on all side.

Story 2: Weeping Statues in Ohio

This occurred one day after the uprising in Egypt. Coincidence?

On April 2, 1968 a famous Marion Apparition appeared in Zeitun, a town near Cairo.

Weeping Statues

Story 3: Shifting Perspective

Most people would agree with you and see something that comes next. It is always a happy place where people take their ego identity and live in love and light with little or no dramas. Physically that's impossible. Emotionally those souls are worn out and generally wounded. Spiritually, if you see it in the current grids, or can conceptualize this place, it exist as a subroutine of the Master Program, running parallel to this one, and also gets deleted at the end - they all do.

In 2011, and whatever remains, I am not going to go too heavily into my theories as it all feels redundant and is encoded throughout Crystalinks for those who came here from the same place. I know my DNA and programing are different, or my life would not have unfolded as it did. I feel as if I dropped by ... in this program as part of closure and to have fun along the way. For those of us who are waiting, you know how soon until we leave.

I woke up Saturday knowing it is time for me to move on - that I am done. A friend called and said she woke up knowing she has more to do here. She believes as you do.

On February 17th, in the Year of the Golden Rabbit, I'll turn 68, and still remain in perfect health. This is not about heath. It's different, like finishing up a project and going home.

Wednesday - February 2

Story 1: Westward Journey of the Program

Thanks for this cool history lesson, I loved it. I felt a need to post the images which include this Freemason animation. We are understanding how the program swept across the global gameboard and is playing out now. It's all in the 'book' - the symbology, money, pyramids, Stargates, and the All Seeing Eye (wormhole).

Story 3: Dreaming About Contact

Many people get messages in dreams, especially when they can't connect psychically. One way or another your consciousness will bring you want you need to hear to awaken.

The end is fast and as many have seen, described, and remember it, is amazing not fearful. You are correct. The playground for fear is here.

Many people have the 'end of time dream' where UFOs come to rescue us or just tell us about our connections to aliens or creational forces, or in your case that we are all time travelers on a journey and there is nothing to fear. This dream is coming into human consciousness along with the tsunami dreams.

Star Trek: Enterprise debuted September 26, 2001, just after 9/11 happened. All of the Star Trek adventures have ended and been cancelled (metaphor). The stars (metaphor) have moved into other storylines - like Spock on "Fringe" (he's coming back ...yeah! ). Our journey through time and space has also reached that point.

The closing line on Star Trek, spoken by Jonathan Frakes (William Riker) to Marina Sirtis (Deanna Troi) on the final show ever, brought home the greatest truth of our journey when he said ... Computer End Program!

All that was left were the grids ...

They walked through the door and then they were gone.

Email Continued :: February 7 - 11 (Egyptian Revolution)