Email From Readers February 7-12 (Egyptian Revolution 2011)

Monday February 7

When all the light is gone ...

You are correct.

Tuesday February 8

The Record Keeper

I remember many people owning crystals they called Record Keepers. Back in the day ... everyone seemed to have a clear quartz crystal that someone believed contained information, most often from Atlantis. We now recognize that these crystals are catalysts to unleash memories buried within, or to access information from the grids that link with the crystal and the person. If your grid aligns with a specific crystal, you will find each other, scry the crystal, then get messages. Your crystal is indeed very cool. My favorite crystals have always been quartz - clear or smoky. I especially love my phantom crystal with Ellie and Z throughout. I'm not much into tumbled stones. Gemstones

BTW - How are things down under? One week I read about flooding, then cyclones, now drought in western Australia.

Thursday 2.10.2011

According to these Mayan Calendar references - humanity entered a final cycle on Thursday February 10, 2011. The Mayan 9 Levels of Consciousness-Entering 9th and Final Cycle Feb 10, 2011 Whether this information is true or not - this has been a strange day for me.

It started when David in Texas emailed that one of my files, The Egyptian Initiation had been copied and could be found on a website called All Eyes on Egypt with slight modifications - the images were designed with flash and there was a Nibiru connection. Maybe I was supposed to see this now, but the last image, above THE BEGINNING, was similar to the way consciousness connects to a central source through 12 around 1. After an email exchange with the owner of the website he promised to remove the file, but as I like the flash images, decided to let him keep it up for now.

German Connections: In the afternoon I blogged about ... (money, pyramid-eye symbology, power)

Over on CNN Egyptian Hosni Mubarak refused to step down as people allied in Tahrir Square. I called my friend Dee in San Francisco. She gave me a behind-the-scenes description of what is going in Egypt based on her friend Aladin who owns the hotel in Luxor we often discuss when she visits there with her tour groups. Since the uprising, the hotel has been forced to close.

There is something about this Egyptian Revolution that changes everything.

As the pull of the energies became more intense, Dee and I decided to remote view to the Egyptian grid. It was midnight in Egypt 12:00 and the date there was now 2/11/11. 11:11 is a Stargate number.

After Dee and I hung up, I went to my email, and there was a photo of Dylan, sent by my daughter, Zsia. That was a great synchronicity and most likely a confirmation. It told me that everything was happened on schedule.


The First People Were the Ribbon People

The second and third images always equate with Egypt, Twin Flames, and Valentine's Day, 3 days from now.

February 12, 1809 - April 15, 1865

Abraham Lincoln

  Abraham Lincoln Google Videos

Abraham Lincoln was the sixteenth President of the United States. He successfully led the country through its greatest internal crisis, the American Civil War, saving the Union and ending slavery, only to be assassinated as the war was 'virtually' over.

A house divided against itself cannot stand.

Abraham Lincoln

It's all about freedom from slavery.

Humans are enslaved.

The truth will set them free.


After 18 (9, endings) days - President Hosni Mubarak finally stepped down. We wait and see what will happen with the new government as people celebrate around the world and the cry of freedom spreads thoughout the Arab world. In truth, not many people in that part of the world, or even the Middle East, have experienced freedom in any timeline. People who are enslaved just cope. But now is a time of consciousness evolution and so shall it be. Egyptian Revolution of 2011

36 Around 1

All Seeing Eye

February 11, 1821 - January 19, 1881

Auguste Mariette

  Auguste Mariette Google Videos

Auguste Mariette was the foremost Egyptologist of his generation and the founder of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. He carried out many of the early excavations in Egypt. He visited temples and befriended a Bedouin tribe, who led him to Saqqara. The Saqqara Pyramids

From my first collection of Egyptian antiquities,

I recognized that

the world shall hence forth

learn about Egypt's Pharaonic heritage

and where it leads

in the end.

Auguste Mariette

Friday February 11 (2.11.11)

Dee's Report

Thanks for the update Dee. Words cannot express how happy I was when I heard the news. I walked across the street to the grocery store to share the news with the Palestinian owners who are my friends. As I walked in, a man was pouring himself a cup of coffee ... he turned as if sensing my presence and our eyes locked. Somehow I knew he was Egyptian. "Congratulations," I said as we smiled at each other. He told me about his family back home ... they will no longer live in fear. Family who migrated here decades ago, may one day move back to this sacred land and retire in peace.

"Inshallah," we said at the same time with an inner knowing. With a Word, Egyptians Leave It All to Fate   New York Times - February 11, 2011

Jewel Quest Egypt

I see more of the Arab world wanting to be set free. Don't see India in the time left.

Speaking of India ...

Of course good old Z flew those crazy vimanas. He flew all across the planet and changed his name and attire with each stop - even in Mesoamerica as Quetzalcoatl. Ah ... the good old days. He showed me that image when I was a young girl. Did they really find one? Z says not yet, but my vimana file is a good review and takes us to Egypt.

End Game

The Sinai Program

There are several files that should help you understand the program, and as a regular reader I am surprised you haven't gotten it yet - at least the part where reality is a consciousness hologram. Click on those links and another called fade to black. I understand that it is hard to conceptualize everything ending, but as you raise your frequency, you will get it. I also know that not everyone is programmed to get it, just to quest ... and quest ... and heal. There are codes within the Hebrew alphabet, linked to sacred geometry, that could help you, but you have to research that on your own.

More from Pam:

The Grids and the Phoenix

Your location brought to mind the Phoenix - an alchemical symbol of rebirth. In Mesoamerica the Phoenix was the Quetzal Bird, the companion of Quetzalcoatl, who is linked with the Mayan Calendar and 2012 prophecies.

I am not sure why the grids showed up in the photos, but perhaps someone can help you out with that. For now we write it off as a message from the grids about NEW BEGINNINGS.

Email Continued :: February 13 -16