Email From Readers January 2011

Tuesday - January 25

Be careful what you wish (bone) for ....

The Afterlife

I am the wrong person to ask these questions but here goes ... I never think about dying - I only see myself leaving when the program ends - no arrangements needed - (laugh) - the physical body gone. Remember ... we have all died many times and should be used to it by now.

How do I want to be remembered? I'll have to think about that - never considered it as the program will be over. From what I have gathered in many families ... death often splits families as karma is complete and people fight about inheritance.

Religion? If I were a normal human, my family would place me in the ground in Beth David Jewish cemetery in Queens, NY, next to Ralph. Here's a funny story. My daughter Zsia, who also sees and talks to Ralph, is married to Jon. Jon's grandmother died last week and was buried in Beth David cemetery. It was a cold day with ice and snow everywhere. Zsia thought to visit her father's grave and went looking for it. As she walked around ... slip-sliding over people graves ... knocking the traditional small stones people leave when visiting, to the ground (that's a silly tradition) trying to keep her balance (there's got to be a metaphor or 2 here) ... there was Ralph ... no, not his grave which she never found, but Ralphie the Ghost. She said the whole experience was hilarious. The moral of the story ... Do what those you leave behind expect you to do so they can mourn your passing in a traditional way, but at the end of the day understand the truth ... the box is empty ... except for the bones and maybe some forensic evidence if needed (I watch too many cop shows), but that takes us to my client stories mentioned here last week linked to the Mafia - the whole situation arresting.

Your next question - the building. I prefer something clean and modern, but again I think it's best you ask others. I wish you and your family success in what is not a dying business - even in a recession. Follow your instincts and follow Feng Shui. I hope others can answer your questions in a more formal way than I did. Sorry but after a lifetime of talking to spirits, the rest seems nothing more than human traditions in this timeline.

Where are the bodies buried?

Funeral Traditions, Art, History   Wikipedia

Crossing Bridges

People always ask me what comes next, but my consciousness is too limited at this level to understand it. As for the time remaining, just relaxing and having fun with friends, family and readers and waiting to see what surprises come along. There is something that I will connect with very soon. If you put together all of the esoteric philosophies, you would never figure this one out. It is next. My phrase is ... "Wait for it". My POI (person of interest) is Nikola Tesla who took me on a journey (time travel--remote view) to his buried papers and files, last week. Who says you can't take it with you? Nikola was not from here. We are from the same frequency. Everything comes up Tesla.

t's All in the Book

Thanks Jill. Enjoy. What the Bleep !! The story is almost over! [The last book was sold Friday February 4th.]

Wednesday - January 26

From Ellie: Take the last 2 digits of the year you were born + the age you will be this year and it will equal 111.

Math is the language of the universe.

Bird speak ...

Horus was the Hawk-headed, or falcon-headed, god in the Egyptian pantheon. This takes us to rebirth, resurrection, Eye of Horus symbology of this program/reality, etc. 30-40 = 3->4 or moving out of the physical on the New Year (1/1/11=4) - into the new. The Crow is an omen of death and rebirth - return to the black hole/whole. The crow as the raven is symbolic of mind, thought and wisdom. All birds represent transition from one reality to another. They are messengers.


When 7 becomes 8 ... Infinity...

Mohawk Prophecy of the Seventh Generation

Seven generations after contact with the Europeans, the Onkwehonwe would see the day when the elm trees would die.

Strange animals would be born deformed and without the proper limbs.

Huge stone monsters would tear open the face of the earth.

The rivers would burn.

The air would burn the eyes of man.

The birds would fall from the sky.

The fish would die in the water.

And man would grow ashamed of the way that he had treated his Mother and Provider, the Earth.

After seven generations of living in close contact with the Europeans, the Onkwehonwe would rise up and demand that their rights and stewardship over the Earth be respected and restored.

According to the wisdom of this prophecy, men and women would one day turn to the Onkwehonwe for both guidance and direction. It is up to the present generation of youth of the Kanienkehaka to provide leadership and example to all who have failed. The children of the Kanienkehaka (Mohawk) are the seventh generation.

The Children of Turtle Island

There is so much here, I'm not sure where to begin. What first gabbed me, maybe because of Pam's email, was the turtle. Turtle Island is a Native American term for the North American continent and Canada - the First People. Lots of numeric codes as well. It looks like a mention of Australia with water below. It even has my address: 10031. It further reminded of this 2008 blog - "Grandmother Ellie" by Matthew, age 4.

Image reversed 180°

Waiting for a new world, but already there

I think I'm already there.

Trees have always had deep-rooted symbolic meaning in every culture.
Forests are the abode of the nature spirits, a refuge from
danger as well as a source of dangerous wild animals.
Forests are mysterious and constantly changing.

Tree symbols contain multiple mythic qualities. The 'deep-rooted' symbolism is apparent in common metaphors such as the tree of life and our ancestral heritage depicted in family trees. In Vedic philosophy, the symbolism of wood claims this element as the primal material of the universe. Christian art depicts Christ as the cosmic carpenter and His ultimate sacrifice is represented by a wooden cross.

Trees bring balance to everything.

The Jewish depiction of the Kabbalah is in the form of a

modified tree and explains the mystical teachings of Judaism.

Thursday - January 27

Egypt Overexposed

Email from Dee in San Francisco

Previously on Crystalinks

Dee in Egypt - September 2010

Dee in Hawaii

The situation in Egypt is a microcosm of the global macrocosms that will continue to deteriorate in 2011 especially in the Arab world. It is an example of how bad it is going to get. It is also a reflection of the chaos at the beginning of the program ... when it all began .. and the way it all ends. I wonder how this will affect the areas around the famous archaeological sites. The balance of power is about to shift. Let's sees how this crisis affects our situation at home. I've been to Egypt. The old ways are gone ... How about in your life?


Charging It ....

I have known people who also have a strange connection with electricity, Nikola Tesla for example. (see below). One man sets off car alarms when he walks down the street. Another won't go near my computer because he affects things much like your mother does. I've heard all the stories, but the only explanation I can come up with is an incompatibility of electrical fields, certainly nothing I consider a positive (charge). Imagine having to replace batteries, bulbs, and all things electrical, all the time. I believe this has more to do with physics than metaphysics, but perhaps some of the readers can help you.

The Economy

Financial crisis was avoidable: FCIC   CNN - January 27, 2011
The financial crisis, which wreaked havoc on the economy and sparked a painful recession, could have been avoided, according to a federal commission. The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, in its final report on the causes of the crisis, said Thursday that federal authorities, who failed to curb reckless behavior on Wall Street, bear much of the blame for the turmoil that erupted in 2008 and 2009.

Here's Ron's email about the article ...

Most people agree with Ron. It is all part of the collapse of the program and was destined to happen as the economy is/was a joke. It simply didn't work. The collapse was overdue. The consciousness that supported the economy is gone. People can't deal with corporate pressure. It goes along with what I blogged above - Things happen in your life as per your programming which should help you understand a lot about the decisions you made that you knew were wrong, but acted on them anyway.

Wednesday night, Jay Leno asked his audience if anyone thinks things are turning around, and no one applauded. Somewhere people get it.

From Darlene in Texas

Monday - January 31

Story 1: Channeling - Grid Connections

Thanks Asta...

Channeling means focusing your conscious awareness in the grids and induing so connecting your grid signature with that of another, in any timeline, as time is an illusion. You can explore the life and times of anyone whose signature remains in the grids. Many are deleted as the program collapses, but the key players, the ones we trust to bring us information now, remain.

In choosing its experiences, the soul views all and everything, then connects and interacts ... then leaves. It is how it learns. This further applies to programs off-planet and in other realities we know nothing about. But then agin, if you only use approximately 10% of the human brain to focus, - what is that telling you? Imagine what else is out there that your soul is experiencing. You'll get those answers when the program ends ... and you no what? It will be a no-brainer!

Channeling and Scrying ... Kid speak ...

I received other children's drawing since last week's post. One should understand that children receive messages, and like adults use different art forms to express what they see. The mind never stops exploring and interpreting ... that is its mission. We channel from the day we are born - in one form or another. Every sentient lifeform is consciously connecting at many levels of awareness simultaneously which get interpreted based on one's level of understanding.

If any of the adults reading this still have their childhood scribblings stored away somewhere, they may want to take them out. What one would discover are universal archetypes that still hold true today. It's just a program and you are projected illusion recording the events you experience for your own review when you leave.

Story 2: The Dawning of Aquarius

The dawning of Aquarius refers to the Awakening of Consciousness, through the flow of the collective unconscious. It is a metaphor of 'Flood Story Theory' that says all gets washed away between grid programs, only to be reborn as something new.

From where we are in physical reality, that seems like a lot of work, but if you were to look at it from the point of view of the creators, it is but a thought.

When one's consciousness begins the return journey to higher frequency, there is always a keynote moment (epiphany) that triggers awareness ... followed by the usual synchronicities, that to the novice are like being a child in a toy store, or candy store - you can't get enough. These are often the 11:11 moments.

Life, all life, happens (evolves) in many layers of consciousness within the grids.

The connection with plants takes us to nature spirits, another very popular file on Crystalinks. People forever seek compassion and comfort - the connection between nature and humans - plants and animals as a means to that end. It goes along with wanting/needing to live in a serene area in nature with a body of water nearby. It calms the soul and creates balance for the tired, often wounded souls. It is the metaphoric, and often physical, place to wait out the end of the program and see beyond. It is a balance between Stress and Peace. The energies of your surroundings must compliment your spiritual path, or you will remain lost. Find it full time or part time, but find it.

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