Ellie as Dorothy in OZ and Interesting Synchronicities

My story is called 2012 Sarah and Alexander.

I used to blog about the Wizard of OZ referring to Z as the WiZard - replete with endless metaphors.

Friday a reader named Sara sent this email.

Hi Ellie,

The Oz-world is aflutter as Robert Downey Jr., steps down from his role as the Wizard in one of the MANY upcoming Oz-based films. Johnny Depp might be cast in the magical role now... Anyways...

I had clicked a link to an "Oz" Wikipedia article when I found this about a man named Alexander:

Changing "Dorothy" to "Ellie!" TOO funny!!!! I can't believe I had never seen this before! I would give my Ruby Slippers to be working on one of these films right now!!! Even if it was just for consulting and continuity!!!


There's no place like ... Om ...

It's all a dream. Inception

Australian Dreamtime - Reality is a Dream

8:00 PM ... Speaking of Oz ... I just watched the last segment of Oprah's journey to Australia. It was amazing seeing Uluru and the native people, and flying over the great barrier reef with Oprah - and learning more about Australia which has a magic and mystery of its own. Aussie readers have always ranked high on Crystalinks ... so much spirituality. I salute you. ... And now on to "Fringe" starring Anna Torv and John Nobel who are both from Australia.

10:00 PM ... I just watched Fringe and much to my surprise the show ended with Walter playing the music from the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz ... If I Only a Brain ... Brain=Consciousness. Walter listens to music on vinyl record - 33 1/3 records, which also task us to "2012 Sarah and Alexander" and a character named Madame Marie de Marchand, a French diva, circa World War II, who guides Sarah in her race against time in 2012. The Fringe episode was called "The Firefly" which symbolizes awakening, illumination, new ideas, guidance, attraction, energy, and creativity. Christopher Lloyd - who you may recall from the Back to the Future films, as the mad scientist who built a time machine, was the guest star.

Fireflies, Aquarius, Reflections, Above and Below, DNA (Time Machine)

January 21 - February 18, 2011 -- Sun in Aquarius

Happy Birthday to the Aquarius Readers!

Sun in Aquarius Wikipedia

My birthday is in Aquarius - February 17th.

Streams of Consciousness - Waves - Sine Waves and Binary Code

In the film version of The WiZard of Oz, we find a tornado carrying Dorothy to Oz on her journey to find her true home. The tornado represents spiraling consciousness - Dorothy going above to find her answers as we move from black and white screen to living color. Then there's Blue Screen and Green Screen -- it's all an illusion.

It's the storms, the water metaphors that awaken.

Still ... it is all a dream.

Australia's Flooding

How does this affect you? For one thing, if affects the global economy.
For another, the plates are shaking, breaking, sinking, and the effect is global.