The Eliot Spitzer Affair

Monday March 10, 2008

The sun may have been shining in New York, but for New York State Governor, Eliot Spitzer, a dark cloud hung over his head, one that would change his life forever, and the destiny of the state - for the better.

As the day rolled along, the New York Times broke the story that would change the course of New York's destiny and perhaps that of the world. After a long investigation of an escort service, or high class prostitution ring, it was discovered that ethical crusader Spitzer had been using the services of the call girls, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, who origins remain unknown, and breaking the law by paying for one of the calls to cross state lines and meet him in a swanky hotel in Washington DC on Valentine's Day 2008 on the night before Valentine's Day - a move that opened the transaction up to federal prosecution because she crossed state lines.

Spitzer used the name Client 9. Is that a phallic joke/reference? Let's get to the hard facts! I thought about reaction of the detectives on the case when they discovered the identity of Client 9.

I heard the news on my car radio. What came to mind was our neighboring states and the men whose scandals forced them out of office not long ago. To the east is Connecticut and the escapades of former governor John G. Rowland. "Rowland resigned from office during a corruption investigation, and later pleaded guilty in federal court to a one-count with conspiracy to commit honest services, mail fraud, and tax fraud."

To the west we find the New Jersey fiasco of former governor Jim McGreevey when he 'came out' and had to resign from office. In a tale of mis-adventures, how could one miss the next 'acts' in the lives of former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey, 50, and his ex-wife, Dina Matos. On March 17, 2008, Theodore Pedersen, a former aide to ex-Gov. Jim McGreevey, claimed multiple sexual trysts with McGreevey and his wife Dina Matos in interviews with The Newark Star Ledger. In a statement to ABC News, Matos denied the allegations, saying the claims were prompted by McGreevey. Matos wrote in her memoirs that she would never have married McGreevey if she had know he was gay, nor would she have "allowed a gay man to father my child," referring to their six-year-old daughter.

People know that men in power have affairs and are use their authority for personal gain, but the Spitzer Affair is far more sordid for those who like a good soap opera where someone in power gets caught and goes down, the accusers standing accused. Men have always cheated and always will. Humans are not created to be monogamous - though many give it their best shot.

Personally I never liked Spitzer and did not vote for him. Then again I like few politicians though I do like NY State Senator Hillary Clinton - surrounded in the trials and tribulations of the men in office she has to deal with. Has she told lies? Who hasn't.

The political systems are challenged in 2008, along with everything else we call our reality. No wonder 50% of the people are on meds - generally for anxiety - and a large percentage of the other 50% self medicate with food, drugs, drinking and more. The program does not - and has never worked - that's the Catch 22.

At the end of the day, the players in power seem to hold fast to their secrets - personal and universal - such as alien contact (believing is easy, physical proof is needed), the state of the economy, and all sorts of corruption and conspiracies that make good copy.

Obviously Eliot Spitzer has issues. Does he have a sexual addiction problem? How does it affect his performance at work, home and play?

Cheating with someone you know is one thing, but with a hooker, that conjures up other fantasies and issues to be satisfied. You would be shocked how many professional, normal looking people, go to S & M clubs! I read strippers and hookers from different states. Many just want the money to get them through school, buy a home, create a nest egg, open a business, and more. It is often fast and easy, though a risky business. Are they all dysfunctional? No, but most are. Their stories are often very sad. Many come from abusive backgrounds. Some do drugs and have serious emotional problems. Others are just business women with a plan. Some keep their lives a secret, others don't. All change their names, legally or at work. I also read male prostitutes and escorts - some gay, some straight - all in their early 20's.

In an age where SDTs are in the forefront, why would he risk everything? Spitzer is at an age when men who have been in long term marriages, or relationships, cheat. You can read the energies between Spitzer and his wife, Silda, to see that relationship is dead ... soon to be buried.

Imagine how Silda, 50, a lawyer, and his 3 daughters, ages 13, 15, and 17, must feel. Did he cheat in the past? Did she stay for the children or political reasons? The daughter who is his caretaker would understand and eventually forgive, which is the karma in families, while the others turn away and move on.

Cleitn 9 -- 9 is 'closure' in Pythagorean Numerology. Spitzer certainly is closing his program ... maybe it should have been his zipper. Zipper goes to DNA and is a time travel metaphor. I bet he wishes he could bleep out of here now ... or freeze time and change events. He's not that good a player in this game. Altering time, goes to the pros.

The Powers of Church and State ... The Powers That Be ...

Worst on the list of men in authority abusing it and using 'it' are the men of the church - the people who think they rule in the name of God. How dysfunctional is that?! I can't wait for the day people see the truth in all of this and understand the illusion.

Politics and sex ... Religion and sex ... the scandals go on and on tearing people's lives apart. None of it has ever made sense to me and never will, but it is the game. Those who have the audacity to judge others, find themselves more guilty than those who stand accused. The human drama has never changed and remains controlled by dysfunctional players.

Emperors and Empires rise and fall, especially if corrupt.

"Emperor" brings to mind different images of the past and the present with a male overtone ...

  • Eliot Spitzer was Client 9 of the Emperor's call-girl club

  • The Emperor's New Clothes - Ego got in the Emperor's way and he was 'exposed'.

  • March 11, A.D. 105: The Emperor's Court Is No Longer a Paperless Office Wired - March 11, 2008
    The eunuch (castrated man) Tsai (Cai) Lun unveils his invention, 'paper', to the Han emperor of China.

    On this date, almost 2,000 years ago, when Tsai Lun first invented paper, could he ever have envisioned where it would all lead? As we write about old paradigms giving way to new, we'll never find balance in physical reality, just the same old patterns recycled for the viewers to experience in new programs ... till it ends.

    Eliot Spitzer was replace by

    David Alexander Paterson the 55 Governor of New York State.

    55 is a fibonacci number.

    (Kristen) Ashley Alexandra Dupre, Dealing with Issues

    The Goddess and the Prostitute Archetypes
    Ancient Mystery School Teachings