Election Week 2008

Sunday in the City

New York City Marathon
November 2, 2008

The ING New York City Marathon 2008
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Each year I look forward to watching the first runners as they come over the bridge. Their energies, combined with the vibrations of the bridge, are electrifying and resonate everywhere. Today I walked to the bridge to capture the moment. The sky was filled with all kinds of helicopters, from military to media, among others.

Due to strong headwinds many runners had to stop to catch their breath.
Someone looked down at me and waved.

The Spray Boat spends about an hour near the bridge.
On July 4th the water is Red, White and Blue.

A helicopter just above me

Sunday in the park went from the New York City Marathon to a rally by John McCain supporters. I didn't stop to photograph the few people who came out for the rally as I was on my way to the city to meet with friends who live in the Wall Street area and work in the film industry. So what are people talking about in the Big Apple? The same things you are ... the economy, the presidential election this Tuesday, and upcoming change. Intuitively, change feels right to most people mixed with fear of the unknown. Everything has to shed its skin and evolve into something new, yet it's all the same recycled learning lessons given identities in the passages of time.

We move from a running Marathon and Sunday sports ... to an economic Marathon. Just like a football game, the players take the field each day as the stock market opens with the Pavlovian bell that signals response. What's up at the exchange? Stocks? Hopes? Layoffs? Blood pressure? The results of the election will benefit some industries and harm others, but that's to be expected. We've been down this road before. Souls are tired. Don't get into a comfort zone when the market rises again. We are in a recession. There is something about the hedge fund manager, bank C.E.O. or fat cat player losing everything that many people relish.

We play all of our games in a field of hopes and dreams.

Are you a player or a spectator?

Election Day 2008

Celestial Blessing on Election Night

Coast to Coast - November 4, 2008

Venus, Jupiter and the Moon surrounded the Galactic Center, an alignment that occurs every 12 years. Mayan cosmology and celestial mythology depict Jupiter and Venus as a pair of Hero Twins (duality) who undertake a perilous adventure which ends in a great victory and a profound transition into a new experience. This is a very fortuitous sign indicating that we stand is an entry point to a new adventure. Such an opportunity would not present itself unless we were ready to see and respond to it. The next four years will 'tell the story'. If you don't get it now, you will.

Michael Crichton

October 23, 1942 - November 4, 2008

The Rich, Mixed Legacy of Michael Crichton

Wired - November 5, 2008

Michael Crichton, Author of Thrillers, Dies at 66
NY Times - November 5, 2008

  Michael Crichton Google Videos

Michael Crichton was an American author, film producer, film director, medical doctor, and television producer best known for his science fiction and techno-thriller novels, films, and television programs. His books have sold over 150 million copies worldwide. His works were usually based on the action genre and heavily feature technology among them - 'The Andromeda Strain' and 'Jurassic Park'.

Dinosaurs take us to the following files ----> Coiling Snake, Dragons -- Reptilians and Aliens -- Sumerian Gods Allegedly Create a Biogenetic Experiment -- Caduceus Rod of Hermes DNA -- Ouroboros -- 2012 -- Kundalini and files that link off those files. When you connect the dots, you create a circle and wind up understanding the holographic nature of our reality experience.

As science and science fiction merge along with quantum theories, Michael Crichton will be remembered as one who inspired many to new levels of creativity. People of vision allow human consciousness to move beyond the illusion. To boldly go ... through the 'stargate' of reality ... and to understand that we are projected illusion in the hologram ...

   CNN Now Using a New Technology...Holographic Reporters!

We all live every day in virtual environments,

defined by our ideas.

Michael Crichton Quotes 1

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Michael Crichton Quotes 3

The Day After Election Day

Out of the mouths of babes ... Tuesday evening my grandson, Matthew, 5 called to say goodnight. I asked him who the next president would be and he immediately answered Obama. A few hours later Barack Obama swept to victory as the 44th - and first African-American President of the United States as a new era began. At home and around the world, people will watch and speculate on change - the two wars overseas, the economy, a housing crisis, environmental issues and more.

Here in the city there were celebrations everywhere, especially in black neighborhoods where people danced in the streets. Freedom marches on - an early Thanksgiving. This may be the time to party, but the road ahead is steep and filled with endless surprises.

Back in Ellie's World

Wednesday morning, Z and I returned to my 'Ellie' consciousness around 5 am after being far removed from the script playing out in the physical grid. A true gentleman, Z likes to drop 'his wife' off at the 'door' sometimes staying to chat or hang out to blog with me in the morning.

As I couldn't remember what's going on in the grids - he showed me that they shifted drastically last week. The image portrayed a huge chunk of broken concrete sidewalk, as if hit by an earthquake, both side face up at 45 degree angles, forming a sort of pyramid, and having a strong grinding sound.

The image triggered a memory of something that happened last week while reading a female client. As she and I talked about the changes in reality, twice we heard physical chimes in the area next to us. Not a phone - but a tone - lasting about 5 seconds. We looked at each other as I asked, "Did you hear that?" "What was it?" she asked acknowledging my question. "The grids shifting," I replied knowingly, wondering why I had said that with such resolve.

This morning I asked Z why the economic shift started in Libra, not the usual Virgo window he has taught me about in the past. "Ah, but it did begin in Virgo," he said. "It all began on September 15, when Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy. Major shifts such as 9/11 are symbolic of economic collapse which dictates programmed sessions ending." Class dismissed.

Next Z showed me a brass and glass hourglass filled with white particles at the top - and nothing below. My heart skipped a beat. Would we have to repeat this loop yet again? "Relax," said Z as the image zoomed in. The white particles began to glisten and I knew ... they were the souls in time, returning home. Z smiled.

Z showed me a huge shiny acorn and told me to look up the symbology as he took off for adventures outside the box. That's where my 'husband' goes to work. He's become CEO of this program, which really keeps him busy, but the benefits are good.

Acorn: success and gain.

I can feel it all falling into place now. Can you? New York City Marathon November 2, 2008