Sunday Mid-Afternoon, December 10th, Day 6

The Sights of Luxor

In Luxor, hailing a horse and carriage is like hailing a cab in New York City. You walk along the street where there are many readily available. For the equivalent of $10.00, 374 Egyptian pounds, Leslie and I were able to see the sights of Luxor for two hours.

This was really a cool way to travel!

This was our driver.

As Leslie speaks Arabic, we had no communication problems. Actually he had a good command of the English language, as did many of the local people we met. Leslie wanted to show me the Luxor Marketplace as she says it is the real marketplace vs. the one in Cairo, which I never got to see. It was amazing to see people moving out of the way as we slowly passed through the center of the marketplace.

On both sides of the street people were
selling just about anything you could image.

There were live animals

and many that were dismembered.

I wasn't sure who would buy the fish as they
were dead and laying out in the sun all day.

Vendors came up to the carriage and tried to bargain

a fair price for whatever they were selling
but we didn't buy anything.

We passed some students on recess at their school.

Once again the students seemed happy and friendly.

I asked Leslie why they were in school on Sunday.

She said this day was not considered Sunday -
but was equivalent to Friday.

Suddenly I experienced a connection with EZ's energies. It was powerful and intense. [In case you were wondering if this had anything to do with sexual attraction, the answer is definitely NO!] This was about something much more powerful, karmic, being pulled from other programs.

As you recall, Leslie works for EZ at the hot air balloon company. Though many people there have cell phones, Leslie didn't. Instead she suggested we visit his home / office , a beautiful 4 story building, nicer than most I had seen. When we arrived, EZ was nowhere to be found. Yet I still picked up a strong connect. I suggested we return to the Luxor Hilton for a late lunch and hopefully I would get some sleep before the 8 PM flight back to Cairo.

The dirt roads gave way to paved streets and beautiful scenery

along the Nile.

I think this is Police Headquarters.

Though many of the buildings and homes appear simple on the outside, you would be surprised how gorgeous they are inside. I also found this to be truth of the Native American dwellings I have experienced in my travels. The unassuming home of a chief I met in Nevada, turned out to be a large loft with three raised floors at various levels for different purposes. Things are not always as they appear.

Leslie and I had lunch at the Hilton then she left me to return that evening with EZ to take Irene and I to the airport. I wondered why this man who had wanted to connect with me so strongly had not shown up to complete the conversation. Before going to the room, I walked along the Nile as the hotel is on the water.

I thought about going out on a Filucca, a boat
that makes two hour tours up and down the Nile.

Giving in to exhaustion I returned to the room and quickly fell asleep. I don't remember my head hitting the pillow. In what seemed like one minute in linear time, I woke to the sound of a ringing phone. I returned to my physical consciousness and picked up the phone. A man's voice at the other end said, "Hello, Ellie. I need to speak with you!"

The messenger arrives for each of us at different points of the journey and comes in different forms, perhaps as simple as something received on your computer. When you are ready, the messenger will appear. Hopefully you will get the message.