Pharaoh Akhenaten

Best programmed inserts of the week
Archaeologists find Akhenaten-era tomb Reuters - February 14, 2007

Saqqara is sometimes spelled Sakkara as the letters 'K' and 'Q' have the same energy signature, just as Z, J, X and D are the same. A and S are also linked.

I am always drawn to the character the Pharaoh Akhenaten. Before Zoroaster, Akhenaten allegedly was the first to preach monotheism, one god of light. This of course is the same soul. Allegedly this got Akhenaten into all sorts of trouble with the people of Egypt and he would be forgotten until the insert of his life was discovered in modern times. Or ... was this the only insert, but in thousands of years later for a great purpose?

Akhenaten is allegedly the father (?) of the famous Tutankhamun, King Tut.

Akhenaten is furthered mentioned in Sarah and Alexander ... the riddle of where he and his favorite, and most recognized wife, Nefertiti are buried, resolved. The current discovery signals to me that we are very close, as Akhenaten is mentioned at the end of the story. When I see an insert related to Akhenaten, I know how close we are getting to solving the mystery of reality which can only be done as our program allows/creates/evolves/closes.

Speaking of which ... George called me from sunny Florida, where he was relaxing on the beach. Looking out over the horizon, he noticed 12 figures of light moving around, as he sat there watching for some time. Perhaps this was meant for his eyes only, or perhaps others saw the same thing. This signaled to his soul that we are close to the end.

You will also see your signature signs in waking/physical/right time vs. dream time consciousness.

Back to archaeological inserts this week...

Cleopatra VII

Nefertiti and Akhenaten were a famous couple as were Antony and Cleopatra VII. Nefertiti was considered the most beautiful woman in the world in her time line. Cleopatra was allegedly a great beauty as well ... or not. I think the coin is wrong.

Cleopatra No Beauty Queen, Coin Suggests National Geographic - February 15, 2007

Antony and Cleopatra: coin find changes the faces of history Guardian - February 14, 2007

Contemporary coin of Cleopatra VII

Pharaonic Connections

February 15, 2007

With Egypt on my mind, after writing the blog above, I received a call from Sherif, the man I met in Egypt, on 12/12/00. Sherif lives in Philadelphia. When he came here a few weeks ago, he mentioned inviting me to meet his close friend of 30 years, Zahi Hawass, at the introduction of the "Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs" at The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia as the final of four venues scheduled during its current 27-month tour of the United States.

Time did not work out for me to attend, though I felt I missed nothing. I don't connect with artifacts, and not into sight seeing. Sherif said he could get me in free to see the tour over the next months if I want to go, but I declined. Too much going on here.

Sherif told me an interesting story about Zahi. One day when Zahi was in a tomb, a stone fell, hitting his helmet and making him dizzy. A check-up revealed something far more serious, internal damage to the retina of one of his eyes, a hole, that if not taken care of immediately could lead to blindness. Apparently this happened weeks before. The tricky operation took place recently in Florida. The first attempt failed. The doctors said a second attempt had a low success rate, but he went ahead. Much to everyone's surprise, it worked and his eye is restored.

If the stone did not hit his head, he would not have discovered the eye problem, and would have lost vision in one eye. He told Sherif, he believes the Pharaohs saved him. The way I see it, his soul set up the synchronicity with the rock, to save his eyesight. One day we will all meet by the pyramid and discover the truth.