Money Issues ... Inside the Box

February 5, 2006

The economy is going to crash in Virgo 2008, so be careful.

I want to thank everyone who sent email about the economy, much of which had to do with venting their own situation. It would seem that dissatisfaction in the global economy is, as it has always been, across the board, with the usual grievances, as far back as ancient civilizations.

For some reasons these emails took me back to the early days in metaphysics when channelers and others would say, "No one has to work, especially if they are not happy with their job. You can find a way to manifest money by doing what you love." Right!!! For a few ... that works, but not for most, especially those who have emotional problems and would gladly drop out and not work at all. Did you drop out? When? Why? How did it create substitute income? Does that work for you? Do you have enough income?

How many people have you met, who felt they could earn a living in healing or other metaphysical careers they created, such as shops, travel agencies, healing centers, etc.? Some made a living with it, but most moved into something else. It is always about experience and moving on, faster now as the cycles of time escalate exponentially.

Here's another theory from the old days, "The money will always be there." Not true.

Few of us can walk away from a job without another means of income, which takes us to other columns about manifesting money through accidents, illnesses, inheritance, winnings, lawsuits, finding a caretaker, etc.

You cannot manifest money without some sort of payback, just as you can't fix the grids by sending love and light.

Most people will spend much of their experience here involved with money, in one form or another, as it is needed to survive.

Bi-polar realities always create issues linked to fear, which often goes to lack of money leaving one feeling powerless.

This is the game. Checkmate! Sorry mate!

Increasing grid frequencies allow us to step out of the box, viewing our patterns and changing priorities. You MUST observe the patterns. The more you can observe the way your soul and physical body operate, the faster you will understand.

Quick example ... Many people in your place of work are being laid-off. Observe what your soul is creating for you. Does your soul feel that you need a break and will therefore create a window for you to be fired, with severance pay and unemployment to supplement income, and time to relax for a while? Your soul will manifest, by its agenda not yours. Also ... note how those directly involved in your life behave and the emotional interplay between you and them should you get fired. View a new dynamic. A spouse, may appear supportive at first, but if they have to work harder to bring in income, rest assured the dynamic changes.

There's no easy way around money. Some years you win and others you lose.

The Power of Money ... Encoded in the Masonic Program

The All Seeing Eye, Green, Alchemy

The Secret

lluminati - All See Eye, Illumination, Illusion

Founding Fathers, Time is Coded in Money

Working in Corporate America, or computer technology, has not been part of my experience this time around, not in the traditional sense. What I do know about today's economy is that nothing improves during the Bush administration, as stated here when he was 'elected' in 2000. We know that Bush came to power to play out his role in the Masonic Program. Global economics is always in a state of flux and change, reflecting the movement of grid consciousness.

Life will become more difficult in the years ahead and you may feel alone or frightened. These events wouldn't be happening if they weren't meant to.

This week I welcome readers' comments about the economy. Email Ellie

Money is Power. It creates many issues yet eliminates others, checks and balances in the games of time.

Time ... money ... measurements ... geometry ... patterns.

Time is money

Look in the [grandfather] clock ... Tick tock!


By Ellie

A current pattern with clients, friends, and others, reflects Inheritance. In the 19th and 20th centuries, people, many of them immigrants, created abundance in the form of businesses, investments, real estate and other holdings, etc. These people very often came from poverty, worked hard, and based on fear, hoarded much of their money. After they died, we find their heirs inheriting wealth, enabling them to create a new lifestyle. In some cases, this likens to winning a lottery.

Perhaps you are one of these people. Have you inherited money? Are you waiting to inherit so you can change your lifestyle?

Inherited money is used to:

The pattern reads: the older generations created abundance for today's adults, some of whom may never work a day in their lives, or are part of the drop-out generation needing to be taken care of by those they will inherit from.

We receive money, but can we keep it

or do we go through quickly

watching it sift away in the sands of time

without proper financial planning?