Earth Changes July 2006

July 2006

Earth changes return to center stage this summer. One cannot help but experience extreme global weather conditions causing death and destruction in their wake. Heat waves about in places that generally have mild temperatures.

Since a tectonic plate cracked as a result of the 12/26/04 underwater earthquake and tsunami, there is no going back.

Metaphorically speaking ... these events parallel the fall of Atlantis which as you know is a parallel running grid program set in motion for souls to connect and remember what is about to occur in this cycle of time. The quest to find Atlantis is still underway as seen in recent documentaries, books, and other media.

Red Sea Region Parting in Massive Split National Geographic, July 19, 2006
Secrets of ocean birth laid bare BBC, July 20, 2006
Satellite Captures Creation of New Continental Crust Scientific American, July 20, 2006
A new sea is forming in the desert of northeastern Ethiopia. Millions of years from now, the pulling apart of the Arabian and Nubian tectonic plates will allow waters to rush in and widen the Red Sea.
Scientists: Earthquakes causing Red Sea to part MSNBC, July 19, 2006

Arabian tectonic plate and African plate are moving away from each other
This parallels the story of Atlantis for those plugged in. Can you see the grid points aligned?

Plate Tectonics

The Great Rift Valley Wikipedia --- "The Great Rift Valley is the result of the rifting and separation of the African and Arabian tectonic plates that began around 35 million years ago in the north, and by the ongoing separation of East Africa from the rest of Africa along the East African Rift, which began about 15 million years ago."

Exodus From Drying Sahara Gave Rise to Pharaohs, Study Says National Geographic, July 20, 2006
The Sahara Desert Was Once Lush and Populated

The weather in your local area should be reflecting Earth changes one way or another, triggering and awakening. There really is no going back. It is all part of the evolution of the cycles of time.

Ride the wave and think outside the box.

July 2006 Java 7.7 earthquake and Tsunami Wikipedia


List of Volcanoes

There are many active volcanoes now that could erupt at any time.

Mount Fuji Overdue for Eruption, Experts Warn National Geographic, July 18, 2006

Three of the key volcanoes to watch for are:

It's interesting that UFO's are sometimes seen, video taped (Mt. Popocatepetl Cam and Camcorders), and photographed going in and out of, or circling Mt. Popocatepetl. Do you get the feeling the Trickster is toying with us, virtual reality, graphics program from above? Mexico connects with myths about the Mayan Calendar (2012) and the return of Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent God, who some people believe lives beneath the volcano, and flew off in a spaceship that looked like a vimana. There are no subterranean cities, just other grid realities.

Can energy work permanently affect planetary evolution?

Energy work is a lesson on self evolution and awareness. As far as the 'plan'et (is that an alien metaphor?) goes, all reverts to 'plan' ... 'A' ... railroad tracks ... DNA.

When I accidentally met Drunvalo Melchizedek at the 1996 Star Knowledge Conference in South Dakota, where he was a 'keynote' speaker, he told me that he had used his energies to clear the pollution over Denver. Yeah, yeah, yeah ... I thought ... He worked with the grids ... a temporary band aid. Drunvalo is a great guy and his work with the flower of life has helped many and still does.

At the time, he told me that he had spoken at the UN ... and his work seemed so important. Not to be negative or argumentative, I knew the program would just recreate the pollution pattern especially in this time of closure. I told Drunvalo that the problem would return and that you have to let events play out as is meant.

So here we are 10 years later ... Next month 'I am' going to speak at the UN ... telling it 'Ellie's Way' ... It's all just a program ... time and time travel, physics and metaphysics, consciousness. I know we have all come into greater understanding in 10 years, programmed recall. But how many people actually 'get it' or does fear factor still kick in?

Thursday's news featured this story Activists sound alarm over Denver smog AP, July 20, 2006