Puppy Dog Tales/Tails

Kim and Remi

Meet my client Kim ... pretty, educated, great job, late 30's, single, so far, and looking for a soul connection in more ways than one. Kim comes for readings as her life unfolds.

As predicted, Kim found her dream home near the water in Westport, Connecticut about 5 minutes from my daughter Nikki and her family.

In 2009 I told Kim she would get a dog. A few months later, while I was out in Connecticut for my grandson Matthew's 6th birthday, Kim introduced me to her 7 week old puppy, a Great Dane, named Remi, (short for Remington), with the gentlest personality you ever saw. There was a sadness you sensed within Remi though everyone was drawn to him and neighbors took care of him when Kim was at work. It's like being with someone and sensing that no matter how happy they appear to be, something is missing.

Kim is from Virginia, her family still there. In September 2008, Kim's mother, Karen, died after a long battle with cancer. Kim felt a connection between her mother and Remi, as if Karen had sent Remi to her.

Kim came to see me this week with a very sad tale. Remi had suddenly died for no apparent reason, at 7 months old.

As Kim sat at my table, Karen arrived with Remi at her side, no longer emoted the sadness I felt last summer.

Tearfully, Karen explained ... Kim went to visit her family for Christmas. While in her mother's kitchen, Karen appeared to Remi who connected .... then raced 'up' to her ... time and space in both realities, the same in Remi's consciousness. In this reality his heart simply stopped beating as Kim tried desperately to revive him. And so another grieving process began, one year later, in the very place her mother had died with Kim at her side. On this day we all understood what had happened as realities collide and anything is possible.

Back home in Connecticut neighbors and friends were heartbroken ... but life goes on. The breeder in Maine has offered to replace Remi as she and her family also mourn his death. Another dog will be available in August, but Kim and I feel that is too long a wait. In April, after her busy season at work, Kim plans to buy another Great Dane puppy.

We often talk about the veils of reality thinning as the program comes to a close. Watching Remi run through a 'portal' without fear, verifies how lucid reality is and how the grids are merging. Animals often show us the way. They can sense danger and natural disasters. Follow their lead.

One week later ....

I posted on Facebook about Kim looking for a Great Dane,
and she connected with a breeder in Ohio.

Meet Silver born December 11, 2009

The Spirit and the Great Dane

Dear Ellie,

I just read your blog about Kim and Remi. Last Friday our Great Dane Lucy gave birth to 6 healthy puppies. While I took photos of Lucy and her babies I noticed something moving through the air. The pictures show a light beam above Lucy. I thought you and Kim might enjoy the attached pictures.

The pups are not purebred. Mama Lucy is a blue merle Great Dane and Papa Oscar a Scottish Deerhound. From that point of view, a puppy from Lucy might not be the perfect fit for Kim. When I read about Kim and Remi these light beam pictures came to my mind, and I felt strongly that I wanted to share these images with both of you. It makes me think about your "...realities collide and anything is possible..."

With love,

Christine in Austin, Texas

FYI - Another reader added this .... "Lucy means Light".

Nikki, Ryan, Matthew and Noah Get A Puppy

Meet Samantha (Sami)

Skype Photos

Nikki, Ryan, Noah, and Sami are Libras. Matthew is a Leo.

Sunday afternoon Nikki and her family went to an animal rescue shelter and brought home Samantha, 3 months old - part German Shepherd / part Lab, their first dog. Matthew couldn't wait to tell me Sami ran right over and kissed him twice, so he knew she was his dog. When I did the reading with Kim, I had asked her about a dog named Sam, as I 'saw' the name. She told me that her friend has a dog named Sam, so her new puppy would have to find another name.

One week later ....

Nikki, Ryan and Sami