Rose Quartz Crystals, Angels, and Spirits

Thursday, May 27, 2004

I have spent the past week cleaning into everything and throwing out more things that I have accumulated over the years. It is not about clothing, and the kitchen, which are in perfect working order, but the other closets and places we store things because we feel we may one day need them ... and yet we never do. I have lots of fixed planets in my chart, so i like everything very organized. which I feel is a healing and balancing mechanism for the endless clients I read. When all was said and done, and my home was beyond perfect, the energies here seemed different, very clean, very clear.

Wednesday, my friend George, an energy worker came by. We took two pink rose quartz chunks and created a vortex for the workshop I am giving here on June 6th. The energies are so strong, clients coming here, or a neighbor stopping by, mention that they feel something powerful.

Thursday I went to the Rock Star Crystal Warehouse in Manhattan with another friend, Ron. There we spent hours selecting crystals. I added more rose quartz pieces for my upcoming Venus workshop as gifts for the students. The theme is Venus energies as we approach the much talked about Venus Transit.

You meet the most interesting people in the crystal warehouse. While there, I met a woman in her late 60's who lived in Bay Ridge for many years until moving to NJ, and now lives near Ron. It's such a small planet with so many synchronicities. The woman does Reiki and others forms of healing, as well as using a pendulum for answers.

Among the items were 5 rose quartz pendulums, rose quartz chunks, a rose quartz wizard, and rose quartz angels. Ron bought me 2 large rose quartz obelisks. After returning home, I washed the crystals and placed them on the window ledge in the sun. The energies were amazing, especially if you are attuned to rose quartz.

A client came over at 6 pm. She was a 24 year old woman from my area. The energies were very high when I greeted her. She stood there and was flawed by it all. She is not into metaphysical studies, but we all sense energy changes.

Wanting to explain, I took her to the window and showed her the rose quartz crystals. As we stood there, she said that she had no idea why she had called so desperate for a reading on that day, but felt guided to that end from the moment she woke up, just as I felt guided to read her at the end of the day.

Suddenly I heard the spirit of a woman talking to me.

As we stood there, surrounded by the energies of the bridge, water, sunlight, and nature of the park, I turned to her and said, "Has your mother crossed over?"

"Yes, in 2003."

"Was her name Barbara Ann?"

Through tears..."Yes."

"Did she love angels?"


I picked up the angel crystal and handed it to her. "She wants you to have this with love from your mother who is always in your heart!"

She took the crystal with shaking hands and held it fast!

Barbara Ann showed me smoke. I remembered the spirit and the smoke I had experienced the day before... [See below.]

"Did your mother die of breast cancer?"


"Was she a heavy smoker?"


Why do I feel the spirit in smoke by my car was more than one entity bringing messages for her daughter and perhaps the world.

And so we walked to the table and completed her reading in which I spoke to many spirits who had crossed over.

The angels are with us and bring messages in the most unique ways.