Discoveries and the Celtic Cross

An Interview with Crichton Miller

With Connie Johnston
27 January 2005

Crichton's Biography

At the age of 53, having had a successful career in business and raising his children, he embarked on a journey and his remarkable discoveries concerning our ancient ancestors, has enabled him to add navigator, researcher, inventor, public speaker and author of The Golden Thread of Time, to the list.

It was his discovery of the Working Celtic Cross and its use that has brought to light the ancientıs knowledge of navigation, construction, astronomy, astrology and time-keeping. He has been awarded two British patents on the working cross.


CJ: Many look at the Celtic Cross and see a beautiful religious symbol. You looked at it and changed history and consciousness. What initiated this voyage of discovery?

CM: Good choice of words, Connie. Life should be a voyage of wonder and discovery from the cradle to the grave and beyond. I have always questioned everything I am told and considered no human to be infallible particularly if they were talking second hand, or following doctrine. We all struggle with perception as we pass through this existence, the aim is to put aside illusion and not trust the senses. We have to find our own Truth, not anyone else's and to do that we seek so we find.

The sadness, for me, is that the Celtic cross is seen as a beautiful religious symbol for it is certainly all of these things. There are those who already adopt it as a symbol of sectarianism to devalue the equality of all humanity except those who feel they are chosen or elite. The word 'religion' implies this, since religion denotes a separate belief system.

We are currently celebrating the 60th anniversary of Auschwitz, where millions of our fellows were murdered and reduced to a subhuman level as an indication of the Nazi's belief that the Aryan race was superior. The symbol of the Nazi was a swastika, another ancient symbol that was adopted by Fascism and then outlawed beyond the reach of research because of its recent application. The pain caused by this in the Mind of the World travels ever forward in time like the waves of a tsunami. I consider, from personal observation of Nature using the both the reasoning part of my mind and my intuition, that Darwin had only part of the story and Religion the other part, in other words both are right and both are wrong. I became aware that this was caused by a division brought on by conflict between two camps of opposite self interest.

This tribal and mental territorial conflict obscures both rational and spiritual thought creating human separation and isolation from Nature. Neither of the two camps can be relied on to provide "Truth" since they are biased and their thoughts are controlled by peer group pressure, social conformity and the need to provide income, kudos and personal security from their investigations or teachings. The material demands of the body are always stronger than the spiritual needs in the beginning. Try thinking spiritual thoughts when you have toothache.

I considered that each religion and scientific viewpoint carried an element of truth, but much was obscured causing a dysfunctional state in the minds of the masses that they taught. This was obvious because of war, torture, ethnic cleansing and the utter inhumanity of Man to his fellows in the bloodiest and most terrible century of history. I cannot understand and never could make sense of the sheer arrogance of Man in the face of the awesome powers of Nature. So I set about looking for answers and for those who understand, sought the Golden Thread of the Infinite behind symbolism.

Since Nature is a God, I was aware of the problem with global warming and earth changes long ago and couldnıt accept the theory that it was a man made phenomenon. It just wasn't logical. This led me to investigate the pyramids in Egypt to see if there had been any shift in their alignments to the stars that would explain the changes of weather in that latitude since they were built. A shift of alignment would indicate that Hapgood was right and there was truth in the earth crust displacement theory. This led me on to consider, as a navigator, how alignments could be made using the simple materials available to the Ancient Egyptians.

CJ: How did this lead to your discovery?

CM: It was on a clear frosty winter's night in 1997, with Orion high in the southern sky, that I picked up a piece of straight wood to sight along it at Polaris to work out latitude. I couldn't hold it steady and so I placed a longer piece at right angles as a support or fulcrum. The answer to the problem came in a flash; I needed a plumb line to point at the centre of the earth and a scale to work out the angle. The simplest scale is a circle marked round the edges, so I made one out of hardboard with increments of 360 degrees and hung the plumb line at the centre of the circle and cross pieces. Pointing the cross bar at the star, the plumb line indicated on the scale the exact latitude of the town in which I live according to my hand held GPS. I looked at what I had made and saw the 'Golden Thread' behind the symbol of the Celtic cross design.

CJ: That must have been an amazing revelation. Where did this lead you?

CM: Indeed it was. I wondered ... since I was well read that I had not heard of this and so started 7 years of investigation from Paleolithic Man, Neolithic, Minoans, Phoenicians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Essenes, Celts, Vikings, Christianity, and Moslem.

CJ: What else did you investigate in that time?

CM: Artifacts, pyramids, megaliths and similarities of symbolism, measurement, astrology and timekeeping in the Amerindian tribes and the Maya, Aztec, Olmec, Hopi.

CJ: What about the deeper secrets, having to do with religion?

CM: That part pf the investigation was fascinating. I investigated the Knights Templar and the libraries of the Vatican. I found crosses and symbolism that had been hidden around the world. The thread continued underground, below the surface, on the subliminal edge of consciousness linking the Infinite, Man and ancient history with the stars and the true nature of the functions of cosmic time. I applied for two patents on the basis that they would not be granted unless they were not obvious, that they were functional and they were unique. It cost a fortune, but I came up with the answer to my question when both patents were granted in 2000 and 2001.

CJ: And this lead you to Celtic Cross symbology?

CM: The Cross was unknown to science or the public. In my opinion it is impossible to understand the teachings of Christ, Buddha, Mohammad or any of the other messengers from the past until we know our true history and our relationship with Nature and God... I discovered a multitude of things in my life, but I never felt the desire to write until I discovered the cross. I wrote The Golden Thread of Time over several years and published it in 2001. I write articles for many magazines including Ancient American.

CJ: How do you perceive your discovery?

CM: I do not think of the discovery as anything else but a gift and myself as a servant of a power and intelligence much greater than Mankind. This knowledge was once the property of Kings and priests who have long been deposed and their knowledge with them. Those who would have learned it from their families have been scattered throughout the world by war and revolution and it is lost to them. But they will know it when they see it because it is in their ancestral memories and their inheritance will be returned in these end days of this cycle of the sun. They will remember. It is for this reason that I pass on what I have found that was given to me by our millions of ancestors.

CJ: The symbolism displayed on the Cross is beyond simply the aesthetic. Would you share with the readers some of the meanings displayed?

CM: Remember that the designs on the Celtic Cross have only been developed since the cross was absorbed by conquering Christianity; they are a way of communicating the skills of ancient astrology and science without alerting the religious authority of the time and bringing down heresy and persecution on those who understood the meanings and uses. The interweaving knots represent the fluidity of time each above and each below, like the Chinese Ying Yang symbol. The concept is like a snake representing the constellation Draconis, or the snakes round the staff of a healer.

The snake represents the rotation of the Earth against the background circumpolar stars and its course round the sun. The design acknowledges the two conflicting powers of Nature, Chaos and Order that are in dynamic tension or war without which new creation could not happen. Death and Rebirth, the Night and Dark, Negative and Positive and is generally shown round the circle to represent the repeating interweaving cycles of time. The circle and the cross represent the unity of male and female and the blending of the separate into One It is the representation of The Golden Thread of Time to find the way through the labyrinth.

CJ: Does this affect the stock market?

CM: Stock market experts in our times use the wisdom of repeating cycles of time to show rises and falls in the stock market over cycles of time and the clever predict the fall or rise to take profit.

CJ: How does it relate to the story of Adam and Eve?

CM: This is the meaning of the story of Eve eating from the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil or order and chaos. It is the word fruit that is the 'key'. The symbols on the cross are the tree of knowledge, what you do with them is the fruit. Like the Swastika the fruit can be good or bad depending on the level of consciousness of the user. You can design a garden with the cross or you can measure the stars and navigate your way to heaven. Like the sun, Earth and moon, each human being has these powers of light and dark within, if they are balanced. Each has a purpose but personal and social control of the elements of destruction and rebirth rely on a third force, Love or Compassion.

CJ: How does the cross relate to the heavens and the seasons?

CM: The cross shows the four divisions of the seasons revealing the cycle of death and rebirth provided by the sun and the Earth. The Celtic cross represents and measures the Sun from whom all came originally as solar energy after we fell into the egg of the Logos from the Great Mother Galaxy in heaven. In some crosses there is a hub marked with a smaller cross set at an angle to represent the earth and the rising and setting points of the sun at equinoxes and solstices. The Cross Pattee of the Knight Templar and that cross seen on the sails of Columbus show the same design principle showing the rising points of the sun in the seasons and the precessional wobble of the Earth without which the seasons would not exist and all life would perish.

CJ: ... And the Native American medicine wheel?

CM: In the Amerindian medicine wheel the same design is used and the four Colours of Man are employed round the circle. The cross is on Axis. It is the centre from which all knowledge sprang accelerating in diversity outward from the centre. It is the Archetype.

CJ: Modern man feels far advanced with all the technological developments at his disposal; reading your book, makes one rethink their attitude of superiority. I was overwhelmed by their ingenuity. What were your thoughts as the story began to unfold?

CM: Modern Man has been through a period of Earth stability in the past few thousand years and because his life span is so short, he has forgotten the wisdom of his ancestors and the awesome forces of our world. The technology of Modern Man that came from the archetype of geometry and mathematics has allowed him to invent and exploit as tool maker, types of energy, some of which are unsustainable and he pursues these short term benefits by stealing them from weaker creatures including his fellow Man.

Nature is balance.

Man has become unaware of this fact and thus indifferent to the intelligent design and the natural law of balance that Nature always redresses. It is remarkable to me that the average man cannot now look round and see that they are part of an earth and sun that made their bodies and controls their heart, lungs and existence. That they do not understand Time and its cycles and so feel isolated and afraid. We think we progress, but we decline. All organized systems that exist on Earth have a limited built in life span.

CJ: Can you give us an example?

CM: For instance, an oak tree may only grow to an average size and live an average lifespan before chaos invades and the tree breaks back down into chaos. Meanwhile with the help of symbiotic creatures it sows the seeds of its resurrection in its acorns and its physical identity and its memories of its Nature are passed on into the future. This is true of Men and their civilizations, they rise then they fall and the seed of their own destruction is within them. Deceit and ignorance of Nature is the seed of Chaos in our times... That is why Christ said the first shall be last and the last shall be first. Politicians and economists who preach continued growth at all costs fly in the face of this wisdom and accelerate the decline of the society by allowing chaos to enter earlier.

Our ancestors chose leaders who were in touch and aware of the intelligent Mind of Nature and managed to sustain civilizations over vast periods of cycles by maintaining balance and by communicating with that Mind on behalf of their people or tribe. The leaders were wise servants of the family of Man rather than the other way round as it is today. The cross reveals this understanding of the laws of Nature and is a modern symbol of Truth.

CJ: The ancients had varied functions for this remarkable Cross. Its uses are innumerable but please share with our readers some of the benefits that have been revealed through your research?

CM: The cross reveals the blindness that is caused by the illusion wielded by past Godless leaders and uncovers the use of control of the minds of the masses. It was deliberately hidden from an enslaved Humanity to preserve power in the few that knew of its functions. Some of these claimed to be God incarnate. It was the only method of telling time accurately and predicting cyclical events. It allowed the mapping of the Earth in Prehistory. At a control level it allowed the populace to rely on priests to tell them when to sow and reap and when to hold religious festivals. In other words, the priests of agriculture inherited the knowledge from earlier sea going hunter gatherers and controlled Time.

CJ: Can you give us an example?

CM: Yes, of course. May Day was the traditional time for ancient farming folk to celebrate around the Maypole and for young maids to select their husbands, this was a day when overt sexuality was permitted and the priests turned a blind eye. The timing was perfect since most pregnancies would result in birth being at the quietist farming time of the year, January. The child and mother would be ready to be in the fields in April.

Mankind relies on being told what to do and control was firstly put in place through Motivation by Fear. These days it is through Motivation by Incentive and Fear at a material level and follows the Straussian philosophy.

CJ: You are referring to Leo Strauss?

CM: Yes. In 1949 Leo Strauss believed that illusion and fear coupled with incentive was the only way to maintain order in the chaotic and selfish masses. I believe he was wrong as the world has shown in response to the Asian Tsunami where politicians were embarrassed by the heart of the people as private individuals donated more than their governments. Most Politicians agree with Strauss and set themselves in their arrogance above what they see as the common herd. But the common herd is not all so base as Leo Strauss and his followers predict.

This is seen in many elections throughout the world, half the people are divided from the other half as materialism wars against spirituality. This indicates a splitting of two mind sets, those of a material and frightened level still responding to the two first types of motivation and the other looking for a higher motivation that encompasses compassion and consciousness for all things. This is a time of change and the only route for our survival as a species is the combination of Spiritual and Material. Feet on the ground and head in the stars with an inherent knowledge of cause and effect...

CJ: What is the most positive motivation for humanity?

CM: The most positive motivation that Mankind will develop is Personal Motivation and it is this type that requires freedom of mind. Since personal motivation requires awareness and taking personal responsibility by understanding cause and effect, the exposure of deceit and illusion is required.

CJ: What is the benefit of the Cross in this situation?

CM: The benefit of the cross removes past deceit and exposes new. The politicians and priest are safe from the cross and its Natural wisdom because it is unlikely to be understood by many. The Vine of Life is confused and bewildered. I see it as a duty to put the cross and its discoveries out for the few who seek truth and stability, freedom from deceit and illusion and provide hope for a sane future living in harmony with Nature for our children.

CJ: You have postulated the cross enabled ancient mariners to survive a tsunami. In light of the recent devastation, this was an astonishing feat. You are proving those of the past were indeed remarkable in their knowledge and wisdom. How has this changed your philosophy of the past and your thoughts of the future?

CM: The sizes given for Noah's ark were specific and designed to withstand huge Tsunami's as the earthquakes; volcanoes, frozen methane ignition and melting ice sheets were changing the world beyond recognition12, 500 years ago. Mankind was blamed then and many whose view is obscured by a technological age feel that an ancient civilization or Aliens caused the destruction by tinkering with some machine. Man is angering Nature and both the male female principles are involved in fighting back at what our mentally unbalanced Mind is doing. If this is what the teaching in Genesis meant about our ancestors when they were accused of angering God with materialism and profanity, we had better take heed of the message. We have failed again and can expect the same from the forces at Natures disposal unless we show change for the better.

Nature needs to hear a growing sanity and respect in the minds and deeds of Man. Before the Flood, there were many different types of Man then and we know of three, Neanderthal, Homo sapiens and a small branch which has recently been discovered in Indonesia. Homo sapiens were the only survivors to the best of our knowledge. Because of the weakness of Homo sapiens in the face of the huge predators that existed in the Paleolithic, they lived on coasts and sailed the oceans from at least 35,000 years BC.

In this time they learned to navigate by the stars and had a shamanistic culture living in harmony with Nature. They knew the sun to be the source of all life and tracked it night and day; they also tracked the moon because it influences all things including tides. They did this by creating images in the background fixed stars that we know today as zodiacs or circle of animals. It was being in the deep ocean that allowed many to survive the cataclysms, because tsunamis are no more than a swell at sea, it is the land that suffers its full force. After 150,000 years of coastal living through a complete cycle of an Ice Age, probability of regular sea born disasters become folk knowledge, but being in touch with Nature allowed them to sense the event in the same way that wild animals sensed the tsunami of Sumatra last year.

CJ: How does this relate to Ice Ages?

CM: Ice Ages are caused by the sun, as is global warming, precession, cosmic harmony and life it's self. My philosophy has never varied; I consider the forces of Nature to be intelligent at their highest level. I liken the Earth to a human body, when it is being attacked by any dangerous microbe or pest; it calls to its defense any weapon in its arsenal. So we can expect increasing attacks on our populations through famine, disease adverse weather, volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis.

The function of war is also part of this arsenal to keep our numbers under control. The ones who suffered most in the recent Tsunami were those poor folk living in marginal areas. Tourism is a recent thing, before that the wealthy lived on high ground exploiting the good soil for cultivation. But Nature doesn't care what religion anyone is or what their philosophy or how wealthy and famous they are. As the Maya say, when a dog has fleas, it takes a bath.

CJ: What is your view of the future?

CM: My view of the future is based on my awe of Nature and cause and effect. But I tell you this, no man is a prophet and no man can predict the future, any who do are only taking advantage of their knowledge of cause, effect and cyclical events coupled with probability.

CJ: Can you give us an example?

CM: Certainly. On the 8th of February 2005 the moon comes in alignment on the same side of the planet at 12:00 noon on the longitude of Yosemite Park in the USA.

CJ: How do you know this and what could it mean?

CM: Well, I know it because I do real astronomy, what I also I know is that the interconnected plate tectonic fault lines have been shaken by the Richter 9 Event in Sumatra on December 26th. The moon and sun cause tides around the Earth. As the Earth spins a continuous gravitational pull heaps the sea up in a mound. When the sun and moon align, the gravitational pull is stronger causing what is known as a spring tide when the tide rises higher on the coasts.

Below the crust of the Earth, which is only 25 miles deep, or 6 miles at the centre of the ocean, is a sea of molten magma as viscous as water and thousands of miles deep. The tidal pull also affects this. If there is any weakness or tension in the fault lines that is critical, the alignment of the sun and moon could cause it to jerk or fracture due to upward pressure. This astronomic effect begins to occur over the Canary Islands passing to the Mid Atlantic fault and reaching the culmination of greatest gravitational pull near to the San Andreas fault as the moon moving eastward at 0.5 of a degree an hour aligns with the sun.

CJ: Do you have a prophecy or prediction?

CJ: Prophesy? Yes. Stay away from areas likely to be affected such as coasts, volcanoes or fault lines from 08.00 until 18.00 hours. Likelihood? Higher than normal. Taking everything into account based on earth knowledge and astronomy there is an increased probability of a seismic event on February 8 during the day between Europe and the West coast of the USA. The likelihood increases if there is a low pressure system in the area. Remember, no man knows for sure, but observation and communication with Nature reduces risk.

In 1996, I wrote to Greenpeace and the government of the day on the subject of Nuclear Power Stations based at sea level, their coolant relies on electrical controls and supply of water. Because of Tsunamis and the obvious danger of sea level rises caused by land based ice melt, I proposed that they should campaign to have something done to protect the 35 stations round the UK. This made sense in the light of the many years needed to make one safe after shutting it down. 100 years is required. 35 Chernobyl's doesn't bear thinking about, Chernobyl means Wormwood for anybody interested in Revelations. Needless to say, I was ignored. Our governments and religions have become ignorant and reactive. The cross has been resurrected to show original deceit, the resultant error in thought and recover ancient wisdom and practical knowledge before it is too late.

CJ: Millions are interested in astrology; your discovery had altered many preconceptions, would you share some of these with us.

CM: Millions of people throughout the world show a fascination with astrology, once the realm of Kings and Queens only, astrology is to be found in every newspaper, funfair and circus, as well as on the Internet. Millions of dollars exchange hands in pursuit of the divination of the future, which is to do with the inherent weakness of most people to take personal responsibility and so they look outside of themselves for help and guidance. This divination affects human lives and can even change the course of History. It is of more interest in our modern culture than our organized religions are and millions of people run their lives by it.

CJ: What if it is wrong and our leaders follow it?

CM: Ronald Reagan was reputed to consult astrologers, as was Margaret Thatcher in Britain in the 1980's. It is well known that Hitler consulted astrologers and we all know where that led. Astrology is very dangerous in the wrong hands and can cause a person who foolishly relies on it to shape their lives under the influence of false information that may be unwittingly supplied. Worse, should a leader of a country take advice by consulting astrologers, the results could be disastrous for millions of people.

On balance however, during my research, I have found astrologers generally to be, well-meaning, spiritually aware and kindly souls who believe that they are providing a valuable service in the world. Never the less, the findings that I have made during my research on the origins of the Celtic cross and its association with ancient astronomy must be made light of in the public eye. That fault was caused by organized religion who suppressed anything that was an anathema to their teachings and although Christianity used astrology and incorporate it into their designs and their symbols, they did not allow anyone else to do so except at the highest levels.

How many people know that Amen at the end of the Lords prayer is astrological actually means Aries? The end of the prayer says, "For yours is the Kingdom, the power and the Glory Amen."

CJ: You are implying an Egyptian connection...

CM: The Egyptians did not use vowels and so the name can be played with to obscure its meaning. The priests of Amun or Amen recognized the Creative force to be Time and all other Spirits to be Demi Gods or lesser spirits known as Neteru from which the word Nature is derived. This is why Akhenaton was considered to be so perverse with turning to sun worship and the creation of Monotheism. His son Tutankhamen was probably murdered by the priests of Amun and he was certainly sealed on death in seven casks to prevent his soul escaping into the world and wreaking havoc. The name Tut-ankh-Amen means Wisdom and Life of the age of Aries.

The Popes hat is an upturned fish's mouth representing the age of Pisces and his crook represents the crook of the Pharaohs of the age of Amun or Amen meaning Aries. The Shepherd Kings of which Christ was considered to be the last one. It was his words and knowledge that was given to guide men on how to live, words that are not understood or practiced except by a few. He sent forth 12 disciples, each one representing the signs of the zodiac and called them fishers of Men to enter the new age of Pisces.

Because we were robbed of the cross for 1500 years we were unable to understand the motion of precession and how it changed the great ages of the life giving sun as it rose at a different point every year at the Spring Equinox when we started to practice the art again in the 18th Century using Greek Charts they were in error. The result of this is that most people are in the wrong sun sign.

My birth date of the 25th August 1949 is considered to be Virgo, but I am a Leo according to real time astrology. My characteristics are Leo not Virgo, so I suggest the ancient understanding of the nature and characteristics of the signs are correct. Knowing this error, I urge those who influence the actions of others through astrology (Logic of the stars) to use real astronomy (Naming of the stars) and adjust their charts to take into account the action of precession.

I have shown you that the cross was used for this real observation by those ancient ancestors whom we should respect and honour for inventing and developing a system to show that we come from the sun and beyond. Modern astronomical computer programs will do the work in place of the cross, but any continuation of the practice of using redundant Greek observations is deceit or ignorance and causes division and misinformation. This does not apply to all astrologers, for many already know this and use it. Remember it was the three Magi, astrologers who knew of the coming of Christ, few today could see him in the stars.

CJ: We are now faced with global warming and the melting of glaciers across our planet. History spirals and now we are facing cataclysms once again, what warning would you give to those who remain complacent, in view of your discoveries?

CM: As I said before, Mankind has passed through a period of a relatively benign earth, our ancestors called the Earth Geb and themselves children of Geb, which means children of the Earth. It is the result of agriculture that we face the crisis in which we live today. Agriculture replaced the hunter gatherer society at the end of the ice age when big game became scarce. The result was that the children of the earth settled down and fenced the land, this resulted in an amalgamation of communities into nations and defense became a priority causing the creation of armies and eventual war as ruthless leaders expanded territory.

Nationalism was born and the boredom of hard work took over from freedom, trading started as communityıs bartered excess produce and leaders and priests started to acquire knowledge so as to manipulate the ordinary people to fight their fellows. The forces of darkness helped create divisions between the families of man by dividing their beliefs. This is the meaning of Diabolical a word for evil which means to divide in two. The benign period is over and the sun is going through a mega cycle which heats up the earth and increases the amount of insulation, electro-magnetic energy and plasma which feeds our planet. This causes upheavals of every sort as the earth responds to the sun. This is the final throws of heating before the planet reverts to a new ice age following the pattern of 180,000 year heating and cooling cycles recorded over the last 500,000 years.

CJ: How will this affect people?

CM: The effects will displace people, but because they have no where to go as a result of land ownership, there will be much difficulty. To continue with the redundant act of war is foolishness, we must pull together as a family and re awaken our understanding of and respect for Nature which has dominion over us. We need wise leaders who instead of pursuing material wealth and power ease the burden of the poor and feed them rather than bomb them. Thousands of years of illusion, ignorance and deceit must be removed when teaching the next generation so that they walk with care on what will once again become a beautiful planet with or without us. They must understand the laws of Karma, Original Sin or, more scientifically, Cause and Effect and the balance between order and chaos.

The pursuit of Materialism at the expense of others will ensure the Meek shall inherit the Earth, whereas personal responsibility, Oneness and Compassion will maintain a middle path. Those of your readers with enough wisdom will know that they will see the world again through the eyes of their descendants. There is no escape from the wheel of life until you are conscious enough to return to the source from which you came. This is why Gnostics placed the cross on the grave after the manner of the Egyptian Pharaohs as an instrument to return to heaven by the gate at which you entered the cosmic egg of the solar system.

CJ: In conclusion, do you have any final messages for the readers?

CM: I would like to leave them with something poetic:

CJ: Mr. Miller, we are so grateful that you have shared your knowledge with us. We invite our readers to visit your website.

CM: Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to share ancient knowledge with wisdom.


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