We are cycling 'back to the beginning' analogous to hands on a clock quickly spinning backwards.

Adam and Eve, Creation

Each of us is living our personally designed story as is written in our DNA genetic code. Your story is unfolding with healing, questing, synchronicities, epiphanies, meditations, dreams, increased psychic abilities, and watching the patterns of reality unfold from outside the box.

The story of Adam and Eve takes us on a metaphoric adventure, back to the beginning, with a review of related symbology.

Tree of Knowledge, Duality, Tree Symbology, Paper, Books, Thoth the Scribe, Your Story, on and on...

Adam, Adam Kadmon, Atom, atomic, subatomic, quantum mechanics, etc.

Eve, archetypical feminine icon incarnate, 'Eve'ning, lunar energies, eclipse of consciousness, sacred feminine goes to The Da Vinci Code, bloodlines ... in "Sarah and Alexander" we have the Guardians of the Seed ... and on and on ...

Eve as Lilith

We also travel to EDIN, Garden of Eden metaphors, flower of life, rose bloodline, spiraling serpent (DNA), Iraq, Sumerian gods who created a biogenetic experiment in which we experience, etc. All reverts back to that area as the program comes full circle, one of the reasons we are at war in Iraq.

Of all the files in Creational Myths from Different Countries & Civilizations I most connected with Australian Dreamtime as it tells it like it is, a dream or illusion, the eternal NOW. Can you wrap your consciousness around that concept?

Speaking of dreams ...

My friend, Pat, had a special meditation while visiting with the Hopi 4 years ago, wherein she was wrapped in an Indian blanket lying on top of a mountain.

A bear came up from under her and lifted her to the Gemini constellation (twin symbology, duality).
Gemini, Genesis, "birth", "creation", "cause", "beginning", "source" and "origin", the first book of the Torah, the first book of the Tanakh and also the first book of the Christian Old Testament.

Orion (Osiris) is always important as is Taurus (Egypt).
Taurus and Scorpio are Egypt.

Sirius (Isis)

Orion, Stargate, SG, Sacred Geometry

Two weeks ago, on July 4, 2006, at her oceanfront home in Florida, Pat watched the shuttle Discovery blast off. She reported that the ground moved in waves, ripples in time, a triggering energetic experience, temporal distortions in the grids.

That night her meditation with the Hopi moved to the next step/level, as if a sequence dream, in which she was a creational force, part of the stars. She watched the constellations from above and called to the bear. He came to her and pointed to the west. The 'west' represents 'setting sun' symbology, the West Bank where the Pharaohs were buried, and other closure archetypes.

Pat's dream also goes to Pole Stars and the Precession of the Equinoxes, not from a scientific perspective, but from the metaphysical concept of the return of the feminine energies, rebirth and creation, bear symbology. The poles, physical and consciousness, are about to shift. Please bear with me.

Kochab and Polaris Interesting ...

Ursa Major, Myths

Sumer Is Icumen In

The English version if that expression mentions cockoo (clock, time, bird symbology, Bird language of the Gods) and the cow (Hathor, creator, cattle mutilations and gray aliens.)

Here's another website you might want to explore about Sumer.

In the first draft of Sarah and Alexander, December 1989, when it was to be a trilogy, Sarah and Amaan travel to the place where the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers meet to discover the story of time and humanity, in a cave, which links Sarah to Alexander. To enter the cave, Sarah uses the amulet Alexander had given her as a child, inserting it into a corresponding pattern carved it stone. It causes a stone door to pivot open as she and Amaan enter and discover the truth about creation and the future.

Musical Theory and Ancient Cosmology

This website defines Adam and Eve as I define creation at this level.