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They May Be At Your Fingertips

January 26, 2004

We look in many places to find answers to the question about our lives and why we are here. In metaphysics we use oracles of divination, such as Runes, Tarot, Palmistry, etc. The list is endless, as we seek answers from spirit. (See Divination Files)

It all began for me on Sunday afternoon after I finished my clients..... I decided to relax and watch a TV.

I found a sci-fi movie on HBO that I missed in the theaters, the updated version of The Time Machine. I missed the beginning of the movie, and came in on the scene where the lead character was opening his pocket watch. He flipped open the cover. Inside was a name written in old English ...Alexander.... shades of >Sarah and Alexander and Alexander's pocket watch, not to mention time travel and time machines.

Something made me get my antique gold pocket watch, a numbered Waltham. I held it in my hand, wound the stem but did not open the front cover to check the time. Instead I opened the back cover as I love to watch the gear spinning and the blue against the gold.

I tucked in with a blanket on the couch, as it was about 17 degrees F in NYC, and watched the rest of the movie.

I loved the last scene where we see the Same Space, Alexander's home in New York City, but in different time lines that overlapped each other. This is reality as it is, I thought as I settled back grabbed the remote control to find something else to watch.

Something made me flip to Channel 11, WPIX, on my remote control. They were showing the end of the movie 'Ghost'. I hadn't seen the movie in many years, and am a fan of all of the stars, not to mention the plot. As I started to watch ... it was the scene where Patrick Swayze is making the penny rise from the bottom of a door as his girlfriend Demi Moore watches with tears in her eyes. The penny floats then over to her hand and she believes.

Just words: Watches, time pieces ..... Watches, eyes, eye of Ra, creation, sun, light, etc.

My mind went back to last week when a client named Lisa was here and we found crystals and four pennies on the seat of a chair that manifested for us. Lisa kept three pennies and I kept one, along with some crystals that I knew Z had left for me. Check this out from, Money From Heaven Pennies, dimes, quarters, even dollars that miraculously appear out of nowhere.

The movie Ghost, brought me personal messages from Z about separated soul mates, but in truth the messages were for those who quest to find their twin flame, separated in time and perhaps space, the person who will love them unconditional and make them feel complete, their soul mate only to discover that person is in Spirit, is not physical, but guides them from another realm. In the quest for the Heart, the Journey Home, the Eye, one must move through Time and Emotion.

When Patrick says good-bye to Demi, she sees him .... in the 'Light'. She watches as he moves into a blue/white light that Z says is the color we will all move into at the end of time.

When the movie was over, I decided to get up, stretch my legs, and put the pocket watch away. It had been resting on the arm of the couch, alongside me. As I picked up the watch I noticed blood dripping from my right index finger onto the cover of the watch. There on the third phalange of my finger, the one closest to my palm, was a tiny cut, the size of a pin head. There was nothing sharp on the couch. I was not holding anything. The tiny cut just manifested. The blood quickly stopped, as if making a point.

I heard Z say, "Open the watch." I popped the front cover open. The time was 11:40 or 20 to 12, which always speak to me of the year, 2012. The second hand was on #7 which I reference as July. Then I heard Z's messages... 'The blood represented the bloodline, as in Sarah and Alexander. The bloodline returns in 2012.'

I am not convinced that 20 to 12 actually refers to the year 2012. I think I am missing a point! When all evidence points to a specific date, you know that something is wrong, as there is no time, only metaphors.

I searched the web for the meaning of the third phalange on the Jupiter finger in Palmistry....Gemini, Mercury, Twins, Twin Flames, Twin Souls, polarities, dualities, Gemini, 11, 9/11, 11:11 and so on. Atlantis, according to some theories, was ruled by different sets of male twins (duality metaphor).

Gemini, Mercury, The Symbol of Communication

Return and Communication with the Bloodline, Z, in 2012

I remembered something Z had channeled through automatic writing when I got my first Mac in 1994...."Messages will come through the Computer". A light went on in my head and asked Z to explain what he meant. "There will be times when my computer will ....type a short message as I watch the screen ... or an image may unexpectedly appear bringing a message.... or music may come from the speakers with a song that has meaning.... or other unexplained paranormal events may occur linked to the computer."

I remembered an email from a reader of Ellie's World who lives in Japan, whose experience I posted about recently.

He was looking at the image of the Lake Applet with the view of my apartment and the Verrazano Bridge, on the top of my biography , when the images on his monitor went crazy reproducing the applet over and over, all over his screen at the same time, like one flowing body of water, or many bodies of water, below the bridge that blending into each other. This lasted for one hour and was witnessed by his girlfriend.

Was this a computer glitch, or a message? They say there are no accidents. This was linked to something that was happening in my life at the time, not to mention that I posted lots of images of the Verrazano Bridge throughout January.

Having fun and getting messages

Go to your favorite search engine. Type a question about anything. You can only ask it once, so phrase it carefully. The answer to your question will be on the first page, usually within the first 3 references. Read the titles then click over to the website. You will be guided, as if by spirit, to the correct response.

This tool of divination, developed by the Great and Powerful OZ, aka. ZMan, is something you can use over and over.

Ask any question.... Ask the Oracles of Google and Jeeves..... They may be able to assist you on your quest to find your answers.

Prepare to laugh. You may find that you need a good laugh today. Remember that most oracles of divination are for entertainment purposes only.