Columbus Day 2012

October 9, 1000

Leif Ericson discovers Vinland,
becoming the first known European to set foot in North America.

October 8, 2012

Columbus Day

Columbus Day commemorates Christopher Columbus' arrival in the New World in 1492.

Ancient Alien Theory: Columbus was guided and protected by aliens - Bermuda Triangle

Awareness and Programming

Awareness and acceptance are always the first steps to change, I learned that back in my university years studying psychology. Awareness takes us in many directions as if markers in our consciousness hologram until it's over. Each time a system ends, another has immediately been put in place, using the same formula that creates physical realities, and is also domed to fail until the end when souls wake-up from the experience. That time, as you can sense, is now.

Present day ... Columbus Day ... the historical discovery of America as the Masonic program moved to these shores to play out its final chapters ... as guided by its creators.

Across the globe countries are dealing with broken and outdated political and economic systems as people fight for freedom. In today's world we find three groups - those who get it and await the close of the program - those who are programmed to fight once again for change - and the rest who believe someone is coming along to magically make it all better citing past recovery, though long term in the making. Do you see 'long term' or endings and the return to consciousness?

You know how the games are played. Generally men with big egos come into power and a new cycle of corruption and abuse begins. It's the cycles of time and history repeating themselves based on the mathematical formula that creates the illusion that any of this is real. Call it sacred geometry or something else. It's all numbers and codes - and will perpetuate until the program ends. ... As I type this, the fragrance of roses wafts through the room and surrounds me as if confirming this small paragraph among the many I have been guided to type each morning for almost two decades. One may attribute the fragrance to any number of things their consciousness is linked to - from Mother Mary, Z, or someone I knew who has passed. It really doesn't matter. It is a confirmation of what I was typing at that moment. The last time the fragrance was this strong was August 23, 2001, a few weeks before 9/11.

As to the programs that are running - corruption, greed, and power have generally been the cornerstones of both the foundation and destruction of this program. Can you imagine that in today's world, this is still hidden from techie Americans who have to hunt down the truth on conspiracy websites and tabloids? Today this is best personified in the political arena where we find current presidential candidates making empty promises about fixing things, having no idea how to do it. And still people are programmed to cheer the candidates on at rallies and debates as the program limps to its demise in the final seconds.

This all reminds me of the self-help blogs I've written for 17+ years, their focus more about awareness than cure, as the cure comes when one's programming changes, if it ever does. There are endless ways to heal, just are there are programs to allegedly restore economies, but are these cures or just bandaids? There have been endless theories about what comes next in the quest to find a functioning banking system (as if a game) - ideas that have been out there for decades - and as with healing theories are basically recycled. Can a viable economic system be created and implemented in the time remaining? You know the answer.