December 25, 2013 ... 8:00 a.m. I hear bells ringing from the church 6 blocks away.

I hope you are enjoying the holidays with family and friends. It feels more like Christmas in the city now that winter has returned. It's funny how we are programmed to associated things in our lives by connecting the dots - or grid points - to verify experience. Most of the country had to deal with severe weather conditions which caused a delays for UPS and FedEx Christmas shipments. Never be a "last minute person". Aways plan for the unexpected.

With the changing face of planet Earth, Christmas takes on a new look and meaning in many areas this year. People who live in local coastal areas are celebrating at home for the first time since Hurricane Sandy (much like a small tsunami) destroyed homes, churches, schools, and more, one year ago. December 26, marks the 9th anniversary of the Indian Ocean Tsunami caused by a 9.3 underwater earthquake.

I've been busy with family and friends. It's always nice to catch up with each other's lives, and what better time than the end of the year. I have two groups of friends. The first go back to childhood. I call them my mainstream friends - educated, no metaphysical background, no emotional problems nor substance abuse issues. Next are the endless number of friends I've made in my 30-year journey into metaphysics, programmed for all sorts of dramas that set them on their metaphysical course. At the end of 2013 ... the first group have done their homework and are programmed to understand and accept the nature of reality as a hologram, often having questions about where it's all going. The second group - mostly wounded souls - have made the rounds of metaphysics but are still programmed to seek answers. Along the way they discover they are too burned out to work and seek a way - any way - to create income within the overly saturated fields of healing. You know the patterns. It's never easy but you can sense where it's all going.

It's Always About The Children

About Santa ... most children no longer believe after a certain age, but some hold onto the notion a bit longer because they want presents and/or a sprinkle of magic much like belief in the tooth fairy. Of my 6 grandchildren, only 8 year old Noah still believes.

Christmas Day at Madison Square Garden

Twin Crossings

Children believe in Santa, while adults believe in Jesus.

Both are myths, as is your experience here.

The Virgin Birth: Why We Believe - The Brain Tells Us It's Real  
Live Science - December 24, 2013

Once upon a time, in a remote part of the universe, children gathered
to hear a story called "Christmas" celebrated on planet Earth.
The lessons were sharing and love ~ rippling through the grids.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year wherever you are.

   Harbor Lights

Crystalinks Christmas Files

  A Visit from St. Nicholas Google Videos

T'was The Night Before Christmas

Christmas Eve

NORAD Tracks Santa

The Gifts

December 26, 2013

Boxing Day

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Regifting or regiving is the act of taking a gift that has been received and giving it to somebody else, sometimes in the guise of a new gift. One example of a formalization of this activity are the white elephant gift exchanges, in which items can be regifted from year to year. In the USA, "National Regifting Day" is December 18. In Canada, eBay marketed "National Re-gifting Week" as December 26-30 (December 26 being Boxing Day, a time traditionally associated with gift-giving). Regiving differs from straightforward giving in that goods are not acquired specifically for donation. Typically, goods that have been received as a gift are offered to others, unbeknown to them that it was originally a gift to the person offering it. Often the motives are principally charitable but also includes giving items which are surplus to one's needs. However, re-gifting also refers the means of giving away unwanted gifts as a way of disposing them. Consider the "fruitcake gift" scenario. Someone receives a fruitcake but they don't like (or want) fruitcake but think someone else might. They give it away to someone who also may not like fruitcake either. Regiving differs from recycling in that recycling is most often associated with breaking components down and rebuilding into new products. Read more ...

Born on a Holiday

People born on or around holidays often feel cheated out of gifts. I know the feeling being born on February 17th - three days after Valentine's Day. My ex-husband Ralph and I had a great system. There was a special present for my birthday each year - usually jewelry - and for Valentine's Day - a box of candy. As our daughters arrived ... there would be candy for each little girl accompanied by a cuddly stuffed animal. Ralph was a Capricorn, January 5th, so his big present came at Christmas and a date night on his birthday. Top that all off with our wedding anniversary January 26th and there was lots of gifts for all.

Christmas Gifts 2013

I spend a lot of my time just making people laugh and shifting their consciousness with positive energy in stressful times. I know I can't change anyone's programming, but a few good laughs are often a great gift.

Many more people shopped online this year. A gift card can be the perfect present as people like choices.

Gift deliveries were delayed due to severe weather conditions which caused a delays for UPS and FedEx Christmas shipments.

This was the year of security leaks from former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) employee and National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden - to theft identity as hackers get better at defrauding the system.

Target: On December 18, 2013, security expert Brian Krebs broke news that Target was investigating a major data breach "potentially involving millions of customer credit and debit card records." The report quickly spread across news channels. On December 19, Target confirmed the incident via a press release, revealing that the hack took place between November 27 and December 15, 2013. Target warned that up to 40 million consumer credit and debit cards may have been compromised. Hackers gained access to customer names, card numbers, expiration dates, and CVV security codes. Target is encouraging customers who shopped at its US stores (online orders were not affected) during the specified timeframe to closely monitor their credit and debit cards for irregular activity. The retailer has also confirmed that it is working with law enforcement, including the United States Secret Service, "to bring those responsible to justice." As of 2013, this theft is the second-largest credit card breach in U.S. history.

The Christmas Money Tree

Once upon a time, there was a tree that grew money every Christmas. People came from all across the land to share in the joy of Christmas and take money from the tree that would last for a year. If I was writing this program, that's the fantasy I would create, but alas, our reality doesn't work that way. There were two Mega Million jackpot winners on December 17, 2013 - in San Jose, California and Atlanta, Georgia. For the rest of us, the dreams of what we would do with the money faded from mind as we returned to our regularly scheduled programming.

Finance is the focus as we enter 2014. People ask questions about year-end bonuses and what the economy will look like in 2014 both for themselves and the world. Major changes in the way we do business - from the smallest retailer to international finance - will happen in 2014. Lots of revisions on all fronts will be implemented as once again you will be forced to adapt. People will read, listen, process, explore patterns old and new, evaluate, criticize, then make choices and decisions they may never have considered. Hang tough, don't overspend at Christmas and always be prepared as natural disasters and climate changes accelerate. I read too many people in 2013 who didn't set aside extra money for emergencies. You must prepare until the end.