Once upon a time, in a magical kingdom, there lived a Princess named Tenskwatawa, who possessed a kind heart and gentle soul.

One day, as Tenskwatawa walked among the flowers and trees, a magician appeared. He bestowed upon her, magical powers which she was to use to protect the villagers. He warned her that one day an evil sorcerer would visit their land at which time her powers would be challenged.

Tenskwatawa accepted the power and wisdom, promising to always protect her kingdom and its people.

For a time unknown, the villagers lived peacefully in the space where light exists and darkness exists as the void.

As foretold, the evil sorcerer arrived at the village on day.

He used black magic to bring death and destruction to those who got in his way.

The villagers ran to Tenskwatawa for help, but alas they were too late.

He was a clever one, that sorcerer. He arrived at her castle just before the villagers got there. He saw her power and her light and sought domination over her.

"You shall work as my apprentice, and do my bidding, or I shall kill everyone in the village," he roared.

Alas poor Tenskwatawa had no choice but to submit to his will.

The 'light' of the spirit of the villagers grew dim.

The happy carefree ways were gone, replaced by fear, anger, and hopelessness.

The sorcerer told Tenskwatawa that she was to show him how to change reality by using the geometry of creation.

Tenskwatawa told the sorcerer she would need 'time' to create the illusion.

"You shall have six days of time, no more," he replied.

For five days in time Tenskwatawa tried to think of a way to outwit the sorcerer, at his own game, by using the forces of creation.

Finding no answer, she walked to the ocean and stood on a rock, looking out to sea.

"What good are my powers if the people of this land are to be destroyed by the evil sorcerer?" she cried out.

The sea heard her call and brought her an answer.

As the next wave washed over the stone, Tenskwatawa looked down and saw an oyster.

She picked it up and opened it.

Inside she found a black pearl like no other she had ever seen.

She removed the pearl and examined it. Within the pearl she could see movement. But what could that mean? she wondered.

Tenskwatawa held the pearl firmly in her hand.

In the alchemy of the time, she found herself transported to a strange new land.

Continued ....