Animal Psychic
And Dowswer

An Interview with
Bill Northern

By Connie Johnston
January 2005

Jim's Biography

Bill Northern, a retired Virginia businessman is in demand as an "animal communicator," acting as a kind of translator and arbitration board between pet and owner. People line up to have their pets' thoughts expressed. Using his abilities, he is able to heal or offer the help needed for his animal clients. His business has grown through word of mouth.


CJ: Would you explain to our readers what an animal communicator is, I am sure many may be unfamiliar with this gift?

BN: This is not that easy to answer because there are many answers but we will give you our explanation. We learn to actually hear voices telling us things that they want their two-legged friends to know. Most of the animals we work with have some physical problems that the medical community has not been able to properly diagnose or perhaps locate. Our main objective is to help the two-legged creature better understand the four-legged creature.

CJ: You have mentioned that you use dowsing to put yourself into a meditative state before communicating. For those familiar with dowsing as a means to locate water, etc, would you tell us how it is used to induce a meditative state?

BC: When you learn to dowse you are essentially learning to listen to your Angels or spirit guides as some prefer to call them. Your conscious brain is completely shut down while you are doing this. However total brain activity is increased proportionally. We know this from research done at the Ozark Research Institute. The key to dowsing is to send your brain off on holiday to your favorite place to relax.

CJ: When connecting with the universal energy, you leave your body and find yourself in another dimension or level, could you describe the feeling you are having as you experience this?

BN: When connecting with the universe you seem to actually leave your body and can often see things about an animal or place almost as well as the people standing there. We do not do a lot of visualization, other than the animal, unless the animal is trying to show the person where they want to go. Sometimes it is as though you are standing next to the animal but are invisible to the people. Yet the animal somehow knows you are there.

CJ: I understand cats are the most eccentric animals you have dealt with. I am sure cat owners will agree. Do you have any anecdotes you would like share that you have encountered during your communications with them?

BN: Cats are not our favorite animal to work with because they almost always fib to us. If they are sick they will usually be very serious and show you exactly where it hurts and tell you what they think is hurting. We have saved the lives of many cats and some of their owners have traveled long distances to take dowsing lessons from us. Many times cats have promised to stop scratching the furniture if they could have some tuna every day. Everything is fine until the tuna doesnıt come one day, then the furniture is scratched again. Horses and dogs are much more forgiving.

CJ: Many people would be surprised to learn how accurate animals are in judging people. It seems they use psychology on us, an inborn ability. We would love to hear some of the examples they have demonstrated.

BN: It still almost boggles my mind when animals that have never seen a person, know if they will get along with them. Many horses show signs of lameness when being tried by a perspective buyer that they do not care for. We had one horse that did this with several riders until he found one he liked. Dogs will also do this but a bit differently. Most dogs will try to get along with you if they have to but will not usually perform very well for you.

CJ: What is the greatest lesson the animals have taught you?

BN: It is not possible to pick any one thing as the whole experience has changed my life for the better. I was once a workaholic and now am much more relaxed and really enjoy life. A few years ago I would not have believed that anyone could actually hear an animal speak, now I listen everyday.

CJ: Do you find distinctive personalities among the animals and if so, would you share with us some of these traits?

BN: Yes, animals, like people have different personalities but probably a bit less complex than humans. We recently worked with a horse who right away told me his owner- rider had changed and was not the same person she used to be. One of her main reasons for calling was that her horse had changed his personality and was not as nice to her as he used to be. After a long chat we found out that the lady had a baby a few months ago. Her horse was jealous because he was not getting the attention he was accustomed to. Also she was not as balanced as she once was and was causing him problems carrying her around. He had started bucking and kicking because he hurt and did not think she cared about how he felt. Today we had a dog that wanted his owner to tell her more about where they were going together and wanted to go to a nearby field to run.

CJ: When working remotely with an animal, is this similar to remote healing with people or the practice known as remote viewing?

BN: Yes very similar. We have learned to tune into an animal very well and seldom miss anything. With remote viewing we are not as accurate. I am not sure why but feel it is related to not having an address to work with. My Angels are often good at remote healing but prefer to work with things that the medical community has not been able to solve. This week we were able help clear up a horses eye because we could see something under the lid that the vetıs did not see. Our Angels irrigated the eye twice with a mild saline solution and the report today was that the horse is showing marked improvement. My Angels donıt seem to like to work with cancer patients.

CJ: I understand you offer classes, can anyone develop this ability or does it require special attributes?

BN: Most everyone can do some beginning dowsing such as finding underground water and electric lines, probably because the energy from both is usually rather strong. To go further requires practice, a lot of practice and many are not willing to put forth the effort. For our classes we only accept four people at a time and only accept those that my Angels think are ready to learn beyond the basics.

CJ: Since the majority of your work centers around horses, are they the easiest to tune into and have the most to say?

BN: Horses are my favorite because most are just like me. Very straight forward and truthful. They will almost always tell you exactly what they are thinking. Dogs are often more politically correct and do not want to hurt anyoneıs feelings.

CJ: You receive a lot of help from your angels; many people forget to ask for this help, what would you suggest they start doing in order to access these wonderful helpers?

BN: For me it was learning to dowse that really got me started. There are other ways but this is the way I learned and it is a good way because by using a dowsing tool you can be certain of what you think you are hearing.

CJ: So many are looking for answers and are feeling a calling to be of service in some way. What would you tell them?

BN: I think that learning to dowse and going beyond to areas such as animal communication and locating and clearing energy fields for people is very rewarding and certainly makes you feel needed.

CJ: Since the devastation of the earthquake and tsunami, people were amazed at finding no dead animals. This speaks volumes to their intellect. Would you care to comment on this?

BN: There is probably not much to say here except to that the animals that had a chance to leave the areas did so. Animals can sense these things and we do all we can to try and learn from them.

CJ: We thank you so much Bill for sharing your thoughts with us and adding insight into the wonderful world of animal communication.

BN: It's been my pleasure, Connie.

CJ: You can visit Bill Northern at his website. This will give you an introduction into his work.