Balance and Being

January 20-26, 2008

Our program shifts its focus from moment to moment taking us from one main menu to another, to explore a topic based on more updated software with new high speed processor (processing). Sometimes you are guided to go back to an old story with new perception.

Main grid menus focus on rotating and recycled topics about power and balance. They include the usual: politics, finance, war, social issues, health, spirituality, religion, technology, science and space, earth and climate changes, aliens and the paranormal ... as consciousness creates new venues of experience that allow - or force - those in the game to make changes based on our rapidly evolving program.

This is not unlike a family dynamic in which one person becomes the focus of attention (the one who generally stirs the pot based on their emotional issues) because of unrecognized and untreated flaws in their programming (generally inherited) that do not allow them to function, so they lash out. They make a big noise in a quest to get help, not knowing how to help themselves, thus becoming the center of attention, after which they return to the background, either part of a healing process, or to have their issues resurface in the near future as they try again to create balance.

It's all about the eternal quest to restore balance (zero point) in all venues of experience, yet the program itself is self-defeating as are many people, and cannot come into balance until zero point. You've lived in this program long enough to know how the games are played - over and over in the cycles of time - the patterns that perpetuate the motion of the program until the end.

Feel it. We almost there !

For those who still don't get it ... At zero point the entire program closes. We do not move from this Earth program, and its geophysical changes, to a renewed Earth where all is in peace, love and light. It can't happen at the physical level, no matter how much you want to make it so.

Where does your soul go next? Other venues of experience but with different frequency signatures.

Raise your hand if you still don't understand.

In physical reality the game is to restore balance, not live in paradise. Physical reality is created by electromagnetic energies - duality - polarity - bipolar nature of the human design in genetic coding and emotional base - pole shifts at the physical and consciousness levels eternally seeking to restore balance and reunion with self.

Disruption leads to chaos - a need to return to the black void (hole/whole/eye/center) where another cycle exists as everything in the old is destroyed. I sound like the Hindu Goddess Kali. I'm definitely busy enough to use those 4 (time, closure) arms.

It's just a hologram, a virtual program. Don't remain attached to its emotions, or you haven't learned anything in your current experience here. You've read this here before, and you did agree, but are you living it?

How do you expect to reunite with your yin-yang soul aspect if you still remain attached here, most likely living in fear and guilt about ... whatever your programmed issues are.

If you're into ancient mythological programs and grid experiences, such as Atlantis and Lemuria, those souls reached a point of physical experience where they knew it was time to move on. There was no need to create endless experiences and illnesses in order to do so.

They went into a state of 'meditation', and never returned, the key being without fear, lessons learned, information recorded in their soul track or record. Some of that info is encoded in your cellular memory along with race memory, information encoded while your mother was pregnant with you from all kinds of internal and external stimuli, and much more that you presently incorporate into your reality as valid and significant for your experience here. It's all there in your DNA and cellular structure, now trying really hard to point you in the right direction.

It's all a biogenetic experiment

Remember ... the labs ... the university ...

If you've learned to think outside the box, you should be reading this and processing the following thought (reality is a thought) ... It's time to close the program and move back to our soul spark of light to experience something else ... something more that I am here. If you are still attached here, and foresee a paradise in the future, where you keep your current ego identity, you have more homework to do. Class dismissed!

One of the oldest games in human history goes to

business and finance - power and control - gold and alchemy.

In recent weeks I have spoken to people who go run the gamut of living in fear of major global financial changes, to those who feel this will all go away as it has in the past ... as everyone comes out on their bandwagon in an election year to state their theories. The conspiracy people now have the internet to speak their truth about greater plans stemming from government corruption, the New World Order (Illuminanti and Masonic Programs) about who really created and runs things here, to aliens taking over the planet and on and on. If you've been in metaphysics for decades, you've read the theories and books, can agree or disagree, or realize it doesn't really matter as it's all just part of the evolving program. Those playing in the 3D corporate world, generally see this as part of a process, where the players on the global economic game boards, mostly male dominated, play out their roles with great passion and anxiety, assuming, as in the past, all will turn around. You cannot pray or meditate for the global financial situation to go away. You can only read patterns and timelines to see futures and the future. It's not time for things to crash.

What happens in one part of world grid affects everything else. This will become more apparent as we approach shut down. In the US, 2008 is about economics and politics, and the Bandwagon Effect, which takes us to the Wagon Wheel Effect - synchronicities in time that lead to closure. We follow along based on the gears in the wheel of time and karma that guide our way out.

Know who you are, why you are here, where you are ultimately going and perhaps will lead others, and what you have to do in the time remaining (when).