Feeling the (Avatar) Blues

This is your soul ... outside the box virtually viewing the program to experience emotions.

January 2010

The world becomes more depressed as each day passes due to the emotional and physical climate, as the program closes. It is all part of a process, interjected with metaphoric and subliminal content to awaken souls. The film Avatar would create a catharsis of emotions from the wounded souls who view human consciousness moving to a 4th or 5th dimension where all live in love and light when the program ends.

When the audience (human consciousness) is ready - the film will appear - in the projected illusions of reality.

Blue is the color of electricity - electro-magnetic energies that create physical grid realities - poles - poles shifts, etc.

Our souls are virtually experiencing in red, emotions, physical reality, or 3D. 3D movies with metaphoric content trigger something latent in one's souls as if deliberately timed for the evolution of consciousness. It's all about time and timing.

Along with the closing of the program is a feeling of disconnect and depression. It takes very little to set people off these days. Most people want out - to any place that's not as limited as here. They want focus, compassion, power and understanding.

It has to get worse before it ends, or else no one would want to detach from the physical grid at the end of the program. Chaos is ahead. Take your meds if you need them. Stay balanced and live simply. Avoid drama people or those who wear you down. If your relationship ends, move on and heal quickly. See it for the experience it was. Never dwell.

If you are in the throes of a "mini-breakdown to find yourself dropped out of work and life stage" - try to understand your soul is tired and wants out. It will therefore go in search of answers and will ultimately understand that reality is a consciousness hologram about to end, peace and tranquility found when one leaves the physical realms, and not before.

Depressed souls in the article below are the ones who see us moving to a perfect place where we all live in love and light with our ego identities intact. They want to get rid of the pain and confusion, often after a life time of abuse and drama. That is their programmed experience. Wounded souls need to feel that is what lies ahead, but they are wrong because physical reality is about negative emotions, and if one is lucky, they see the positive side of life and love. On some level wounded souls are triggered by the need (knowing) to get out of this emotional grid - that wears them down - and to go home - whatever that means to them, as most people have no clue that it is about the end of the program and the return to light and consciousness. Hang on .... Very soon.

Audiences experience 'Avatar' blues (depression)   CNN - January 12, 2010