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On March 10, 2008, the sordid details of former New York State Governor, Eliot Spitzer's affair with call girl Ashley Alexandra Dupré (Kristen) were made public.

5'5" Ashley, weighing 105 pounds, is a hot babe, if you like the type and most men do, especially if they have a 'bubble butt', which can be arranged. The boobs are generally implants, as my clients who fit this profile, speak about them openly. My hooker clients from New Jersey often work the Atlantic City casinos. All use condoms. Some call themselves escorts, exotic dancers or strippers. Not all strippers are prostitutes. With the shifts in energies, many find it increasingly difficult to have random sex. They like to meditate. Most search the web for answers in metaphysics, reading books on healing and awareness, and trying to make sense of their lives.

Wounded souls trying to heal and survive ... that's what it's all about. Ashley's story reads like many of my female clients, laced with childhood drama and abuse, usually sexual, and in general a dysfunctional life because they come from a family with mental illness. Most come from broken homes. As a result, they have inherited the very patterns and emotional problems they are running away from.

The fact that Ashley had sex with women, is not uncommon with her type of personality disorder, especially in the entertainment industry, have homosexual relationships, usually reverting back to heterosexuality. These women are truly lost, free, and wounded souls.

In this day and age, there are many windows to get help, but always one must chose the best venues for them. If you have inherited a chemical imbalance, your journey will involve finding the people, places, and things that will heal you.

Undiagnosed, unrecognized, and refusing to accept and understand mental illness, destroys any chance of happiness as it goes to self-sabotage for the person and those around them. The system will break down.

As I often blog here, these young women come to me unable to live with the anxiety, pain and confusion they experience every day. They generally won't recognize or accept that they need professional help, refusing to take medication for any number of reasons. Some tell me they had a parent who lived on prozac and don't want to turn out that way. Most have seen a therapist and tell me it didn't help, or they didn't want to listen. Most think they can handle their life with yoga, a clean diet, etc. Some handle it smoking pot every day - another band-aid that camouflages the truth.

I always find it interesting that when the body has a physical problem, one gets help asap. But when the problem is emotional, many refuse help, and continue to suffer.

This sounds like the MO you hear from many who have become healers and coaches, those who heal themselves by healing others to work out their issues.

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It's interesting that the goddess, mother-creator, and the prostitute archetypes (Mary Magdalene) are so similar yet trigger opposite polarities in our consciousness. We find the ever alluring woman -- beautiful, charismatic, great hair long and wavy, slim body with perky breasts, an often child-like innocence and volunerability, the essences, the walk, the intuitiveness, power and control, the mother-protector for some, and more.

They all stem from the original Isis Insert.

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