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This week we experienced accelerating Earth changes and UFO sightings. Are they related? Not that I see. UFO's are often seen around nuclear power plants and testing sites. Is there a connection here? Are they trying to stop us from blowing up the planet? Nuclear Power and UFOs What lies hidden beneath the surface to be discovered now?

The alien agenda will rises from the ashes, like the Phoenix

to bring forth the truth and your destiny.

It's All Being Recorded - The Repository of Knowledge

Tuesday morning I was guided to blog about my 'Seed Ship' in Antarctica (south), mentioned below. Just after that, I discovered the opening of the Arctic (north) Seed Vault also mentioned below. Coincidence? We are all Star Seeds. Reality is about seeding consciousness. Reality is seeded by consciousness.

As of late, I realize that I am here, as if a messenger, to create Crystalinks as a vehicle to observe and record events in our biogenetic experiment. The synchronicities of these events, now formulate an image in my mind of the metal object in the TV miniseries Taken. Covered in hieroglyphs, it was a recording device created by the aliens at the onset of their experiment. In the final scene, it spirals, then in a flash of light disappears as Allie goes off on the space ship, also disappearing in a flash of light. Somehow I feel this all parallels the end of our program.

Regardless of whether I am creating it, viewing it or sensing it ... I am taking the input and recording an akashic record of events, perhaps as a seeding tool for another program. It is all being stored for some greater destiny.

Earth changes reflect human consciousness. We experience to discover and recover and are therefore all survivors of this experience, after a fashion. My current blogs generally reflect answers for those who have moved beyond the healing paradigms and now practice "Practical Metaphysics". Powerful changes are coming. Your dreams, meditations, visions, intuition, and synchronicities will reflect them in the maelstrom of events that rapidly spiral into view now.

Norwegian Connections - (See Seed Vault Below)

Stargate SG1: The Ark of Truth

Stargate: The Ark of Truth Amazon.com

Stargate: The Ark of Truth Gateworld

Stargate: The Ark of Truth - March 11, 2008 Wikipedia

Stargate: Continuum - July 2008 - Jack is Back Wikipedia

01/22/99: In an episode called The Fifth Race O'Neill downloads an ancient repository of knowledge into his brain created by the alien grays.

03/12/04: In an episode called The Lost City, O'Neill discovers a second repository of knowledge and connects again. This leads him and his team to an ancient outpost buried beneath Antarctica then to the discovery of Atlantis.

The quest to find hidden knowledge buried for all time - lost temples (the mind, consciousness), the ark (sacred geometry), the holy grail (bloodlines, DNA), and other relics that excite the observer, move our human drama forward as never before. What are you questing for?

Project Earth - The Seeding Ship

Everyone is feeling change. I knew the Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse last week would shake, rattle and roll everything. Something stirs my soul when I blog about global accelerating changes and increased UFO sightings everywhere. Monday, a friend told me that Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake, where one might expect to find 'hidden secrets', has also been affected by the Wells, Nevada, current earthquake activity. It is not that far from Area 51. One way or another, our grid program is going to shake lose the truth and return us to consciousness.

I am propelled into the UFO enigma once again, old metaphors revisited in new consciousness. This feeling increases with each day and UFO sighting reported. It feels so natural ... as if waiting for reunion. The part of me that came here at the beginning, can easily see another aspect of myself on a ship, once frozen in time and about to surface ... location ... Antarctica. Without sounding more 'out there' than this message portrays, I remember how to fly the ship and almost feel I can remotely 'call' it to me, but something in me gently resists at this time. My consciousness tells me the craft is called a 'seeding ship' or 'crystal core conduit ship'. It is connected to my 1954 encounter in Nevada.

As you slowly view these images, close your eyes to see what you remember.

Terraforming a Planet


Sacred Geometry

Electromagnetic Time Loops

Below in the Sands of Time

Above and Below Reunite ~ Spiraling Beyond DNA

Norway - Svalbard Imprints - Seeding the Future

Some refer to the Svalbard Global Seed Vault as the Frozen Garden of Eden or the "Doomsday Seed Vault" providing a Noah's Ark of food crops in the event of global catastrophe.

   Arctic Seed Vault Opens National Geographic - February 26, 2008

Svalbard Global Seed Vault: Seed-Protecting "Doomsday" Vault Opens National Geographic - February 26, 2008

Svalbard Global Seed Vault Wikipedia

Svalbard in the News ...

Giant "Sea Monster" Fossil Discovered in Arctic - - February 27, 2008
Sea reptile is biggest on record BBC - February 27, 2008
A fossilised "sea monster" unearthed on an Arctic island is the largest marine reptile known to science, Norwegian scientists have announced. The 150 million-year-old specimen was found on Spitspergen, in the Arctic island chain of Svalbard.

... One Week Ago

Norway's biggest quake 6.2 hits Svalbard archipelago near the Arctic Reuters - February 21, 2008

Earthquakes - Past, Present and Future

In the beginning ... of Crystalinks ... I blogged about earthquakes of a 3.0+ magnitude and said that every year they would increase until zero point merge. That was 13 years ago. To date we are at 6's and 7's and watch as things accelerate. There is nowhere to run ... nowhere to hide! There are volcanoes on the planet, beneath the water, and on the Moons.

Focus on self and balance and those who do not rock your boat in the sea of consciousness. These earthquakes trigger the subconsciousness mind to parallel mythological civilizations, (grid programs) once believed to be real, yet in truth, all is illusion, so don't take it so seriously. I have always seen the fall of Atlantis begin with a volcanic eruption to the west of where I was. This goes to volcanic cones ... 2012 ... the explosion of consciousness at the end of time. Rods and Cones = the Eye and Consciousness. (wink) If you know how to check the grids, those programs are reconciled.

How The Eruption of Thera Changed the World Live Science - February 26, 2008
The world map might look differently had the Greek volcano Thera not erupted 3,500 years ago in what geologists believe was the single-most powerful explosive event ever witnessed. Thera didn't just blow a massive hole into the island of Santorini - it set the entire ancient Mediterranean onto a different course, like a train that switched tracks to head off in a brand new direction.

Thera ~ Santorini ~ Atlantis Wikipedia
Atlantis - Crystalinks
Earthquakes in Greece in February
Cuban Megaliths and the Atlantis Question Earthfiles 2003

5.3 Quake Shakes Britain - Biggest Quake in 25 Years

National Geographic - February 27, 2008

Indonesia Fault Line Quakes Nearly 20 Times This Month

National Geographic - February 27, 2008

Virtual Mega-quake Shows Earthquake Could
Inflict Major Damage On Pacific Northwest US

Science Daily - February 29, 2008

6.0 Quake Rattles Northeastern Nevada - Wells, Nevada
Live Science - February 21, 2008

Wells, Nevada is not far from Yellowstone National Park and its Caldera - Supervolcano
Volcanoes in the News ...

The Focus is on Wells ~ Welles ~ Wellness

From Orson Welles and Alien Connections
to the Prophecies and Visions of

H. G. Wells

When I ask Z about the end of the program,
he often shows me Alfred Hitchcock's profile

signifying a surprise or twist ending.
'Twist' takes us to the spiraling movement
of consciousness in and out of this reality.

Z guided me to this image of H.G. Wells.

Consciousness is a time machine.
We will suddenly move beyond linear time.

Plate Tectonics Crystalinks

Journey to the Center of the Earth -- Scientists Explain Tectonic Plate Motions

PhysOrg - February 22, 2008

Journey to the Center of the Earth Jules Verne

Webbing Between Fingers and Toes

During my years of alien research, someone told me that certain people have 'webs' between their fingers denoting a connection to aquatic beings or Amphibious Gods. At the time, I noted that I have webs between my fingers, but not as pronounced as I have seen on clients through the years - palmistry being my favorite tool. Many people have webs between their toes. More often than not, they enjoy swimming. Amphibious connections of course take us to creation from the sea, the flow of the collective, the grids, Reptilians ... you know the rest.

Dreams speak to us in archetypical symbology. Dreams are becoming more lucid for most people - personal and universal symbols. From Coast to Coast radio show we find this article ... Recurring Dream: Water Alien

At the end of the day ... the answers can all be found on the 'web'.
The Spiderweb Effect
Goddesses Who Weave and Spin (Spirals of Consciousness)


In 1992 my friend Chris, in San Francisco, sent me a government manual called The Fire Officer's Guide To Disaster Control, which can be found in firehouses across the United States. At the time Chris and I thought this whole thing was curious, but then again we can read things into anything that helps us understand and enhance our belief systems. So we moved on, but never forgot about the manual.

As all things get recycled ....

2/21/08 - ABC 15 news out of Phoenix - home of the Phoenix Lights - ran this story and video Are Arizona firefighters trained for UFO, alien contact?

Zone of Silence

This area in Mexico has experienced many strange happenings. Some call it Mexico's Bermuda Triangle - where UFO encounters happen more often that not. It's all about magnetic fluctuations in the grid.

I first learned about the Zone of Silence on the History Channel series UFO Hunters in an episode called "UFO Hunters: Crash and Retrieval."

Also discussed was Mexico's 'Roswell Incident' and subsequent cover-ups. 1947 certainly was a busy year for sightings - from Kenneth Arnold on ... definitely linked to the temporal distortions created in the underground experiments during WW II that come full circle now and will eventually bring the answers sought by humanity.

Only July 2, 1947, a UFO crashed in Roswell, New Mexico, which is not far from Mexico. UFO sightings in the American southwest into Texas, and the Gulf of Mexico, are becoming more common and link to those in Mexico - Quetzalcoatl Territory.

Zone of Silence Wikipedia

Scott Corrales: Mexico's Zone of Silence

More fleets of UFOs are identified over Mexico UFO Digest - April 2005

UFO sightings over Mexico Wikipedia

List of UFO Sightings Wikipedia

Massive Sightings Of UFO Fleet Over Xalapa, Mexico 6/25/2005 Rense.com


  UFO sightings in Mexico Google Videos

Russian Synchronicities

Finding the Lowest Common Denominator (LCD) - Liquid Crystal Display

In 2004, I read a Russian Jewish woman named Elina, living in New Jersey, who was very excited to meet me, discussing dreams she had about me over the years, and feeling a strong connection when we met. She has come back many times since then. Elina has an MBA and works in pharmaceutical research.

In 2006, I read a Russian Jewish woman named Elena, living in Canada, who also had visions of me and was told by a psychic that she would meet me one day ... describing me perfectly, but not giving my name. Elena is an artist and was guided to paint a picture of the woman in her visions. A short time later she found Crystalinks, realized the synchronicities and contacted me. She emailed a copy of the painting - and yes I resemble the woman in the picture.

February 2008, I read another Russian Jewish woman named Ella, living in Los Angelos. She grew up in an area near the Ural Mountains. Ella has a PhD, is psychic and has worked as a Life Coach. Six years ago she found Crystalinks while searching for 11:11. She read several others files but did not connect with my theories at that time and was busy with her 3D life. Recently she dreamed that she met me at a conference where many people had gathered to talk about life. The atmosphere was friendly and inviting. Then she saw 'a sign' that read 'crystalinks.com' returning her to Crystalinks in search of answers. In a recent dream, Ella was seated on a plane with a group of Jewish people, on what she felt was a special sacred journey. She looked down and saw an island that she thought was New Zealand ... but when she spoke the words "New Zealand", what I 'saw' was "New Ze-land." Buckle up! We are going home!

Connections and Alien Contacts ... We are all aliens at some point in our existence - to this world and beyond - seeking to find our way home. Many souls do not feel they came from here, yet alone can find purpose to their experience. The sense of 'making a difference' is what propels us on.

My maternal grandparents came from the Ukraine - migrating to the US in the early 20th century.

My family moved from Coney Island to Brighton Beach after my UFO incident in 1954 at age 11. I have always lived on the water and slept on the top floor. From 1955, until I moved to Bay Ridge by the bridge, on 9/1/91, I lived in Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn which borders Brighton Beach - an area sometimes referred to as Little Odessa because of its large Russian population.

Valery Yakimov, Director of IRA "URAL-UFO" -- Ural Mountains, Russia, "Zone of Silence", M-Zone, UFO's The best proof of all mysteries is your own experience.

LCD - Liquid Crystal Display

Experience is Projected Illusion on a Screen - Liquid Crystal Vision