December 8, 2006

I saw the trailers, read the reviews, then decided the film was too violent for me.

The Rise and Fall of Ancient Civilizations, Programs in Time, follow the same patterns linked to the Golden Mean, each having their Golden Age in the alchemy of time and consciousness. We have traced the movements of ancient travelers across the planet and now look to find answers with the Maya Civilization and its god ... Kukulcan or the Aztec supreme god Quetzalcoatl the feather serpent .. or the Egyptian god Thoth.

Golden spiral/section/proportion/mean/ratio

Envision each program as a hologram. Place the golden ratio over each hologram. Overlay the programs. They all fit the same geometric design. They are currently spiraling back to their point of origin. That's it. It's not complicated.

The focus of the Master Program now moves to the Maya Civilization leading to secret codes carved in ancient script that tell the story of another lost civilization, who, like the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Celts, and other indigenous tribes around that world, were programmed experiments. The Maya story now takes center stage as we move towards the year 2012 with a focus on the Mayan Calendar and an end time date of December 21, 2012. Somewhere in each of our souls, we sense this end time approaching and wonder when it will be.

The Maya discovered Zero value and the golden proportion, advancing them beyond other ancient civilizations and allowing them to create their very detailed calendar, some of the prophesized events unfolding through the centuries, even in our current timeline, though not equated in media coverage. To understand the calendar more in depth, is to follow events as they unfold.

The Maya were resourceful in harnessing energy, creating amazingly sophisticated works of art and engineering and sustaining a civilization for approximately 1,500 years. It has been shown that the Maya had attributes of the supernatural, and were masters of their environment. Their secret wisdom remains unknown, some people attributing it to extraterrestrials races, whose space ships are seen to this very day in Central and South America.

As with ancient Egyptian Pharaohs, Mayan rulers filled vast cities with sky high pyramids, ornate and lavish palaces personifying the power of the great kings and their connections to the gods, and astronomical observatories which helped them created their calendars and plan their lives.

The cause of the Mayan collapse came over decades with no one quite sure what happened. There is no one single explanation for this implosion, but some scholars seem to believe that environmental catastrophe lead to a full blown meltdown, lack of food and polluted water which produced malnutrition and disease.

As with all civilizations, we discover that their Gods, like those some people worship today our Gods, did not help, as they do not exist, only our own consciousness to guide us in the wastelands of realities.

Mayan archaeology is coming into it's Golden Age with the help of satellite imagery and photography. There are innumerable Mayan cities, temples, and settlements still to be discovered. We have learned that the Maya were an innovative, creative, and majestic people with their own particular taste for violence. The allure of the Maya is coming to the fore. Like the mystique of Egypt, people are drawn to the land of the Maya, each year. There is something they are guided to find, perhaps linked to major planetary grid points that awaken consciousness.

Could other attractions to the land of the Maya include:

All of this makes the soul want to go on a journey within a journey. Though I have been to Mexico on several occasions, I have never explored these regions, as they have not called to me. Perhaps one day ... but not today.


Rosslyn Chapel, Cymatics, Music of the Cubes, Da Vinci Code


Harmonics create patterns that create realities. This year, Stuart Mitchell's research took us to Cymatics, creation by sound, his research linked to the harmonics of Rosslyn Chapel and 'The Da Vinci Code'. Friday Stuart emailed that his CD is finally complete. Also on Friday, a reader sent me this video showing how sound creates form. The author of this MySpace video connects the tones with fractals.

Fractals are universal patterns, a language, if you will, of creation that repeats through time. Fractals have been found in crop formations, fabric designs, art work, and wherever the stream of consciousness guides the creator. Google Videos.

Stuart Mitchell lives in Edinburgh. Seven miles away we find another researcher linked to the same patterns, and a guide for 'The Da Vinci Code' ... Philip Coppens. Philip and I taught a teleconference class on December 6, 2006.